1 and 3 gallons! Acer palmatum 'Geisha Gone Wild' https://mrmaple.com/products/buy-acer-palmatum-geisha-gone-wild-japanese-maple photo by Buchholz MrMaple japanesemaple acer acerpalmatum geishagonewild garden gardening pinktrees maples trees plantcollection

One of the funkiest leafhoppers I have seen, this one while harvesting the fingerling and pink potatoes. harvest potatoes leafhopper insects gardening garden whatever camoflauge cryptic

Despite the cooler August, I got one pepper so far off this plant. What it lacked in production, it made up in heat. apocalypsescorpion hotpeppers spicy gardening

Sundays are for planting new ideas. 🤔💖 Sundays for me are about recharging and relaxing and doing what I love best. Today I planted seeds for mini roses, forget-me-nots, daisies, sweet peas, and pansies. I love plants and gardening. What are some of your favorite ways to recharge? recharge relax ideas sunday weekend hobbies roses gardening houseplants plantsofinstagram yellowrosebootique WesternRomance

Late August and it’s time to do some tidyingup in the flowerbeds ✂️🍃🍂. Started with the roses. They look a bit tired now but will soon start to flower again and continue until the frost is here. Please swipe to see what they looked like before I cut them back. thefairy thefairyrose garden gardens gardening trimingtheroses beskrarosor rosor roses

Finally touched up the garden area. No more grass, just mulch, dirt and tons of pepperssss. New pick pic tomorrow morning and then probably making some more sauce this next weekend. What are you up to this cool August Sunday? 614gardening raisedbeds chilihead hotpeppers gardening

This year I have success with watermelons and not pumpkins, so weird. watermelon outdoorplants gardening yqlgardening yql

About those late bloomers gardening summergarden roses fruhlingsduft

I need way more of these hot pink Zinnias next year. So, I seeded their dried flower heads and now I will have tons next year. So easy and so satisfying. ➡️ For the easy steps. 1. Snip the flower heads once they fade. 2. Dry in sun until crispy. 3. Remove or pinch and pull petals from center. Once all the petals are removed I also pull the husks of the center. There are lots of seeds still. 4. Remove dried petals from arrow head shaped seeds and preserve. * * * * flowers gardenideas gardegathered flowergarden flowerbed zinnia flowersofinstagram pinkflower propagate seedsaving seeds inthegarden gardeningtips gardening summergarden plantladylife plantingzen

Mai termés 😉🌶🍅🍆 garden gardening kert zldség winemakerslife tokajwineregion tolcsva

Spent yesterday and today removing old plants and soil from the flower bed and creating a kitchen herb garden. I’m not much of a gardener, but looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs. There is Basil, Parsley, Oregano, and Aloe. In the pots is Rosemary and a Tomato plant. kitchengarden herbs herbgarden gardening flowerbedmakeover basil parsley oregano aloe tomato rosemary freshherbs plants

Less greener and meaner everyday. These will make some suuuuper hawt sauce. trinidadscorpion peppers chiles gardening

I grew this tiny rose in my garden. It's an inch and a half across. It is adorable. rose rosepetals peachyrose rosegarden gardening roses flower flowerphoto fleur pinkrose cottagegarden

Join us for the North Cascades Crew BBQ and Lake Stevens Cascade Award announcement! Event runs from 2 to 5 p.m. ilovelake lakestevens sustainability gardening

Impatiens and snapdragons / Fleissiges Lieschen und Löwenmaulchen flowers blumen gardenflowers gartenblumen gardening impatiens fleissigeslieschen snapdragons lwenmäulchen colors farben pinkflowers rosablumen pink rosa

Couple of photos from the last few weeks showing some of the fruits that we grow in our minigarden in Vienna urbangarden urbangardening growyourownfood growyourown veggie fruit organicfood organic gardening gardenlife chili bolivianrainbow peach grapes citylife citygarden

