"Prey 1" by @eli_gunter . Charcoal Dust on Archival Paper. One of the exquisite drawings in Gunter's solo exhibition "Last" at @cavalliestate . (The exhibition in whole presents a captivating 'marriage' between art and conservation). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Gunter's intimate depiction of a Cape vulture chick (one of many imposing creatures depicted at birth on show) showcases the vulnerable foetal stage of its development. This 'ethereal' piece, created by using such a diaphanous medium as charcoal dust 'speaks' of the delicate nature of its juvenile stage. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The bird of prey has thus become 'prey' itself. This becomes even more apparent, considering that the Cape Vulture is an endangered species, showing a steady decline in numbers due to several threats including poisoning, electrocution or colliding with cables, loss of foraging habitat and the unsustainable harvesting for traditional purposes. . . . . . . . artexhibition galleryvisit artgram contemporaryart drawing ArtonPaper endangeredspecies animalsinart artsa southafricanart southafricanartist femaleartists artworldy visualnarrative artgallery charcoaldrawing artexplore artnow artfinder artandconservation birds africanwildlife

تکنیک رنگ روغن و سبک هایپررئال جهت اطلاع از نحوه آموزش و همچنین سفارش لطفا به دایرکت مراجعه کنید. keyvankia_painting oilpainting carveouttimeforart studioart lifeofanartist dspattern calldtobecreative dsart artinprogress pursuepretty thenativecreative art_we_inspire artfinder artforthehome creativelifehappylife artjournal creativelife creativeevryday livecreatively studiosence creatives artgallery artsupplies doitforstate arts_moonlightj. turkypainting portrait

Celebrating Madras day in my own little way... 💫 Karl Schmidt Memorial, Elliot’s Beach (1/3) . . . Adobe Photoshop CC Wacom Intuos Draw . . . Chennai Madras madrasday artdiscover artfinder artoftheday myart colorlove happycolors creativity creativelife digitalart digitalartwork digitaldrawing drawingart drawings behance graphicdesign illustration_daily illustration illustrationart illustrationdesign

Still hanging onto the last rays of this British summer sunshine with Australian artist, David Tracey. Oh by the way, this is another one of those notaphoto posts 🤯 ​. ​. ​. ​. ​. ​​artfinder myartfinder weloveart weloveartists artistsoninstagram artistsofinstagram artists_insta artistshoutout supportingartists wallart loveyourhome loveyourwalls wallhanging homeinspo homeinspiration decoaddict independentshops painting hyperrealism hyperrealistic summer sky sunshine oilpainting

Labour intensive, frame by frame animation 'Early Bird'. Credit to my son for music and @janellelow_ for excellent teach skills. . . Not at full screen view. . . . contemporaryart photoshop artprocess doitfortheprocess artistlife lifeofanartist createeveryday createdaily showyourwork digitalart animatedfilm framebyframe animation melbourneartist artfinder animationoftheday australianartist artaddict originalart australianart modernart rmit_visualarts  artcollectors todaysartreport melbourneart emergingartist artstudio

⚡️Corner Detail ⚡️

Blimey you lot are a bit organised... can't believe how many people have already bought their 2020 calendar from me... It's only August people 😂🤣⁠ ⁠ https://pauladunnartist.com/collections/calendar/products/paula-dunn-artist-2020-calendar⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ expressivepainting intuitivepainting abstractlandscape atmosphericpainting contemporaryartist landscapeartist markmaking oilpainting UKartist artcollectors contemporarypainting artofinstagram interiordesigners galleryart artfinder oilandcoldwaxpainting artistcalendar

Origami Angel fish Designer : Satoshi Kamiya Folder : Hafs Wahbi Paper : one uncut white biotop paper 40×40cm Time spent : 3hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . origami paper paperfolding japan art thenativecreative art_we_inspire artfinder artjournal hafswahbi creativelife instagood livecreatively creatives origamis abmcrafty picoftheday instaart craftsposure creativityfound

Origami Cyanea Designer : (212 moving) Folder : Hafs Wahbi Paper : one uncut sheet of double tissue paper 45×45cm Time spent : 2hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . origami paper paperfolding japan art thenativecreative art_we_inspire artfinder artjournal hafswahbi creativelife instagood livecreatively creatives origamis abmcrafty picoftheday instaart craftsposure creativityfound

