His and Hers “You’re My Everything “ 🥰 These two are everything 😂 except compliant models. C sat behind her sign- grumbling about how cool I am. Life’s tough kiddo. I’m giving up on their modeling career and sending them back to school. _________________________________ makersofinstagram uniquegifts myeverything makercommunity woodworking scrollsaw handcut  smallbusiness buildlikeagirl fallentimber scrollsawart  scrollsawartist  handmade woodart

This is something my kids and I have always said. We go back and forth with: I love you I love you more I love you most I love you more than most When my boys were younger and obsessed with Toy Story, we’d add: I love you to Infinity & Beyond I love you to Infinity & Beyond and back What’s something special you say to your kids or spouse? 50x22 iloveyou iloveyoumore woodart handpainted buildermom buildlikeagirl momthebuilder girlboss girlpower artist maker makersgonnamake sawdust sawdustismyglitter girlswhobuild momofalltrades girlwithpowertools rustic rusticwoodsign rustichomedecor farmhouse farmhousedecor farmhousestyle

Another stack of Butcher Block cutting boards ready to go! . I've been busy out in the shop preparing for our fall and holiday shows. We'll be doing 7 shows in downtown Mesa with the first one on October 5th. I'll be posting more details soon. . . . shows fall market bar camper kitchen bbq grill butcher block cuttingboard walnut maple purple heart wood gift anniversary wedding housewarming housewarminggift woodworking signmaker shopsmall buildlikeagirl arizona azmaker etsy etsyseller justatracedesign Purchase at our website: www.etsy.com/shop/justatracedesign

What’s better than pocket holes? Having all the pocket holes hidden so you don’t have to worry about filling them 😀 This new end table had zero pocket holes that needed to be filled. 💃🏻 This is going to be a really charged project!! 😉 Full reveal tomorrow! . . . anikasdiylife diynightstand kregjig woodworkingwoman womenwhowoodwork homeorganization woodworkersofinstagram womenwhoinspire woodworkingfun woodworkingskills girlswithtools woodworkingforall girlswithpowertools buildlikeagirl makersgonnamake woodworkingcommunity woodworkingproject woodworkingtools OCblogger socalblogger

|| Happy Sunday. 🖤 I figured I’d throw it back to this photo since I posted it exactly a year ago today! I hope everybody is having a great weekend. I’m excited to get back in the shop and finish up quite a few orders this week. 🌿|| woodworking buildlikeagirl shopsmall shoplocal interiordesign hgtvmagazine restorationhardware homeinspo bossbabe makersgonnamake madewithkreg

Process video. A big thank you to my amazing friend Nin Taneja @nintaneja_art for this amazing video and to Birraj @birrajmusic for the fantastic music. You two are the BEST! The best non-toxic resin courtesy @fortunechemie . . . womenwhowoodworkcraftsmanbuildlikeagirlgirlswithpowwertoolswoodworkwooddesignwoodworkerpowertoolsfreehandnocncfreehandcarvingcustomwoodsignscarvedwoodfreehandcarvedwallart woodartwooddecorhomeaccessorieshandmaderesinresinandwoodwoodandresin

Rest. It’s a word I’be wrestled with but it’s honestly a word that’s irritated me. I hear people talk about it and I think “must be easy for you, you don’t get my life”. And if a man talks about rest, I’m done. Interesting enough, it was a post by @acornjoey (a man) that shifted my thinking. I realized that rest doesn’t have to be taking a nap or just sitting. Now, my ultimate rest would be with a book on a beach, but that hasn’t happened since 2009 (my banner year, right @laurawgodfrey ) and I don’t see it in my near future. So how do I rest with all the people and responsibilities weighing on me all the time? I can’t just run away (although I’ve considered all my options). What does rest look like, for me, in this crazy season? It was AJ’s post that spoke to me and reminded me that I can rest while I’m building because it’s what I love. I’m able to accomplish something while being creative and just focusing on the quietness & the project before me. That was so freeing & exciting to me. I know rest looks different for everyone & different in seasons. I’m still trying to figure it all out but at least I don’t hate that word as much as I did. rest building buildlikeagirl dowhatyoulove workinprogress