✨ #ハイビスカス hibiscus おはようございます☺ 実物とほぼ同じ色で撮れた (自分の中では)自信作です😁 ただ… どっちをトップにするか迷ったので 息子に決めてもらいました(笑) #🌺 #ハイビスカス🌺 hibiscus🌺 #花 #花が好き #私の花の写真 #花のある暮らし #花好きな人と繋がりたい #花が好きな人と繋がりたい #ガーデニング flower flower_daily flowerstagram flower_special_ mygarden gardening ponyfony_flowers

huge glass bowl filled with tomatoes..largest harvest of tomatoes we’ve ever had yet🙂 tomatoes homegrown gardening backyardgarden permaculture az growing

I feel very thankful and happy for the tiny amount of fruits and veggies I was able to grow this summer. My first green pepper. Paprika. Finally. And the amazing blackberries. Sadly this was not the year for apples but the berries were plenty. It’s amazing to eat your own organic tiny tomatoes. I feel so rich. 😀😍🥰🥂❤️ #🍅 paprika pepper peppers tomat tomatoes tomatoe pomidor pomidory pomidori pomidorki pomidorkikoktajlowe pomidorkicherry blackberries blackberry apple apples jabko bio eko organic beans garden jardin gardening raw rawfood nature plant plants

How pretty is this?!?! I’m definitely thinking I need more flowers around our house!!! Gimme your best tips!! flowers garden gardening blackthumb needagreenthumb help suggestions instagardeners

Open day at the allotments - the weather gods were very kind to us this year allotment allotments scarecrow garden gardening gyo familyfun social

Melons are growing 😄 gardening watermelons

Bank holiday pond tidy 🐸 Drained it. Removed the sludge. Cut back the plants. Laid stones. Added fresh water. Moved in 5 new little goldfish. Happy with the results! ⛲️ - - houserenovation 1930shouse pond goldfish gardeninspo gardening garden gardener pondlife instahome instainterior greenfingers doityourself doerupper nature growyourown housedecor diy decorating firsttimebuyers firsthome

2日前から始めた夏剪定が今日で終わります 秋バラの開花予想は10月5日です 見頃は10〜15日ですね 春とは比較になりませんが時間が有りましたら見て下さいね 今日のバラはロサオリエンティスの #ロサデコルです ナチュラルホワイトの花色に、爽やかなライムグリーンが花をやさしく包みこむミステリアスな魅惑のばらです 花持ちが良く3〜4週間は楽しめますよ最初は切花用だった様ですから、切花にも最適です 汚れやすいので、出来れば軒下などに置くといいですね このバラ実は名前が3回変わっています このロサデコルは別名なので、2回の改名が正解かも 最初がロサデコル次が、白のかくれんぼ、そして#わかな です わかななら皆さんご存知ですよね😊 7月末の2番花のpicです Kawataローズガーデン益子#益子町#バラ #益子町ローズガーデン#バラのある暮らし #益子町バラ#ローズガーデン#ばらの花#益子町オープンガーデン myrosegardenroseroseloverosestagrammyrosegardeningprettyrosegardenroserosaorigrammy_daily_flower rosegarden garden mygarden all_gardens flowergarden instarose roses rosenroser

ЦВЕТЫ В ПОДАРОК🌱 Я очень не люблю, когда мне дарят букеты цветов, потому что мне жалко цветы. Да. Вот такой пунктик. Мне кажется, что цветы таким образом убивают. Поэтому всем намекаю как можно дарить и не убивать😀 КАК ВАМ ТАКОЙ ВАРИАНТ ПОДАРКА? succulent #суккуленты succulents succulove #эчеверия echeverias plants plantlife followforfollowback #цветытаганрог instasucculent plantlover succulentlove hawothia #суккулентытаганрог #хавортия cactus cacti likeforlikes succulentjunkie succulentlife #бетонныегоршки succulentlove #цветочныегоршки gardening #растения #суккулент

A wonderful crop of tomatoes this year on our lovely plants supplied by @pedlarshomehardware in Ilfracombe High Street. ndevon northdevon devon gardening

LOOKIT our pumpkins!!! I decided to harvest them today and take them home to ripen. As our garden bed is in a public space nothing is sacred. We lost one pumpkin (the biggest one) because someone thought it would look better smashed on the ground. For the most part we are very fortunate with very little theft from our plots but I didn't want to take a chance with these beauties. The count down for back to school is on! Muddy Boot Prints heads back into classes on September 9th. Keep your eyes peeled here as we will be introducing our newest member of the teaching staff in the days to come. muddybootprints strathconacommunitygarden gardeningwithchildren gardening letthemgetdirty letthemplayoutside independentchildren summerisalmostover backtoschool harvesting gratitude ilovemyjob