Origami Jellyfish Designer : Shu Chen Filder : Hafs Wahbi Paper : one uncut sheet of double tissue paper 30×30cm Time Spent : 1h15min . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . origami paper paperfolding japan art thenativecreative art_we_inspire artfinder artjournal hafswahbi creativelife instagood livecreatively creatives origamis summer picoftheday instaart sea blue jellyfish

Origami Giraffe Designer : Shuki Kato Folder : Hafs Wahbi Paper : one uncut sheet of Biotop paper 50×50cm from origami-shop.com , i suggest tu use other type of paper like double tissue . because shaping the legs was too difficult with the biotop Time spent : 5hours . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . origami paper paperfolding japan art thenativecreative art_we_inspire artfinder artjournal hafswahbi creativelife instagood livecreatively creatives origamis africa picoftheday instaartgiraffe nature

Inspired by a synthesis of dance and the forces of nature, Studio Gallery sculptor Lisa Battle creates hand-built sculptures that are fired in a wood-burning Noboringama kiln. 🌊 𝘍𝘭𝘰𝘸 is a six-part wall piece, with its silhouette imitating that of an arching dancer, but its internal textures reflect soft folds of sand on the shoreline. Subtle changes in texture and color are thanks to the wood-burning kiln, and the forces of wind and fire that shape the firing process. 🎇⁣ ⁣ To view wall pieces similar to this one, or even explore the rest of Lisa’s handmade sculptures, navigate to her artist page on our site. 💻⁣ ⁣ ✾⁣ ✾⁣ ✾⁣ ⁣ sculptures sculpting sculpt woodkiln kiln claysculpture acreativedc madeindc ourdistrictsart art_empire art_spotlight art_collective art_worldly dslooking makersmovement designideas dcart artshow artfinder artgallery flashesofdelight artoftheday artofinstagram bythings artdaily artforsale wallart instaart igdc dcfocused

Utsnitt av et bilde som nå settes til «modning». Alltid en hårfin balanse mellom å gjøre for lite eller for mye. Her er jeg litt usikker på om jeg har gjort akkurat litt for mye. Da setter jeg det et sted jeg kan se på det, gjerne i stua. Så er det å gå å kjenne på den berømte magefølelsen. Om jeg har gjort for mye er det som regel bare å male over og begynne på noe helt nytt. Har ikke tall på hvor mange ganger jeg har gjort det🤪. Lyder det kjent? . . . . . . . artoninstagram arts_gallery interir artistoninstagram breath modernekunst kunstgallerie maleri akrylpainting kreativitet mindfull stillness galleri interiorart bilder artfinder kkliving bobedre interirmagasinet norskkunst artwork kreative orginalart malerier torsdag

8x10 prints of “Darth Vader’s Kitten,” “Cacti Craze,” and “Lonely Traveler” on sale for $15 shipped! Message me to order 💜

Did you have a moment to take a look at my most recent blog post highlighting Netia McKray and her amazing work empowering young people through STEM? 🖥 I encourage you to take a look to be inspired!

Nieuw blog online, inspiratie ahoy! Check het via de link in mijn bio. ✌ Foto's: atelier tijdens mijn schilder vakantie in Spanje ☀

R is for Rome [my place] ******************************** *** Avres August Collection *** ******************************** avresdesign artonpaper homoart cutegay artfinder queefmag artlovers queerart gayartist gaylove gaydude illustration gayhot art maleart genderfluid lgbtart gayillustration gaycute gayitalia gaybeard malebody gayart gaystagram gaygram queer gay instagay

We respect Instagram rules about explicit contents but this does not mean we respect censorship too. We ask for freedom to express what we are and what we feel. THE QUEER SHOW are here again 🌈❤ Art by @male_nude_neil * * * stopqueercensorship tattoo blackandwhiteart cute goodmorning GayLove lgbtcommunity malenude gayillustration homoerotic thequeershow maleart repost queerart queerartist lgbtartist instahomo genderfluid gayartist gayart artlovers instagay loveislove lgbtart homoeroticart gaypride artfeature artfinder

In the rain of fire.