Feeling a little change in this mug rack. That is what is great about 4 seasons you can change things out and it all feels new. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tutorial for the mug rack on the blog. Link in profile or www.kifeonsummerlin.com/coffee-mug-wall-rack⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lifeonsummerlin countrylivingmagazine farmhousedecor farmhousechic betterhomeandgardens rustic rusticdecor bhghome americanfarmhousestyle neutraldecor cottagestyle cottagefarmhouse rusticmodern homedecor whitesandwoods fixerupperstyle fixerupper farmhouse modernfarmhouse suburbanfarmhouse buildlikeagirl diy diyhome ryobination kregjig homedepot kitcheninspo farmhousekitchen

Cornhole set going to it’s forever home today. Swipe 👉🏻👉🏻for more pictures! I doweled the boards together to add a bit of something extra. Second picture shows that! There is something very satisfying about looking at something and committing to making it by hand! handcrafted cornholeboards buildlikeagirl salvintage

Je ne sais pas ce que j’aime plus - la couleur du padouk coupé ou le grain du noyer 🤔😍 Livraison d’une commande spéciale pour un butcherblock bientot... 😃 . . . acheterlocal tremblant faitmain faitauquebec madeinquebec woodworking womenwoodworkers buildlikeagirl colorpop

(AD) - NEW DIY POST. Remember that project that took me 16367 days to finish because 1) it’s the summer holiday, 2) my son seems to get needier when he knows I’m on a deadline? There was lots of stopping and starting to parent - which most of you said you could totally relate to 😆 Well anyway here is the end result!! A DIY noughts and crosses board game I built and painted with @ronseal.uk garden paint! I shared lots of the progress for this project on stories which is kind of a first for me! It was nce having you cheering me on - I’ll have to admit! But now for the big question, what do you think? . . . . . buildlikeagirl outdoorgames myhousethismonth natureinspired outdoorfurniture outdoorliving patiogarden gardeninspo gardendesign greenery gardeninspo myhyggehome mystylishspace myinteriorvibe mybeautifulmess mynordichome modernrustic outdoordecor outdoorspaces sodomino tictactoe noughtsandcrosses contemporarygarden bolig interiorandgarden rusticgarden scandiboho homeandgarden

Spent the day snowboarding with my favourite people and now I’m parked up here. Feeling stupidly lucky to be living this life ✨

Another completed project! Shoe dresser for Becca’s entry. Can’t wait to see it in her house. sawdust+pine buildlikeagirl anawhiteinspired

It amazes me how much a space can change with a little bit of vision, a little DIY, and some love. Check out the before of this bathroom in my stories. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ All the DIY tutorials linked in the blog post. Link in profile or www.lifeonsummerlin.com/half-bathroom-update⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lifeonsummerlin countrylivingmagazine farmhousedecor farmhousechic betterhomeandgardens rustic rusticdecor bhghome americanfarmhousestyle neutraldecor cottagestyle cottagefarmhouse rusticmodern homedecor whitesandwoods fixerupperstyle fixerupper farmhouse modernfarmhouse suburbanfarmhouse buildlikeagirl diy diyhome ryobination kregjig homedepot shiplap bathroominspo farmhousebathroom chalkpaint

Man, these Home Depot trips just keep getting easier 🥳. . . . . diy buildlikeagirl homedepot willworkforcandy whateverittakes wahmlife wahm byfelicia

🌼 OVERJOY 🌼 . That’s the name of this color, and a very good description of how I feel about this baby on the way 💛 . Swipe for before pictures.


SWIPE 💌 When you have the perfect glue up and flat boards. BUT that's not what you are going for! I hand planned it with my grinder and textured it with the refurbisher and then chunked it out then brought the lines back to life with my dremel. Then sanded and did it all over again! When I said handmade this is very much hand made...after this build is done. Im getting a 3 hour 💆! 💪👌🔌🔌🔌

Hands up to my fello hydrangea lovers! 🙋 Aren't these stunning??! Thanks to our client for these color pops!! Did you know we spend over three hours an evening in our kitchens!? YOU deserve to love your home! We can help with that!! homerenovation whitedecor kitchendesign kitchens kitchensofinsta designer girlbuilder buildlikeagirl

This little surprise logo for my great friend @7miledesigns was incredibly fun to do. As always, I learned a ton. Swipe to see the progress of creating the deep blue ocean pour layer by layer. Topped off with a spur of the moment MDF frame that also got the epoxy treatment. If you aren’t following Jenn, please do. Not only is she someone I highly respect, she’s always pushing the envelope with her projects and I just can’t get enough. I feel truly honored to have her in my circle of trust, and to have had the chance to meet her in the flesh! I’ll be going back out her way ASAP! No acrylic paints were used on this piece- it was all @mixolusa 1, 99, 9, 25, and ME2 ( metallic silver) Special thanks to @7mdshopass for sending me her logo file to make this possible!

