Cute grassa?! No problem! Ho fatto questo impacco unendo un paio di ingredienti (quasi a casaccio😂) e ne sono rimasta davvero soddisfatta 🤩 ⚠️ Da applicare esclusivamente sulla cute 💆🏽‍♀️ . . INGREDIENTI •Olio di cocco 🥥 - per riparare i capelli, stimolarne la crescita, privarli dalla forfora e ristabilire il ph della cute •Miele 🍯 - rigenera le fibre capillari fortificando le radici , riduce l’effetto crespo, dona volume e lucentezza •Cacao amaro in polvere🍫 - solo per le more!! Per ravvivare i riflessi e ammorbidire la chioma •Aceto di mele 🍎 - L’ingrediente centrale di questo impacco - previene la caduta dei capelli, ristabilisce il ph, è un ottimo rimedio per la forfora, disinfetta la cute e rende i capelli lucidissimi 🤩 . . Per il dosaggio mi sono regolata ad occhio ma posso dirvi che indicativamente ho unito 2 cucchiaini di olio di cocco, 1 di miele, 1 di cacao e 1 di aceto. L’importante è non esagerare con l’aceto perché può risultare troppo aggressivo essendo acido. . . Inumidite la cute, massaggiate il composto e lasciate in posa, trascorsi 30 minuti potete risciacquare il tutto e procedere con la vostra routine di lavaggio. Risultato? Cute idratata, nessuna traccia di “unto” e capelli visibilmente più sani e super lucidi 🤩 con questo metodo i capelli rimarranno puliti per più giorni ma vi consiglio di ripeterlo una volta ogni due settimane oppure se non avete particolari esigenze una volta al mese! Spero di esservi stata utile ❤️ Conoscevate le proprietà degli ingredienti che ho utilizzato? Proverete questo impacco? Fatemi sapere le vostre impressioni e se lo preparate taggatemi nelle vostre stories 🌻 . . ricettedibellezza doityourself haircare capelli curadeicapelli mask maschera food coconoutoil honey cocoa sugar honey handmade diyproject trattamenticapelli beautylovers doityourselfbeauty doityourselfremedies like4like picoftheday instagood homemade diy fattoincasa biologico naturalrecipes allaboutbeauty


Çöp şişten lamba 😍yapim aşamalarini daha önce IG tv ye yuklemistim sayfama yeni gelenlee bakabilir ordan 😍😍keyifli aksamlar😍 diy kendinyapfikirleri kendinyapsana doityourself geridonusumfikirleri geridonusum


OMG so pink lol! How many dice is that? Credit: hiltonic_ ============ Be sure to check out widgets4women for more! We love reading responses so show your love! ============ Please note, if we really like something we like to repost it! If you're the creator, and you'd prefer we take down your content, shoot us a DM and we will accomidate ASAP. ============ doityourselfchair doityourselfers doityourselfkids WomensRunningCommunity womenentrepreneurs doityourselfproject doityourselfbeauty womenempoweringwomen mothership motherday womenportrait womenhelpingwomen womeninfilm motherhoodunplugged motherhoodsimplified mothercity


What happens when you kiss your dentist good bye? I was recently interviewed for a magazine and the interviewer asked me for a beauty item l could not do without. "My floss used without fail before brushing everyday" l said. In all the enthusiasm about eating well, Oral Systemic Health is often overlooked. Most would never connect the dots between chronic disease and oral health, but there is an intrinsic link. Dr Ellen Phillip's book "Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye" is a gem. 1 decade later since publishing, it still comes highly recommended! No teeth whitening or cover ups. Authentic beauty is always nurtured from within. Let's pay attention to core health and the nitty gritty. Eating well, exercising, rest, sleeping well, clean thoughts are great for overall health. So is oral health. It must be given essential priority. Get to know Oral Systemic Health. It could change your life. Au Sante! Live and Blossom. oralhealthdentistryhealthymouthcleanmouthflosslikeabossflossingflossglossdentalhygienistdentalhygienebeautytoolsbeautyitemcantdowithoutamustmusthaveitemmustdokissyourdentistgoodbyeoverallhealthoralsystemichealthdiydoityourselferdoityourselfprojectdoityourselfbeautyauthenticallyyoubeautyfromwithin nurtureyourself