Spring walk, original framed oil painting

Every day is a fresh start...... My brushes and knives are ready for new project...♥️🖌 . acrylic artandcrafts artfinder artwork art brush knifes texture cleanbrushes fevicrylhobbyideas fevicrylacryliccolours paintings photography

Totes are back in stock! DM to order or find them at @rapportcoffee_by_cafesmith • swipe through to see the color options. $20 - - - - - - art_dailydose art_viral art_we_inspire artdiscover artcollective artbynights artfeatureland artfinder artfollow artjournal artistoftheday artlovers artinprogress artoftheday arts_promote artstudio artshoutout artshare artsy artsviral artsupplies bestartiststudio carveouttimeforart creativeartiststudio creativeartisthelp hypnotizing_arts foart1 dsart dailyarts instaart

🇬🇧 Orange and yellow tulips on yellow. Original painting from nature. Mixed media art. Size 8,25x11 inches Year 2014 Materials: Pearlized yellow paper, fabric, glue, acrylic paints, gel pen, oil paint markers. 🇷🇺 Жёлто-оранжевые тюльпаны на жёлтом. 21,7 x 27,8cm 2014 год Смешанная техника. Материалы: дизайнерская бумага с перламутровым эффектом, ткань, акриловые краски, клей, гелевые ручки, масляные маркеры. #одинденьсхудожником #невскаяпалитра #буднихудожника #цветыинстаграм #картиныакрил #картиныдлякафе paintingbyvladalisowska aristsharing artchallenge exploretocreateinstaart dailyarts artgodz tulips tairkraski decola nevskayapalitra kunstmalerei schilderen schilderij artfinder artlovers art_viralacrylicart yellowtulip originalpainting Vlada19painting fillyouwalls homestyle instaartist

"Shakespeare BANG", Art By Jimmie Martin, 2017. Marcello Garofalo, “The Sizzling Nights of the Diabolical Dr. Carelli”, English Translation/Adaptation by Matthew Temple, Dark Gem Press, 2017 www.diabolicaldrcarelli.com carveouttimeforart contemporaryart artstudio artforsale artinprogress dsart makearteveryday artprocess interiorinspo wallart instaart arts_gallery inthestudio thenativecreative pursuepretty calledtobecreative flashesofdelight thatsdarling livecolorfully myunicornlife dscolor customart creativeprocess iliketoartyhard artforthehome artfinder ratedmodernart gallerywall

Details of another brand new painting, fresh off the easel for TONIGHT’s exhibition opening at @blackcatgallery ! “Spring Heat” Wadi Rum, Jordan. Oil on canvas © Loralee Grace 2019 . . . . . oilpainting oiloncanvas landscapepainting patternpainting melbournepainter melbourneartist wadirumjordan paintersofinstagram painterspaintingpaintings

Loving this new piece that’s nearly finished 😍 love a XL circle canvas

WIP, Strawberry cotton candy with olive oil

Do yourself a favor by putting on your walking shoes and heading over to Studio Gallery! 👠Today is the very first day of David Wolfe’s exhibition 𝘛𝘳𝘢𝘤𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘍𝘰𝘰𝘵𝘱𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘴 - 𝘌𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘞𝘦𝘴𝘵, and he isn’t playing around! Our entire gallery is filled to the brim with his vivid botanical paintings and graphite drawings. We hope that 𝘉𝘰𝘰𝘵𝘴 𝘐 will inspire you to drop by and enjoy his intricate works of art, which will only be up until Saturday, August 31st! 🤩⁣ ⁣ Hoping to explore David’s show and meet him in person? Well, you’re in luck! His opening reception is this Saturday from 5-7 PM. 🍷 You won’t want to miss out on the magic of Tracing Footprints! Link in bio for more show dates and David’s artist page.⁣ ⁣ ◇⁣ ⃟⁣ ⃟⁣ thesebootsweremadeforwalking newshow botanicalart instaartist artistsofinstagram acreativedc madeindc ourdistrictsart art_empire art_spotlight art_collective art_worldly dslooking makersmovement designideas smallbusiness dcart artshow artfinder artgallery flashesofdelight artoftheday artofinstagram bythings artdaily artforsale wallart instaart igdc dcfocused