I love a scroll saw challenge. But this font in this size? No. 😂 I always start with the most difficult cut when I'm doing a project. After finishing this word I needed a nap, a hug, and a drink. I should have known this when I realized there is no drill bit small enough for the 'e'. It is pretty though. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . . . . scrollsaw scrollsawart scrollsawartist woodworker woodworking novascotia eastcoast woodsigns signmaker handcut makersgonnamake create girlswithtools buildlikeagirl womeninwoodworking create pushyourself shoptherapy sawdust

This 6ft dining set has us dreaming about fall and thinking about the upcoming holiday season! 💕 How many people do you need to seat this holiday season? 🚨Comment below 👇🏻for a chance to win a coupon for 20% OFF any dining set!!! Winner will be drawn Sunday! giveaway holidayseason customfurniture springfieldmo 417 diningset handcrafted farmhouse woodworking nofilter buildlikeagirl

Happy Saturday! Its back to school time (although my kids have been in school for 2 weeks already). Kids projects are my favorite because that’s how I got started on this DIY journey. I am sharing all of these and other easy and quick projects for kids rooms on the blog. 👉 link in profile. Which one do your kiddos need? . . https://www.anikasdiylife.com/diy-kids-room-ideas/ . . . anikasdiylife kidsfurniture diyfurniture girlswithpowertools kidsroomideas woodworkingfun woodworkingcommunity woodworkingskills woodworkersofinstagram diyinspiration woodworkingforall woodworkforall girlswhobuild makercommunity makerspace buildlikeagirl wooddesign woodworkingproject OCblogger socalblogger

For all our Potter fans out there...My kids call my shop “The Room of Requirement” usually anything I need can be found there. Pieces of scrap wood (just the right size) for the last piece of a project or ...a chair, rope or invisibility cloak (okay I wish! ) but pieces that come in handy at the right minute. I think the same thing happens in life.. God always provides whatever we need.. we just need to look with creative eyes. • (This tray is made from sign frame scraps. My workbench is almost clean!)

you know what the secret to success is? investing in people. i’ve always practiced that at any job i’ve ever had. last year, i was “stolen” away from a company that i spent almost seven years at. working for one of the very best bosses i’ve ever had and known. we’ve kept in contact like i never left. next weekend she’s getting married and guess who she called to do all her wedding signage? this girl. it doesn’t matter if you have left a company years ago. if you invest in the people and not the company, you’ll always be around and always be thought of. because even though they might be able to fill your spot, they’ll never be able to replace you! i promise. here’s to india and sean!! it’s about time! ♥️ _________________ SawdustJunkies NashvilleChic Nashville Nash TN Tennessee 615 shop615 shoplocal shophandmade handmade handpainted handpaintedsigns wedding weddingsigns buildlikeagirl girlbuilds girlswholovewood makersgonnamake junkieinthetrunkie

Did you know? funfactsaturday Many of today's most well-known inventions were simply mistakes made by scientists on an alternative quest. Such is the case with a household name created by 3M chemist Patsy Sherman. Sherman was assigned to develop a rubber material that would resist deterioration from jet aircraft fuels. One day in 1953, a lab assistant spilled some of Sherman's chemicals on her new white canvas tennis shoes. Nothing worked to clean off the drops. While the rest of the shoe became dirty and stained, one spot remained clean. Sherman and fellow 3M chemist Samuel Smith saw an opportunity, and several years later, nailed down an application for that accidental spill — the development of a fluorochemical polymer that could repel oil and water from fabrics. This invention became known as Scotchgard o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+o+ If you'd like us to share your kick ass talent in action:Tag us, DM us, Hashtag us, and don't forget to Share us! 🔩🚺🔨 . . . womeninthetrades tradewoman contractor construction builder carpenter kickasswomen tradeswomen tradeswoman build buildlikeagirl buildlikeachick carpentry girlboss keepcraftalive womenwhobuild womeninconstruction femaletradie womanbuilder builtbyawoman tradeswomenofigm inventors