DIY Natural Toner 💦 اصنعي بنفسك تونر طبيعي " Apple Cider Vinegar is the best astringent in nature because it helps to balance the skin's pH, making you both less oily and less dry" Apple cider vinegar evens out skin tone and texture, and removes acne, scaring and blemishes!! How to make: Fill bottle with 1/3 ORGANIC apple cider vinegar🍎 and 2/3 filtered water 💦. Directions: Apply as toner after washing face. Song🎼: You Need To Calm Down by Taylor Swift


Deniz kenarindan topladigim dallardan yaptigim saksim ✌😊 pembe çicegiyle fena olmadi sanki🙈(ismi yalos muş nimetinoyuncakdunyasi ndan ögrendim😍) hazir mevsim yaz tatile gidenler ,ya da şansli olup deniz kenarinda yasayanlar icin fikir olarak biraktim şuraciga🌸sessiz sessiz takip edenler bi ❤ atarsiniz dimi😍 dekorasyonfikirleri dekorasyon evdekorasyonu kendinyapfikirleri doityourself diy geridonusumfikirleri kendinyapsana


Awesome idea 💡 Cr: 5.min.crafts Follow: diy.hack.hub 💖 ✨Tag a Friend & Follow 💁🏼 . smile diyfun beauty lifehacks tutorials love art coolcreationspb doityourselfers friendstv doityourselfkids doityourselfbeauty pivot doityourselfworkout


Try Erin’s DIY tip for healthy-looking glowing skin all summer long. Olive oil is the perfect base for an all-natural homemade sugar scrub. Use on face, lips and body. 2 C brown sugar 1/2 C Patricia&Paul mild Olive Oil (we use our Tea Rose) 1/4 C honey Mason jar for storage bodyscrub summerglow doityourselfbeauty westfieldnj shopwestfield downtownwestfield scotchplainsnj cranfordnj mountainsidenj shoplocal


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Here’s a little snip of our upcoming Girls Night In beauty tips and tricks episode! chivvistyles thesouthernfriedtea it’s no make up, real Sh*t here! nomakeup beauty skincare haircare homeremedies doityourselfbeauty besties girlsnight girlsnightin


oneofmyfavorites 🌿🌿🌿


Minnoş saksi kilifim yapmini story de paylasmistim 😍Caaanim evim ozledim seni❤ simdi giresun sayiz cok sukur burdada evimiz var ama şebinkarahisardaki evim gibi degil 🙈🙈 alanya ya gitmeden bi gece kalicaz yine evimde❤ giresundan alanya ya giderkenn sivas uzerinden gitmek daha kestirme oluyor avonos ya da ürgupte bi gece konakliyoruz her sene😍cok seviyorum oralari biraz fazla sicak oluyo ama olsun 😍sizde durumlar ne ufukta tatil plani var mi😍keyifli gunler herkese😍 diy kendinyapfikirleri doityourself dekorasyonfikirleri dekorasyon dekorasyonnerileri kendinyap ckmmtfsalstyle


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Reposted from alegrianaturals - Castile Soap makes a simple base for DIY cleansers that you can customize according to your skincare needs. Forget expensive store-bought facial washes. These sample recipes will set you on your way to beautiful skin free of harsh chemicals and preservatives - for cheap! DM us to get concentrated, unscented liquid Castile Soap. . . . alegrianaturals castilesoap castilesoapnigeria doityourselfbeauty nontoxic slsfreesoap diybeauty diyfacewash diyskincarerecipes skincare nigeriandiyblogger naijadiy naijabrand naijabrand buynigerian - regrann


