Thank you @nike for thinking of us to help you with your teambuilding!

New project video coming atchya tomorrow. 🎬

Restocking the simple syrup. . . . homebar simplesyrup lemon lemonpeel cocktails syrup diybar

First swing at a Demerara Dry Float was a home run! Served with a “side of danger” (per @smugglerscovesf ) 🍹🌺🗿summerofrum

Our product of the week is brought to you by Whiskey Wednesday! . . The High West Double Rye is a blend of straight rye whiskeys that delight the palate with flavors of rye spices, eucalyptus and cinnamon. It pairs well with a few cubes of ice or a warm slice of fresh apple pie. Hurry in to grab one for your liquor cabinet before the weekend!

Ждём тебя на стаканчик! Да-да, именно тебя😉 . . . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

Loving how these drink dispensers have turned out! The transition from second hand homebrew pressure barrel, that's still liquid tight, but wont keep pressure to steampunk inspired cocktail dispensers has been a simple process. . . Sand, undercoat, paint brown, paint silver, add rivets, paint rivets, add antique paint effect, pva on a dial (I used clear plastic glue gunned, then painted to finish the dial off) then add the taps and lid back on. If your original tap is broken look out for water butt taps in the pound shop. . . . . steampunk steampunkstyle steampunkwedding alternativewedding medievalwedding cocktail southwales diywedding weddingcraft diybar weddingbar partydecorations party drinkdispenser

Твой любимый ДИ. Твои любимые напитки. . . . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

Happy Tuesday Friends!! I haven’t shared a view of our bar in a while. We added this about 2 years ago, it was just a blank wall when we moved in. I wish I was doing this instagram thing back then, I would’ve videoed the process. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hope you all are having a fabulous day! P.S. you can shop my home by following me on the app. - - homebar diybar barcartstyling kitchengoals whitecabinets diybacksplash homedecorating homestylist homestyledecor homestyler homestyleinspo fixerupperfanatic fixerupperinspired fixerupperdecor transitionalstyle transitionaldesign thatdecorlife farmhousehome simplefarmhousetouches farmhousechic modernfarmhouse glamdecor diyer diydesign homeimprovementprojects dreamingaboutdecor mydecorlove checkoutmydiy

Kasa romulautaa ja tekis baariin mieli mutta ei jaksa liikkua? Onko työkaluja? Ja makke2 apuna? Eikä kiire maalata? No tee oma baaritiski! Kiitti Tuppura 👌🍻 DiyBar woodman hillbillies onebeer teeseitse viinikaappi 420 vainmaalipuuttuu

Look at this Honey Onyx Bar Top glow!! No filter necessary! Contact Rock Tops Fabrication to find out how easy it is for you to get enchanting, custom countertops like these. This is 2 cm Honey Onyx with a 6 inch Mitered Edge that has been Backlit. honeyonyx onyxcountertops customcountertops bartop homeimprovement diybar

We are baaaaaack! After having a relaxing holiday in Tuscany with lots of yummy food and Aperol spritzers, we are ready for the end of summer & start of autumn! Three new events booked in for September - 2 private parties and @stpetershospice Christmas Fayre @ashton_court_ on 30th November 🎄😍 We hope you are enjoying your holidays, whatever you are doing 💋 privatebar diybar diywedding stpetershospice ashtoncourtmansion ashtoncourt bristolbars southwestevents southwestweddings cocktailbar bristolcocktailbar

新しい看板を作成中。 Making a new signboard. signdiybardiybartokyobarminamisenju

My 1st Bob Ross painting.. bobross diybar

Who gets to come up with the names of colors? 🤔

Showing off this super awesome bar stand that the groom built for his wedding. Yes. You read that right. THE GROOM BUILT THAT. ohyouhandyhuh

And I said, “What about Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” She said, “Omg I hate Mondays...” thatsnothowitgoes 🎶 Thanks @baileypoe for joining us at the Circus and making this fun piece!

Happy customer for sure! Few weeks ago this guy came by to fix my broken water meter. One stroll through the bar room and he suddenly became my new best friend! He wanted his own bar and wanted it to be as similar to mine as possible. So I obliged. Custom to fit his new man cave in his summer house in Plymouth. I'm sure he and his buddies will enjoy it for years to come. Swipe to see the assembly video! kfcustomwoodworks mancave woodworking homebar diybar ofavakehs bartop

Handmade Home Bar 👏🍸⭐️ By OhhhLawdReekris on Imgur diybar diy diyhomebar homebar handmade handmadebar

Love this DIY bar set up. Butcher paper is so handy and can be used for many things. Like the runner seen here. I also love to wrap gifts in it. butcherpaper diybar theolddoorshop warehousevenue

Still riding the high from my weekend💛 I had the honor of setting up shop @manifestingthroughintention where women gathered in the PERFECT space @sourced_collective to tend to their souls. Watching Ronnie do her thing is so inspiring and seriously gave me chills✨ thank you Lady for giving me the opportunity to make Ritual Kits with the SWEETEST people🤗 To top it all off I got to spend the best night with one of my oldest friends @lb_angiee Thanks for giving me the local Laguna experience 😎 Feel Good, everyone! It’s a new week!