Need to frame a poster or some art work? I have the perfect project for you. So simple and such a statement. I even made one for my littlest man's room. . . . Tutorial on the blog. Link in profile or www.lifeonsummerlin.com/baseball-patent-art . . . lifeonsummerlin countrylivingmagazine farmhousedecor farmhousechic betterhomeandgardens rustic rusticdecor bhghome americanfarmhousestyle neutraldecor cottagestyle cottagefarmhouse rusticmodern homedecor whitesandwoods fixerupperstyle fixerupper farmhouse modernfarmhouse suburbanfarmhouse buildlikeagirl diy diyhome ryobination kregjig homedepot kidsroom boysroom teenageboysroom rusticindustrial

All set up @mcfarmersmkt! Come say 👋! millcityfarmersmarket

I had the chance to see this sign in its home yesterday & 😍 . Currently working on another family sign & I cant wait to share it with you! These signs are all cut and created by me 🙋🏾‍♀️ They may take some time to create, but they are so worth it! . . Link in the bio. . . blackgirlmagic woodworking woodsigns summerorchidcrafts handmade becreative scrollsawartist woodcrafts personalized smallbusiness atl atlsmallbusiness supportsmallbusinesses girlsbuildtoo buildlikeagirl girlswithtools instagood atl blackownedbusiness blackartist blackgirlscraft arrows happysaturday rusticdecor family

I know I looked SUPER cool manually nailing my previous pieces together, but dude, you work with what you got! But wait, what’s this? Recently added some new tools to my shop. I’m super pumped about this brad nailer/air compressor set up. I’m less likely to smash my fingers but way more likely to accidentally stab them. justkeepingitreal Have a rad weekend friends! makersgonnamake workwithwhatyougot helloweekend bradnailer pnwwoodworker buildlikeagirl shoptime allfingersintact

Sometimes it does feel like I’m on a one woman mission to eradicate the region of outdated paint colours 🤔 Earlier this week I climbed every ladder, searched high and low, followed every cut line, every path I knew...to brighten up and freshen up this family’s haven! (Extra points if you can hum the tune from the song I punked lyrics from 🎶) Happy Weekend y’all 🍹 . . . tradeswoman tradeswomenofig buildlikeagirl buildlikeagirlcanada ladytradies buildwomenup trimcarpentry stratfordtrimcarpenter newhamburgtrimcarpenter waterlootrimcarpenter kitchenertrimcarpenter kwawesome stratfordon perthcounty trimandthistle tradieladyclub tradeswomenmentors tradieladyclubcnd

The other day my toddler learned how to lock me out of the house😳 I spent 20 minutes trying to convince her to open the door, only to have her walk away to play in the dog water bowl and stand on the coffee table and laugh. Good thing I didn't lock my car so I was able to get into the house. But leave it to mom brain to leave the back gate open for the dogs to get out. At 28 weeks pregnant, I ran down the street after them with a toddler in my arms and dog treats hoping my antics to bribe them would work. We finally got everyone back in the house and Liv decided to reward the dogs and herself with a dog treat. I don't blame her, they looked like cookies. Ya win some and ya loose some. Am I right? . 👉🏽At least one thing went according to plan. I just shared the Office Makeover Design and Friday Five on the blog! http://liketk.it/2EnYT liketkit @liketoknow.it

My list of house projects and maker ideas is long and ambitious. I realize however, the biggest project I am forever working on is myself. Personal growth is the ultimate DIY. • This summer has been exciting but left me feeling scattered and spread thin. I’m going to be putting lots of effort in prioritizing and organizing my time in a way that is productive for this business I’m trying to build, while still leaving me feeling fulfilled. This involves getting some help with the boy for a few hours a week, guilt free! • I know my “why” in this space. I am going to be working on “how” in the world it is I do it. • If you’ve got some inspiring podcasts, books, motivational speakers that fuel your soul, would you care to share with the rest of us? I would love to add them to my exhausted list.

Sanding always sucks, but wow, the new lighting in my garage has me LOVING the video version! And this is at 50% of the total light I can use. Feeling a little giddy about the progress we plan to make this weekend on the workshop and what that means for the quality of the content I'll be able to make when everything is done ("done" won't happen for a minute but progress is good). 😉🥰 . Speaking of, there is a NOTICEABLE change in sound transfer (both hearing sounds from the house or K hearing me while I'm using my tools). Fairly certain my neighbors are happier about that, too! That's thanks to the sound-dampening drywall we added (scroll back in my feed), which is what we're planning to work on this weekend. It should be even quieter once it's sealed. I'll share some of my favorite tools I've used for previous drywall projects when I make that video, too. . Hope you're off to a great weekend, friends!