Castile Soap makes a simple base for DIY cleansers that you can customize according to your skincare needs. Forget expensive store-bought facial washes. These sample recipes will set you on your way to beautiful skin free of harsh chemicals and preservatives - for cheap! DM us to get concentrated, unscented liquid Castile Soap. . . . alegrianaturals castilesoap castilesoapnigeria doityourselfbeauty nontoxic slsfreesoap diybeauty diyfacewash diyskincarerecipes skincare nigeriandiyblogger naijadiy naijabrand naijabrand buynigerian


Wer nur beobachtet wächst nicht selbst 😉 Ich für meinen Teil habe mich entschlossen selbst über mich hinaus zu wachsen. Es belebt Körper und Geist, es öffnen sich neue Möglichkeiten und ich muss zu niemandem Danke sagen wenn ich es nicht will. Pack es an und wachse... Ich helfe dir gerne dabei.


A clean green pedi ✨ I’ve had some very sore feet waddling around lately and my hubs has been giving me pedicures to help the ache cause I don’t want to breath in the fumes at the salon and also who knows what kinda chemicals they use? To keep it non-toxic and low waste I like to use epsom salts that have been absorbing leftover essence from empty EO bottles (swipe) I let it sit for a couple weeks with lavender and lemon and it smells sooo good in my foot bath. Plus it uses up ever last drop (I’ll save the bottles for blends later). Then I pumice with a plain ole stone I picked up at the co-op. Then I lather up with mamabee leg and foot cream for all the pepperminty tingly feels! Super relaxing and my feet feel like new. ✨ greenbeauty cleanbeauty cleanmama greenmama naturalmama intentionalliving cleanlivinghome lowwastehome doityourselfbeauty DIYgreenbeauty nontoxicbeauty nontoxicselfcare mamaselfcare happytoes greenselfcare DIYselfcare


Awesome idea 💡 Cr: 5.min.crafts Follow: diy.hack.hub 💖 ✨Tag a Friend & Follow 💁🏼 . ootd gifts inventions pretty doityourselfhair doityourselfbeauty doityourselfprojects doityourselfve


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Mes petites tambouilles du jour ne sont pas pour moi ; elles sont pour les 2 hommes de ma vie : mon chéri et mon petit frérot 👨‍👦. . Je leur ai fait un déodorant fraîcheur au gel d'aloès vera et à la menthe poivrée. Pas d'alcool, pas de sels d'aluminium, pas de parfums synthétiques, que du naturel 😊. . La recette utilisée : - 48,7% de gel d'aloès vera - 30% d'hydrolat (de rose dans mon cas) - 10% de bicarbonate de soude - 10% d'argile blanche - 0,5% de gomme de xanthane - 0,8% de cosgard (conservateur naturel) - quelques gouttes d'huile(s) essentielle(s) (de menthe poivrée pour son effet fraîcheur ou autres). . Le conservateur est facultatif, il vous permettra juste de garder la préparation pendant plus longtemps. . À savoir si ça va convenir à l'homme de la maison et à l'ado en pleine croissance... J'attends leur retours 🤞. . homemade deodorant deodorantnaturel slowcosmetique cosmetiquenaturelle aloevera doityourselfbeauty santeaunaturel naturopathie


It’s the time to rebirth. To rediscovery myself and become the real me. To be who I really mean to be. Will bring my natural beauty from within... And GLOW! 💙🙏🌠💐. . . . lazulizglow rebirth selfhealing healingpower # crystalhealing crystalpower empoweringwomen lapislazuli kyanite japamala raiseyourvibes happyherbshop naturalbeauty essentialoils doterra doterraperth perthhealing mosmanpark northbridge empoweredwomen doityourselfbeauty beautytutorials selfcare holyherbal mydailyritual healingrituals herbalbathinfusion energycleansing hivibes lifeisabeach