H A R V E S T M O O N Save the Date! You’re invited to our our Wembley Park Sanctuary 2019 Season Closer on Saturday, Sept 14 from 1pm-9pm. 4 sessions, 4 themes: PLAY 🤸‍♂️ LEARN ⭐️ BREATHE 😊 GROOVE 💃 After a guided silent nature walk, Mandie Guth @mgexposure will kick things off with an all ages, kids encouraged “Rock Your Truth” Family & Friends Flow. Suzanne Zupancic @yourempoweredself will then teach us how to the 5 elements of nature relate to Ayurveda and especially the transition from Pitta (Fire) season to Vata (Air) season. There will be a DIY Essential Oils (adults) and Bath Bombs (kids) Bar for us to make a personalized recipe! Fun! After a snack break and raffle, Erik Milosevich @erokdaworld will guide us through a ”Deep Dive Breath Meditation” where we’ll uncover any lingering summer residue and ground into fall. Then we’ve saved the most awesome for last and the one and only @saffirebouchelion will take the reigns for a very special “Dance into Being” journey to inspire, empower and embody our best Self via movement, rhythm, drums and a fire ceremony. Finally, after an Ayurvedic/Dr Sebi inspired vegan dinner, we’ll grab our headphones and boogie on down to a silent disco with DJ Saffire manning his killer tunes!! Holy awesomeness! It’s are officially time to REMEMBER OUR SELVES - have fun, kick ass, and meet our fellow SoulJours! 💙🙏⚡️ . . Bring the whole family. Kids under 12 are free! @gtskombucha is providing the Kombucha all day long. This is a benefit for Amazon Indigenous School in Ecuador. Erik will be traveling there to help rebuild their school in Oct. We offer several ticketing options. Ticket link in bio. . . pdxyoga pdxyogascene pdxmusic pdxevents portlandyoga oregonadventures thatoregonlife exploregon yogateachers yogateacherlife yogaforeveryone yogaforthesoul kidsyoga meditationspace mindbodysoul yogafestival mindfulnessmeditation souljourfest iamsouljour souljoursummerseries pushtheboundaries outdooryoga handpan meditation portlandwellness familyyoga diybar essentialoils ayurvedalifestyle

Завтра снова вторник! Это значит снова танцы под любимые хиты, наше специальное 5рэ меню и море веселья. 20 августа 21:00 Вход свободный . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

What a GIN-credible Saturday!💃🏾 Filled with great food, pink gin, bringing people together & some more Pink Gin! S/O to everyone that made the DIY bar @beefeatergin_ke as lit as it was 🔥🔥🔥 To our captainsoftheparty we salute you 🥳 barinthebush BITB captainsoftheparty partywithBITB bespokeexperiences beveragecatering mobilebar DIYBar

Vintage isn’t just for wine. Marisa is a curator of things from the past, and makes them look oh-so-good together! She’ll become your best friend at DIY Bar! Yay Marissa! 🙌

I know, enough about the bar already. I don’t care, I’m not over it and I’m sharing it with the world until we become famous. . . . . . . outdoorbar bar diybar diy handy weareforhire itwillcostyou backyard backyarddesign summertime summasummasummatime lastdaysofsummer happyplace home family ct homedepot

What a fun idea! DIY Gin Bar with a variety of local and import gins, savoury and sweet accompaniments, and tonic waters! Happy birthday to Gin lady @mishibluebird! ginforthewin birthdaybash

I’m usually posting pictures of my final products, but I wanted to give you guys a look into the process! 🖍 . Process is messy (see picture 2 😂). You start with a clear vision, move into a stage of ‘WTF am I doing’, and usually somehow pull it all together in the end. Just remember: The messiness is all part of the creative process, so just embrace it! . I usually start by pulling inspiration from @pinterest to create a vision board for what I’m creating. From there, I’ll put a pen to paper with a sketch that pulls the vision in my brain into a tactical illustration. And then my favorite step - adding color and detail! . The most important thing to keep in mind is that art, and process, are never perfect. And that’s what makes each product so unique. | 😎🦄🎨💕

Воскресенье - лучший день, чтобы в спокойной обстановке выкурить кальян, оценить все новинки алкогольной карты и выбрать себе по вкусу. Ждём тебя с 18.00! . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