I drew up some plans to add barn doors to the bottom shelf of both built-ins. I can't wait to get started on them. I am thinking stain the same color as the mantle? Thoughts? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Plans for this Faux Fireplace are on the blog. Link in profile or www.lifeonsummerlin.com/faux-fireplace-part-1⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lifeonsummerlin countrylivingmagazine farmhousedecor farmhousechic betterhomeandgardens rustic rusticdecor bhghome americanfarmhousestyle neutraldecor cottagestyle cottagefarmhouse rusticmodern homedecor whitesandwoods fixerupperstyle fixerupper farmhouse modernfarmhouse suburbanfarmhouse buildlikeagirl diy diyhome ryobination kregjig homedepot fauxfireplace builtins livingroominspo farmhouselivingroom

I’ve been having fun taping off and painting designs on the pieces I build lately. (And that’s the perk of building with cheap wood. I don’t think twice about slapping paint on it. 🤷‍♀️😆) Maybe next time I’ll go bold with the color. Thoughts? Hope you all had a great day. Mine was ok despite having to get a 💉 in the 🍑. 😂 (Explanation in my stories.) . . . . diy diyfurniture paint buildlikeagirl diyprojects instadaily instainspo interiordecor sodomino hgtv bhg imadethis buildstuff makersmovement woodworking atlantablogger

It’s all in the details 😍 here are the final photos from the castle pines master bath project we just wrapped up!! Thanks @rocksolidcustomgranite @coloradoglassandmirror2018 Mark and Dan everything is perfect! @naciareed I adore you!!! interiordesign farmhouse furnitureredesign magnoliamarket fixerupper buildlikeagirl woodworking castlerockco denverstyle 5280home handmade parkercolorado denverinteriordesign decorinspo styletrend paintedfurniture customorder madeincolorado reclaimedwood repurpose homedecor shabbychic rustic upcycled countryliving farmhousechic bohochic furnituremaker www.arusticbutterfly.com

I could just picture it. The rotten wooden siding falling away, revealing the framework of the building. New studs replacing the ones worn by time and the elements. The wallpaper being peeled off and the carpet being rolled up and hauled out the door. I could hear the pounding of hammers securing new windows and feel the slide of my hand across the cool of a new countertop. Even the decor fell into place in my mind’s picture, family photos and hand picked heirlooms making the house a home. ⠀ ⠀ Renovating invigorates all the senses and transports you through space and time. Even on vacation, I find myself wandering old and forgotten homes, running my fingers across the tick marks of children’s heights and rediscovering the forgotten remnants of lives lived in these homes. There’s something special about restoring homes that have so many stories to tell and so many blank pages still left to fill. ⠀ ⠀ Now I just need my wallet to catch up with my imagination.

Working on these pictures and I just CANNOT wait to share the project as part of the diychallenge on Monday! The theme is multipurpose projects. Can you guess what else this little end table does apart from hanging out as just a table? Also, I am absolutely in love with this color! Earlier this week, I asked for color ideas to go with the knob in the stories and dark colors won. It was meant to be because I couldn’t get the @behrpaint color out of my head ever since I saw @loveyourabode ‘s cabinet. Have a wonderful weekend you guys!! . . . anikasdiylife diynightstand multipurpose endtables kregjig woodworkingwoman womenwhowoodwork homeorganization woodworkersofinstagram womenwhoinspire woodworkingfun woodworkingskills girlswithtools woodworkingforall girlswithpowertools buildlikeagirl makersgonnamake woodworkingcommunity woodworkingproject woodworkingtools OCblogger socalblogger

frame made from shiplap and maren is coming in hot! i made her big brother max one when he was born and now she has her own! • i can’t wait to see this in your nursery little sassy pants! _______________ sawdustjunkies nashvillechic nashville nash 615 tennessee tn shophandmade shoplocal shopsmallbusiness handpainted handpaintedsigns buildlikeagirl girlbuilds girlswholovewood makersgonnamake junkieinthetrunkie farmhousedecor shiplap littlegirl babygirl girlnursery nurserysign maxandmaren marenella

The cedar once again did not disappoint 😍 So simple but yet so detailed. Love love how this one turned out. Thanks again to @valsparpaint & @minwaxusa for the paint & sealer to bring this piece to life 👏🏽🙌🏽 • freedomdesigns woodworking woodart onegirlinhershop boho woodworkswag buildlikeagirl girlswithpowertools artisan decordailydose farmhouse bohodecor woodworkingskills midwestart diydecor iwasbornDIYing