DIY Feste Bodylotion🌿 Du brauchst dafür (Rezept von smarticularnet ) • 40 g naturbelassenes Kokosöl • 40 g Mandelöl • 30 g Carnaubawachs (oder ca. 32 g Sonnenblumenwachs) • passende Silikonförmchen • optional 5-10 Tropfen ätherisches Öl Zubereitung der festen Body-Lotion: 1. Carnaubawachs in ein ein leeres Glas geben und bei mittlerer Temperatur im Wasserbad schmelzen. 2. Kokosöl unterrühren. 3. Pflanzenöl hinzugeben und alles noch einmal gut durchrühren. 4. Gegebenenfalls die Konsistenz testen, indem du einige Tropfen auf einen Teller gibst und erkalten lässt. Wenn es zu weich ist, füge noch etwas Wachs hinzu, ist es zu fest, kannst du noch etwas Pflanzenöl ergänzen. 5. Aus dem Wasserbad nehmen und in bereitgestellte Formen gießen und aushärten lassen. 6. Viel Spaß beim nachmachen!☺️🌿 . . . zerowastevegan diybodylotion diykosmetik selbstgemacht diy vegan zerowastebathroom doityourselfbeauty lesswaste zerowastebeauty bodylotion doityourself handmade plastikfrei plasticfree


Pick up your PERSONLIZED root Color TO GO ONLY fusioncolorbar ! 👏 perfect for a last minute fix at home if you dont have time for a in house service. ❤👏 📲 914-302-6114  The Fusion Team is here for all your color and styling needs!


Commande beauteprivee Ravie de ma commande passée sur le site de ventes privées beauteprivee Le colis est intact et mes produits conforme a la commande passée! Je pense que vous connaissez toute ce site et l'application! Ventes à des prix exceptionnels de cosmetiques : soin, maquillage, parfum,soin en institut spa pour nous les Femmes mais aussi pour nos Hommes! On y retrouve toutes nos marques préférées! Y a t-il des adeptes de ce site parmis vous?! Moi je suis L❤VE Je vous présente les produits de ma commande : ♡La trousse secretsdesfees.officiel qui se compose de 8 soins visage, 1 chaudron magique + 1 soin et 1 mesurette des Fées offerts Ce sont des Cosmétiques Bio en poudre à faire soi-même! doityourselfbeauty De la même marque : ♡2 × 40g Boue d'enveloppement Remodelante algue marine & spiruline, cuisses ou fessier ♡Je me suis laissé tenter par 2 Gels Mains Nettoyant mercihandy Oh my Lemon&lollipop ♡Un soin des Mains Réparateur Bio fleurancenature ♡Une bt de Bain de Pieds footlogix Si vous voulez bénéficier de 5€ de réduction votre 1ère commande, mon lien de parrainage est disponible dans ma Bio ou me demander en mp Je vous laisse découvrir par vous-même les amis! Bonne Nuit 😘 ventesprives beaute bienetre secretsdesfees mercihandy fleurancenature footlogix spa maquillage parfums soin diybeauty cosmetiquesbio troussedesoin gelnettoyant ohmylemon lollipophand baindepieds parrainage


Learn your true potential. Do It Yourself 💪🏽 • When your are your own photographer 📸, hairstylist 💇🏾‍♀️, makeup artist 💄 etc... . . . . doityourselfbeauty learnyourpotential findyourself braidout hairpaintwax haircolor temporarycolorwax amazingnaturalhair naturalhairlove kinkyhair unconditionedroots naturallyshesdope mixedchickshair naturalhairdaily naturalchixs myhaircrush respectmyhair photography hairstylist tressesdee


Ce qu’il faut pour faire un masque maison !! Juste 3 ustensiles et la poudre que vous voulez! C’est simple, économique et vous savez ce que vous mettez sur votre jolie petit minois 😸 Pour le pot c’est de la recup, le petit fouet ça vient de chez aromazone_officiel la petite cuillère sostrenegrene (a mon avis ça sert à la cuisine à la base 😂) et voilà le tour est joué . J’ai du payé ça 3balles50. slowcosmetique homemademask masqueargile doityourself doityourselfbeauty


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