I’ve been trying for a month now to figure out what to fill this empty wall with... so since I had some extra shelves, I made a bar! Going to get some cute cocktail glasses to go with it. Super excited! . . . . . . homedecor homebar diybar diy

I made a thing - two of my favorites in Portland, sunset and the St. John's Bridge 💛❤️💜💙💚 First attempt at string art • • • diybar feelingcrafty stringart stjohnsbridge sunset colors firsttry

Sweet bar I built today cedar with industrial pipe painted copper! . . industrialdesign bartop cedar builtnotbought buildityourself diy cedarbar diybar like

3k budget ✔ open a bar in unknown place ✔ marina works ✔🔨 most raining days EVER✔🌧 yachts ✖ break even in first season ✔ Candela Bar (summer '14) - our first independent bar on a budget opening (3k€). Project that tested us with soo many things, and in the end it worked (crazy hours involved though) and we're extremly proud of it.

Woke up in an immediate state of relaxation today - on Merrymeeting Lake in New Hampshire at @miketernullo’s family lake house. There’s something about waking up by the water that puts you in the right state of mind. . Mike, his fiancé @brittehm, and his step dad Joe designed and constructed a tiki bar in the backyard from the ground up. I shared a photo on my IG story, so check it out! But a tiki bar can’t be open for business without some cocktails, of course. . So this morning, we broke out the paint markers and created a custom drink menu. We even landed on dedicated vessels for each cocktail to spice things up a bit. What do you think?! | 🍹⛵️🎨✨

Do you want to know the trick to not accidentally hitting your hand with a hammer? Have someone else hold the nail. 🔨nailedit hammertime Thanks for joining the Circus and celebrating with us @amandasiek 🎉

Сегодня! Нас просили - мы не можем отказать. @peter.kozhanov вместе с тобой продолжит танцевать под хиты диско и поп прошлых лет. Старт - 23:00 Вход свободный, 21+ P.S. @nastysha_lapushka 😜😁 . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

First coat of clear is on now time to wait to dry before next coat can go on WineBarrelBar Rustic BurntTop SonomaWineBarrels FirstCoatOfClear DIYBar DIY RusticBar

Almost done! @nestor_p85 and I spent most of today and yesterday building a bar with Wine barrels. Order your size, color, and finish preference today! winebarrelbar homemadebar winebar winebarrel bar diybar diy customeorder orderyours winebarreldinningroom winebarreltable winebarrelcoffeetable coffeetable winebarrelfurniture

I love DIY projects and making cheap things look pretty and expensive. I got these pub chairs free. Reupholstered them from a curtain, blinged the chair with diamond wrap from dollar tree and did a DIY addition to my bar by adding lights. 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 diy dollartreeobsessed dollartreediy bar diybar blingbling lights diamonds

Finally having some @appletonestate1749 to celebrate nationalrumday 🥃🌺🗿summerofrum 21yearrum

Happy it’s Friday, and even more excited to take on my first custom concrete countertop! 🔨👷🏻‍♂️

As pallet projects go - this one is a winner! 🍹🍸 Do you have a summer DIY project list? 📷 :@our_house_is_home DIY palletprojects DIYbar outdoorliving

Launch— simple fun styling for the launch of an amazing new business ⋒

Does anyone else hate when people leaf jokes unfinished? 🍃

Add something new and fun to your next event with our vintage Piaggio. Now booking events for October and beyond 🥂

Complimentary charging ports at The Prince Albert. So you can be anti-social, indefinitely. diybar

Завтра! Только хиты! Только танцы! У тебя не останется выбора! 23:00 - 01:30 @peter.kozhanov 01:30 - 03:00 Вход свободный, 21+ . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

Just finished up this walnut and maple lower bar for a buddies lake house. A mini refrigerator and ice maker will slide into the center opening. I think he owes me a few cocktails. walnut diybar maplewood woodfurniture woodworkersofinstagram woodshoplife walnutcabinets

Вот что бывает с людьми, когда они заходят к нам на стаканчик малиновки - улыбки, смех, веселье. Всех с четвергом, ждём в гости! . diybardiybar_minskhookah_minskhookahbarcocktailbarcocktailbar_minskmusicbarmusicbar_minsk#бар#бар_минск#кальян#кальян_минск#напитки#танцы#зыбицкаяminskparty music cocktails

Не то чтобы этот бар мы делали для кошака. Но когда ему грустно и все проблемы мира наваливаются на его хвост, он сварачивается калачиком рядом с мартишкой и восстанавливает свой хрупкий мир. Ещё чуть-чуть и я воспользуюсь его методом 🙄 . . cats cat diy bar diybar home #кот #бар #сделайсам #дом #ручнаяработа handmade