Did you catch the new project today!? One more shop organization project to add to Joseph's workshop 🛠️ It's going right above the brand new workbench! Head to my stories to check it out ➡️

*NEW HINT* It is now day 3 of the mystery project. I am loving the guesses and I think we are getting warmer. I expect to finish this project tomorrow so today will be the last day for guesses. Congrats to @waycoolwood for being our day 2 winner, he will receive a $25 Rockler Gift card. Today I drilled an angled hole on one of the short sides. Then glued up the pieces with a bit of 1/4” plywood in the groove. I grabbed a scrap of walnut to use for the hidden bottom compartment and drilled & routed a recess. Finally a little sanding to eliminate sharp edges and smooth the bottom. I’ll leave you with a hint…This will be hung on the wall near an entry door. This is the last day of the mystery project game so I’m gonna need someone to guess right today🤞The prize pack for the first person to guess what the project is will include 3 of my favorite pieces of safety equipment (over $100 value). We all need it and none of us like buying it when we could be buying funner things. They are: (1) An @featherboards Hedgehog featherboard. Let’s face it, they just look cool, but also they are way less finicky than most. (2) A pair of @decibullz custom mold earplugs. Super comfortable and great noise protection. (3) A pair of @woodpeckers_tools PushGuard push blocks. They’ve got a knuckle protector and chip deflector and will up your safety game at the router table. As I mentioned yesterday I will give away this prize pack to whoever is first to guess what this project is. One guess per day, a bonus guess if you tag a friend, and of course you must be a follower to win. Let’s hear what you think! **NEW HINT** key holder and money hide is right. Last (most important) function: I’ll remove the contents once per week and leave with it for about 2 hours and promptly put back to “reuse” again. My husband will never use it** . . womanwoodworker woodworker woodworking femalewoodworker communityovercompetition woodworkinggiveaway buildlikeagirl woodworkersofig woodshop woodworkingforall woodworkingprojects knotinmywood hedgehogfeatherboard decibullz woodpeckertools

Note to self: trying to take a photo of a fitted tee while wearing it never turns out well when you have big boobs. 😂 ➡️ Swipe to see what it says. It makes me laugh! It's fridayintroductions time and I'm so happy you're here and that it's Friday, my peeps! Here are 5factsaboutme: 😎 Shy or stuck up: the two most common first impressions people have of me. I'm a listener and an observer, and I'm reserved unless/until I know if you're my kind of person. Definitely not shy. Maybe stuck up. Until I know you anyway. 🏕 I love being outdoors and in/on/near water. Wide open spaces with nothing but nature around me makes me feel so alive! ❤ My grandma had a beautiful singing voice and a really green thumb. I can't sing for shit, but I can keep fake plants alive like nobody's business! 📚 My favorite subject in school was English and as a little girl, I wanted to be an English teacher but my entrepreneurial spirit led me down a different path. grateful When my shorties were in elementary school, I became a substitute teacher. It was fun and the best part: teaching and working with kids and not having to deal with their parents or school district B.S.! 🤣🙌 🍎 I was PTO vice president for 2 years and PTO president for 5 years. And I had to deal with lots of parents and school district B.S. 🤦‍♀️🖕 🤣 ➡️ Tell me something about you or your weekend plans. . . . . 5funfacts fivefactsaboutme fivefacts fivefunfacts meetthemaker buildlikeagirl buildlikeachick womenwhowoodwork womenwhodiy chickswhodiy chickswhobuild womeninthetrades womeninwoodworking woodworkforall woodworkingwomen woodworkingwoman loveheddyj heddyj communityovercompetition funnytee funnytees kickyourass womenwithtattoos womenwithtools

| the perfect girls day with derg + @wood_brain woodworkingwoman buildlikeagirl woodworkingwomen workshoptable workbench

Before and after of PT pine I weathered to match existing trim. prettydamngood if I do say so myself😜 weatherwood distressedwood oldwood inprogress oldhouserenovation