Tiny habanero, ready to eat! habanero homemade chilli pepper balcony gardening garden city

Gardening is a love of mine...Making things grow makes me joyful! Why not let me do the same for You in your next Real Estate Transaction📲🤗 Summer is almost over! don't Hesitate to contact me📲💻 realtorlife realestate sales buying rentals ottawa backyard gardening rah ottawabranch 😎

The long grass really complete this Chihuly display, integrating it with its sorrounding (something that is missing from some pieces unfortunately). Can't wait to see them at night next saturday!

Love sitting in the garden on nights like these and look at my lights glowing 😍 gardening hardwork gardendesign gardenlife actualinstahomes actualinstagardens instagardening

Garden Gardening 2019年payaGarden rose roses rosegarden garden_lovers garden_styles instagardenlovers gardenlove flower flowers flowerlover flowergarden mygarden #ファインダー越しの私の世界 #バラの好きな人と繋がりたい #マイガーデン #花のある暮らし #花の好きな人と繋がりたい #バラのある暮らし #バラの庭 #バラが好き #小さな庭 #スマホ撮り 🌹🌺🌼🌿 clematis シリーズ🌼7月上旬の写真です🍀まだバラを本格的にやってなかった頃は秋にクレマチスを返り咲きさせるために強剪定のものは半分咲いたところで切り戻しをしたこともありましたが今は咲ききったところを刈って終了✂️新旧両枝が気まぐれに咲き続けてくれたりしますが😅広いお庭が欲しいなぁ🐯

Check out our newest blog post! http://survival-shack.com/2019/08/rainwater-collection/

Hope you’re all having a great Bank Holiday weekend? It’s hot hot hot and I’ve got another new paddling pool to cool down in ☀️🔥💦🌊⛲️👍🏽😆 @leolearns leolearns summer mudpies fountain fountains gardening mud paddlingpool paddyfield endlesssummer summerfun summerholidays play waterlogged flowers sunny bankholidays hello curlykids naturalhair bubbles imforeverblowingbubbles inthegarden lazydays specialneeds specialneedskids

This is a leaf cutting I propagated back in April, roots began forming after 5-6 weeks of being in a moist environment, and the new shoot emerged from the ground a couple of weeks ago.. sometimes it's not always obvious what's going on under the soil, but if your leaf isn't rotting, it's probably developing roots, it just takes time.. This "cutting" was actually a broken leaf, and I didn't like the stumpy look of it, so I cut it off, and into 3 pieces, a popped the right side into soil, kept the soil moist, and voila new plants.. nature is so forgiving, and so resourceful.. nature finds a way...🦖🦕 * * * * propagation snakeplant sansevieria birdsnestsansevieria ihavethisthingwithplants roots leafpropagation houseplant babyplant artstagram botanicalwomen crazyplantlady flowersofinstagram girlswithplants gardeninspiration gardening house_plant_community houseplantclub indoorjungle indoorgarden jungalow mygarden modernhome naturalnails natureza naturehippys plantsmakepeoplehappy plantgang planstagram urbanjunglebloggers

All Fabaceae, a plant family that beans and peas belong to, have the ability to fix nitrogen through a symbiotic relationship with Rhizobia bacteria living in root nodules as you can see them in the picture. That‘s why clover or lupins for instance (also member of the Leguminosae) are such an effective green manure, enriching the soil with nitrogen. Because of this I never pull beans or peas when the crop is done fruiting, I just cut the top growth and leave the roots in the ground. (I only pulled this one to show the girls.) fabaceae leguminosae biologicalnitrogenfixation nitrogenfixing plantbiology beans garden mygarden inmygarden esh freshfromthegarden inmygarden garden gardening gardener gardenersofinstagram instagarden gardengram gardenlove gardenlife gardentime allotment allotmentgarden allotmentlife allotmentlove garten meingarten kleingarten schrebergarten schrebergartenliebe gartenglück