Crafty Queen! Aquarian and cat lover. Sabrina is a maker of many things, and expert at all things DIY BAR! Thank you Sabrina for all you do! 👏

Stepping up my Navy Grog game with @privateerrum Navy Yard Rum and @latitude29nola ice cone! 🍹🌺🗿

DIY drink mixer tables invite your guests to make themselves at home 🏠 • follow @diy.decorations.aus for creative party drink ideas! . . . partytime cocktailparty diywedding diycocktails cocktailbar diybar partybar bartender mixers mixyourown themedparty mocktail mocktails🍹 dranks dranksondranks drinksonme homebar partyfood partylife spikethepunch sangria sangriasundays girlsnightout💃 getthepartystarted partystarter

Pop champagne or bring on the mocktails—whatever you need, we’re here to mix up some magic. Learn about our specialty drink menus and bar pricing: link in bio 🍸 — 📸: @mollythomasphotography 🌸: 🎉: @hillaryjevents 🖋: @jennajordanstudio 📦: @Madelinerentals 🍽: @mk_plates stlmade stlmakers stlartists stlhiddengems stlevents carondelet southcitystl southcitygems stlevents stlvenue weddingvenue stlweddings stlouis stlouisgram explorestlouis stlweddingvenue stlentrepreneur stlcatering stlfoodies stlbars bardecor diybar

A great idea for help yourself drinks. Big old dispensers, a tray of fruit and mason jars with labels. Minimal effort required! 📸 by @melissameganphotography Here it is.....What my Youtube Friends and Family have been waiting for....My DIY Bar Cart Video. Click the link or go on my channel, (jrc restoration decor and designs) get your favorite beverage in hand and enjoy the 10 minute Mini Movie YouTube Video...How To Build a Bar Cart. DIYBarcart, barcart, barcartstyling, Beverage Cart, barcart, diybar

BINNENKORT ❤️ De personeelsvereniging van @gemeentealphenaandenrijn organiseert elke maand een uitje. En... in oktober zijn wij de gelukkige! En zij hopelijk ook 😃 Maar liefst 50 personen komen een pizza party houden en gaan daarna lekker creatief aan de slag met 4 verschillende workshops: mozaïeken, servies stippen, bloemen aquarellen + botanisch tekenen of 2 projecten maken in de DIY Bar (doe-het-zelf). Wij hebben er nu al zin in! Wil jij ook iets leuks doen met collega’s, vriendinnen of familie? Neem contact met ons op voor de mogelijkheden. We maken graag een feestprogramma op maat. En nee, het is niet te vroeg om nu al voor de november / december te reserveren 🎄 Liefs van ons BEKIJK & BOEK NU ✨👇🏻✨ 📷 Annemiek van @kriebelslifestyle liefs liefsfabriek workshops feest uitje pv personeelsvereniging groepen creatief creativiteit creativity creatievemakers workshops love handgemaakt aquarel serviesstippen mozaiek mozaieken diy diybar

We just knew what we had to do...improvise and adapt. Luckily hard work pays off, we managed to organise a sailing boat company @sailinghr that focused on exceptional holidays for millennials, and sign a deal to bring smaller sailing boats to unfinished marina. Not only did we managed to break even, but the whole village flourished those days. Not a day have passed, without someone asking "when are they coming again"🍍🍾

Let there be light. diybar ledlighting

Say hello to our MINI bar! The third of our custom portable bars.. small, compact, and can fit in an space. It’s perfect for indoor cocktail parties or deck parties! Hire it with bartenders as a package or just the bar if you have your own bartender for your event. . . eventbar eventbartending custombar diybar weddingbar holidayparties minibar barforhire

Today would be good day for a Strawberry Daiquiri. We mean a good time to decorate your bar with our fabulous handcrafted Tropical Drink Decor. Come Shop tiki bar tikibar tikibars hometikibar diybar diytikibar strawberrydaiquiri tropicaldecor

Need some last minute plans?! Stop by DIY BAR (and the rest of our neighborhood) for a little something special. Come by the bar between 4pm - 8pm on Wednesday 8/14 (tomorrow!) to make a macramé keychain (for free!)

In case anyone was wondering, you cannot use “beefstew” as a password. It’s not stronganoff. Oh, and here is an adorable picture of @emmastegeman and her friends. Thanks joining the circus ladies!

Finally trying some @privateerrum (from my friends at @depotliquors ) - made a delicious daiquiri... can’t wait to explore more! 🍹🌺🗿summerofrum

Cape Breton and the rental car. What an amazing drive on the Cabot Trail.