Look at how charming this farmhouse table is! Featuring Osborne legs. Thanks so much for sharing! ⠀ ⠀ Reposting @ourrusticparadise:⠀ ...⠀ "Helloooo August! ☀️ My birthday month is here!! 🎉 Happy birthday month to all my fellow August birthday buddies! 😘⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ farmhousediningtable farmhousediningroom farmhousetable tablescape tabledecor diytable shanty2chic openshelving diyshelves buildlikeagirl farmhousestyling summerdecor summertable rusticdecor rusticfarmhouse rusticfarmcharm rusticchic mybhghome mybhg farmhouse"

@mydailyrenovation Day 23 - Proud Of Myself . I am the most proud of that fact that I am no longer terrified to attempt to DYI much of our own renovation! . When I first got married, I needed assistance with just changing a lightbulb! After many years of battling low self esteem and lack of self-confidence, I am not ashamed to say that building something on your own is something to be proud of indeed!!! . . . mydailyrenovation rz5kgiveaway diyer homeimprovementprojects woodworkingwoman woodworkingtools buildsomething buildlikeagirl handmade girlswhobuild sawdust girlsdoitbetter amaturewoodworker icandohardthings makersgonnamake tablesaw safetyfirst sweatequity fixthisbuildthat novicewoodworker

Where are my soon to be parents out there?! 😍 Y’all, we are in love with this farmhouse crib headed to finish out a nursery! 👶🏼 This has been my favorite build of this week! Inspired by @shanty2chic 💕• • • newdesign shoplocal nursery crib springfieldmo 417local farmhouse babytime 417land custommade buildlikeagirl farmhousefurniture

An umbrella stand side table needs a hole for the umbrella! I'm putting the finishing touches on this project today and staining it over the weekend. Hopefully I'll have the post and plans ready early next week!⁣ .⁣ .⁣ holesaw drillingholesdiyblogger diyproject diy doityourself tutorial buildlikeagirl buildityourself diyvideos diyvideo buildit woodworkingwoman woodworkingproject homeimprovement makersgonnamake video diydecor buildsomething woodworkinglove makersmovement diyhomedecor handsandhustle creativehappylife maker tools woodshop cedar cedarwood outdoorfurniture

ⓜⓤⓢⓣⓐⓝⓖ Est-ce que vous aussi, vous vous fixez des objectifs très concrets dans votre vie quotidienne ? Le genre d'objectif : "Travailler dur cette année pour m'offrir la voiture de mes rêves". 😻🙌 . Dessin par @clo_les_petits_bouchons 🎨 . Do you also have very simple goal in your everyday life ? This kind of goal: "working hard for threat myself with a dream car"😻🙌 . Drawn by @clo_les_petits_bouchons _____________________________ Workinghard dreamcar goal dailygoal nursery baby nature summer rusticdecoration scrollsaw scrollsawart art wood kidsfurniture furniture sign handcrafthomemade madeinfrance paris instahome woodworkingwoman buildlikeagirl frenchwoodworker scheppach

A little sneak preview to a project series I made for the bad ass that is @tresa.tresa. This symbol represents gratitude. Coincidentally I’m feeling mighty grateful to have this 💪🏼 gal in my life. . . makers craftswoman wood woodworking diy homemade handmade cricut maker crafting woodworkingwomen buildlikeagirl grateful gratitude woodburning woodburn pyrography losttits suckitcancer

Welp. The little nightstands are finally done and back at my neighbor’s house. These didn’t require much creativity other than the little handles, but it was still nice to be building again after being gone for so long!

I went to @loweshomeimprovement a couple weeks ago with 2 of my kids (one of them was my oldest girl and the other my son). I was teaching then how to pull lumber from the stack and check to make sure it wasn’t damaged or warped. A make employee came over to us and said “where’s your husband?” To which I replied “working”. Then he followed with “why is he sending you here to do a man’s job? I know the answer Pinterest! It has women thinking they can build all of this stuff” 😤 I told him that Pinterest is awesome and so are all MY tools! I don’t want any of my children to EVER think that girls can’t build or create! I teach them that we are all equal and it’s pretty amazing! Today my 4 children and I built this @target lemonade stand and you know who the one that actually finished it with me? My mini-me! That GIRL is going places! . . . . . whorunstheworldgirls weareallthesame girlscandoanything boyscandoanything spreadthelove loweshomeimprovement target targetclearance girlswhobuild buildsomething buildlikeagirl lemonadestand targetstyle targetdeals lemonade kidsplayroom kidsplay

Saying adios to this walnut charcuterie board with ocean resin art! This was one of my first resin art pieces and he’s heading to his new home! More to come