THE ARCANA SERIES: INTERPRETATIONS OF THE TAROT | September 6-October 19 Solo Exhibition | Michelle Sakhai Opening Reception: @6pm, Sept. 6 ✨ Madelyn Jordon Fine Art 37 Popham Road Scarsdale, NY 10583 . . “My intention behind recreating the Major Arcana Tarot is to both connect us back to the source and the higher power, bringing healing and peace within.” . . michellesakhai michellesakhaiart art artwork artist modernart contemporaryart paint painter painting instaart art_we_inspire artdiscover artfollow artfinder artistoftheday artlovers myart artseries canvas abstractart abstractartist spiritualart interiorart wallart artforinteriors inspire arcana artoftheday transformyoursoul

👀✨🔥 // I'm a pretty private person. I know I don't share a lot about myself or my family on here (well, unless you watch me drinking while listening to music with our Hue lights in the background and me getting wrecked by my husband in dominoes in my insta-stories 😂). Other than that, I am just a really positive happy person who likes to mind their own business. 🤷‍♀️ But, in case you are just dying to know more about who Michele is 😉😄 here's a few things about me: 1. I am sneakily good at darts. I just throw them and don't even try and get so lucky lol my husband can't stand it lol he throws the darts like a pimp and I'm just over there not even trying. 😂 2. I always think I'm able to do everything and beat everyone at it. Lol my confidence level cannot be underestimated! I challenged my husband at a foot race because I told him I was faster and we literally went to a park and raced......🙈🙈🙈🙈 it wasn't even close, he smoked me! Lol but I told him it was because I wasn't ready and we are still awaiting a rematch 😅 3. My favorite beer is a Tecate light with some margarita mix poured in. 🤯 so gooood! But if you know me, then you know my favorite hard liquor is whiskey and if possible, Red Breast Irish whiskey or Hibiki Japanese whiskey. I like it neat, no ice, no chaser, no bullshit.// Alright, I'm gonna end on that. I just don't feel like typing more. 😘 . . . . fiberart weaver tapestryart weavingart woventapestry tapestryweaving wovenwallart handwoven textileartist artonig weaversofig makersvillage wemakecollective artfinder handmadeisbetter madebyhand makersmovement makersofinstagram craftsposure handmade theartofslowliving thelifestyle thatauthenticfeeling stillswithstories nothingisordinary makemoment

Back to school 📚 Time to change up your look 👀 Here’s the break down of this gorgeous style: • root & partial balayage $220 • vivid color $95 • cut & style $61 • total $376 Maintenance every 6 weeks for roots and refresh vivid. She also keeps her blue fresh between appointments with her $30 customized color conditioner. Did you know @tealhairstudio offers this take home service? We can customize your specific fashion color to refresh at home ♥️♥️ To maintain her healthy, beautiful hair she has the whole @kevin.murphy.session.salon Repair Me Regime $78 @evolvesalonsystems @styledby_kristen_g 🥰

Tried the Reversed Colander Technique again, this time using a Dirty Pour method. Inspired by @olga_soby_art! Can’t decide what it looks like. Cross between a Spider, Psychedelic Solar Flare and maybe a Deep Sea Creature ✨New Video On My Youtube Channel, Waterflower Shailene✨

Aperol Spritz! 🍹. 😋 when we were on vacation. We could order a spritz with breakfast and it would come with a double hurricane straw. Keeping the tradition alive post vacation. (Not every morning 😂) makeart2019 . . oilpainting painting art arte artsy artwork artistsoninstagram artaddict artcurator artcollector artfinder artoftheday dailyart artchallenge fineart contemporaryart contemporarypainting artlovers artstagram instaart instagramart art🎨 artlife

a lot of painting for a lot of emotions 🎨🥺 — “LONG POINT” SHORT FILM production designed by me. michaela’s bedroom. — set dec. @littlemissefi dir. @em.pasternak prod. @jbbatista_ pm/1st ad. @stevenpgriffin dp. @alejandroparga

My favorite Anne💚 Can’t wait for season 3! - - - - - swipe left to see some of my fav stills from the show ->

wild things need the soundtrack of disorder to exist • collect their thoughts • become grander than anything imaginable

mysteries or truths

completely inspired by all the creativity and hard work around me • i’ve found my people 🧲

(New) Artist @marioetheartist (2018) • 📸 (September 2018) • new streetart mural artpiece mariotheartist venice socal losangeles fall 2018 locate maps streetartla_maps mapart artmaps artfinder streetartsy ak1503