Bank holiday gardening bonanza gardening restore bankholiday

I have a new listing up for the "Let Yourself Bloom" sea glass art piece! ><><><><><><>< This one has a distressed white wood, 4 x 6 frame. I have already sold three of the 5 x 7 gray frames, and once I have more ready by the weekend, I will renew the listing for that option :] ><><><><><><>< Shop link in bio 👍🏻

Mitbringsel vom Besuch der Eltern. 🍅🥔🥒 Alles aus dem eigenen Garten. 💚 nachhaltigkeit gardening food weekend substainable

Today’s harvest 😋tomatoes & a sugar baby watermelon 🍉 . I have so many tomatoes at this point & we can’t eat them all, I’m gonna give some away to my mom & sisters 💗garden fruitgarden gardening veggiegarden harvest watermelonharvest

allotment allotments allotmentlove allotmentlife life nature naturephotography photography summer sunshine sun sunflower symbolize happy adoration longevity flowerlovers gardening garden organicgardening gardenart art growyourown flower flowers food organicfood seed Down at the allotment and a repotted multiheaded sunflower grown from seed by a young allotment helper. A flower that symbolizes some of the good things in life and one of those includes bringing some happiness on a day when it is needed for this allotmenteer. So without at the time in April ever knowing, when it was first grown from seed, the simple joy of how on beautiful Summer days in August, it's daily vibrant colour is uplifting and fascinating the way the flower tracks the sun as it travels from east to west above the allotment. This sunflower is now where it truly belongs to share out that enjoyment too as each morning the sunrises. So a big thank you is deserved to the young gardener for growing it!

Aztec finds peace meditating to the thought of a rabbit free garden while in a circular mound of bunching onions in bloom. Follow @imakedirttastegood _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ gardening usda onion seeds foodie growyourown pests growyourownfood vegetablegarden gardener stl stlouisgram stlgram stlmo missouri backyardgarden urbangarden greenthumb gardentips acd cattledog wasp beneficialinsects stlmo stlgarden foodie picoftheday

These bunching onions are attracting more and more blue winged wasps, and many other critters. These wasps usually show up late summer and this year are right on time with the blooms of my garlic chives and onions. They help keep pest populations down, and are pretty friendly for a wasp. From my understanding, wasps like tiny white flowers the most...FYI Follow @imakedirttastegood _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ gardening usda onion seeds foodie growyourown pests growyourownfood vegetablegarden gardener stl stlouisgram stlgram stlmo missouri backyardgarden urbangarden greenthumb gardentips acd cattledog wasp beneficialinsects stlmo picoftheday

Aztec is enjoying some privacy, and not to mention peace of mind knowing rabbits will leave him alone in this bunching onion circular mound bed. Swipe left to what it looked like before spring. These onions wake up before the grasses can spread into the bed. It’s easy to maintain year after year. Follow @imakedirttastegood _ _ _ _ _ _ _ gardening usda onion seeds foodie growyourown pests growyourownfood vegetablegarden gardener stl stlouisgram stlgram stlmo missouri backyardgarden urbangarden greenthumb gardentips acd cattledog wasp beneficialinsects stlmo picoftheday

Right now we are getting a ton of beautiful Scarlet Runner flowers but hardly any beans... too hot I suppose. 🔥 🌞

Tending to his plant buddies 🌿

Quindici anni fa, il tempo passa, io invecchio, cominciano ad uscire le rughe e il mio sguardo è sempre meno ingenuo e spensierato, chi lo sa se la vecchiaia mi porta qualcosa di bello... . . . . me myself babyme tbt tbt🔙 tbt❤️ girl sicetsimpliciter assuntalicani throwbackthursday throwback stellapolare flowers blossoms naturelover garden gardener gardening kids littlegirl

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ flowers flowerstagram flower_daily realtorstyle realtor realtorlife realtorsofinstagram realestate garden tourist tourism gardening gardeningtips insta instagram srilanka nuwaraeliya kandy israel bunglow instagramfollowers travelphotography travelphotography travel holiday holidayphotos beautiful island ° ° ° ° dubai srilanka uae