40lbs of water on both top and bottom hooks with ease. Still need to get the full video out. Work and life always getting in the way. How do you guys manage it all? . . . . . prusaresearch stresstest stresstesting pla filament prusament diy hooks coatrack makers makersgonnamake functionalprint imadethis 3dprintedfurniture 3dprintedfurniture doityourself doityourselfhomeprojects homeprojects design frenchcleat

It is weird that I get super excited to see other people working on their homes. It really motivates me to get stuff done in my house. What project/projects are you working on right now? Can you believe the bottom of these built-ins are in stock upper cabinets from @homedepot. Adding baseboard and trim really makes them look custom.

Nesting is so real in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I keep thinking of the next project to complete before the baby comes. I am avoiding painting/staining/culking so it limits me a little. I wanted to post this before & after (nearly finished) bathroom ... New vanity, painted linoleum, new faucet, vanity light and shelving. There's some info on the painted tile floors and shower curtain on the blog 😊 momdiy bathroomremodel bathroomdiy homeprojects doityourselfhomeprojects renovation paintedtile bathroomvanity marble buildergrade beforeafter toddler boymom pregnancy 31weekspregnant

DIY Båglampa med fransdetaij 🤩 Båglampan hittade vi i grovsoprummet. 😁 Guldfransraden i silke kostade 30 kronor. Fransarna är enkelt fastlimmade med limpistol på insidan av lampans skärm. 😍 🛋️ . . . . . . knappkarlssons diy diyinredning homedeco lamp lampa pysselihemmet pyssel grdetsjälvinredning reuse glrominrednng terbruk gukdlampa guldinredning inredning homedeco scandinavehome interiorlovers diyinterior doityourselfhomeprojects

When your husband gets crazy with the expanding foam that exploded all over in the kitchen before you got to putting it in the door cracks for insulation. When I walked in tonight after work the foam made the door a little hard to open. Sara "oh I want to touch it." He spent a few hours sanding the dried residue off his hands. Thank goodness we are ripping the carpet out eventually. doityourselfhomeprojects expandingfoam

Cans, cans, cans....we have 10 yd, 12 & 16yd dumpster cans available! Same day / next day delivery available!! Prices starting at just $149.00!! dumpsters dumpsterrental debris rental hauling doityourselfhomeprojects roofers generalcontractors

The Handstand Project, Day 195: Handstands at home after a tough demolition day... Now, some Boz Scaggs and baked chicken, while wearing my fabulous Breaking Bad apron!Throw in the rain and it all makes for a perfect Kelly family summer afternoon! summerrain doityourselfhomeprojects hallwayhandstands breakingbad lospolloshermanos roastedchicken blueheelers photobomb lillypulitzerjulilly husbandwifestuff handstandproject ahandstandaday irishmendohandstands newyearsresolution

Just built a swing. doityourselfhomeprojects