Brown marks on your wall ? You probably have a leak! Call us now for Leak Detection at 081 145 3677 or 081 145 3677, if you're at the coast, available 24 hours! magicnumber repair repairs leaks leak leakdetection plumbing plumber plumbingproblems handyman pipes pipeworks renovations maintenance amalgamated tools windhoek swakopmund walvisbay walvisbaai coastal namibia

Another customer wants to close off their dinning room and use it as an office. Nice use of the room for space they hardly use. handyman construction framing

Phase one of a big remodel job I just started. Turning a garage into a bedroom and adding a bathroom for a customer. This will be the new closet for the current master bedroom. handyman remodel letsdothis

vaskemaskine vask tjvask tj mode modetj bolig grdetselv handyman danmark bobedre SoMe Youtuber diytips diy DK Klik på linket i bio / profil 😊✔️

vaskemaskine vask tjvask tj mode modetj bolig grdetselv handyman danmark bobedre SoMe Youtuber diytips diy DK Klik på linket i bio / profil 😊✔️

Only through sourcing for materials for a commercial project, did we manage to find parts for woven cane, allowing us to carry out repairs for furniture. Oh how things work out in mysterious ways. plugbear contractor handyman Singapore

Part I 🔨 : Portable camping table on the making😁. Part II 🔧 to be next.. 😉 . . . 📷Photo by | @azamseven.six™ . . . campinglife campingsyok campingmalaysia woods nature design portable prototyping woodworking campinghacks diy homeprojects handyman furniture palletfurniture industrialdesign travelsoon simple enjoylife syukur artport

The A/C went out around noon and a little after 10pm and the house is still hot! Any handyman recommendations? airconditioning summertime uncomfortable homerenovation realestate realestateapp hothothot handyman cantsleep

He was pushing the stroller, stopped to check a wheel, determined it was broken, went and got his tools, worked on it, then got up, said it was fixed and away he went. A character for sure with an imagination to match! babyrec17 mrfixit stroller tools handyman l29 weeks

Another new fence for a delighted client. A late shift into dusk to add in a couple of free extras using surplus materials to create a set of stairs and a gate. handyman handymanedinburgh edinburgh edinburghhandyman fencing #

Leaks and Rotten wood. Leaks and historic infestation causing terrible damage. Uncovering a lot of previous repairs that have been poorly carried out and fall far short of correcting problems. handyman handymanedinburgh edinburgh edinburghhandyman buycheapbuytwice builttolast

Как я выравниваю доски 👉 . . How do I level a lumber 👉 . . #ремонтдомов #каркасныйдом #заменаполов #каркасник #выравниваниедосок #старыйдом #ремонтквартир #строители #плотник #ремонтдомовсша #ремонтмичиган framer construction framing carpentry oldhouse carpenter myhouse remodeling oldconstruction flippinghouses lumber leveling houseremodel builder handyman michigancarpentry

I was the third, yes, 3rd contractor to attempt this vent hood. After some modifications we found a solution. Where there is a will there is a way! leandertx austintexas austinhandyman determination dontgiveup venthood homeremodeling handyman

@jesticojason made me a paper towel holder/ towel rack for the kitchen from the old pallets I took apart! handyman crafts doityourself kitchenreno palletprojects rustic farmhouse kitchen

More committed than ever to our clients and to our tenants. Special thanks to @portlandcustomwraps team for this extraordinary work! . . . 🔥 We will: . 1. 📥 Receive the Repair Request 2. 🔎Visit the site to make sure what is needed 3. ☎️ Contact the contractor 4. 💲Get the best price 5. 📅 Schedule the repair 6. 📬 Deliver the notices to your tenants 7. 🔨 Make sure everything is executed properly 8. 🔎 Supervise the service or repair 9. 💵 Pay the licensed Contractor for the work 10. 🧾 Invoice you . . softwash softwashing pressurewash propertymanager handyman plumber electrician rental rentalproperty homerenovation homerepair painting propertymaintenance appliances propertymanagerpdx rentalfixers portlandoregon siding cleaning carpet floring cleaning turnover pdx laminatepdx laminatefloor appliances propertymanagerpdx wraps vehiculewrap

Tag someone that needs this. Talk is cheap better wake up and get after it.

This one is pretty straightforward.......... We think everyone should have a mirror in their bathroom and so we delivered. We can completely replace your Shaving Cabinet or install new door/s on your existing one, what ever you need, we've got you.

@bydand_ hooked up some more @hotwheelsofficial for us to add to the shop! hotwheels diecast handyman oddjobsunlimited becauseracecar volvo740 volvo honda crx nissan

Take care of your home in the palm of your hand. At Bellboy we strive to innovate and make the lives of our customers easier. Curious? Download the app and start your journey with us. Bellboy Handyman To download the app visit the link in our bio. . . service services handymen help professionals app mobileapp application local startup market new innovation customers customer platform convenience affordable household trusted plumbing plumber electrician painter

Got this ole New Home 532 sewing machine humming again. Lots of Brake Clean, a little wiring repair, and a lube job. diy handyman sewingmachine sewing antique restoration

My name is Connor, married to Dahlia, and I’m a gear head ⚙️⛓🛠🔩🧰 polytriad polyamorous loveislove love gearhead carenthusiast tattoos youmeher servicetechnician hvac mrfixit handyman

Data Pekerjaan Aditeam Kamis, 22 Agustus 2019 . . . . . . . . "ADITEAM BISA SEMUA" . "ADITEAM AHLINYA PERBAIKAN RUMAH" . "ADITEAM SOLUSI PERBAIKAN RUMAH" . Untuk bisa tau lebih lanjut tentang ADITEAM langsung cek yuk ke dan langsung tanya tanya ke kami melalui Telepon / Whatsapp Hubungi kami : 📞 081380108450 ☎ 0217972140 📩 🌐 aditeambisasemua apapaaditeamsaja aditeam aditeamindonesia aditeamconstruction bangunrumah kontraktorrumah rumahtinggal Yogjakarta jakarta aditeam aditeamindonesia aditeam.official desain construction improvement homerepair handyman electrical ac plumbing furniture interior finishing ironworks kayu las onestopservice onestopsolution desainrumahtinggal

You might want to change your door locks if you’re unsure how many keys are out there. Call a Handyman and get it done today! homesafetytips homesafety changeyourlocks handyman handymanwaterdown doorlock breakinentering

🙊 Spring really is just around the corner. As it starts to warm up, what are you looking forward to getting done around your house?

O que vem de Deus é leve, é simples, é cheio de paz. 💙🙏 lifestylecoach mylife style designstrategist mystyle myswag myflow hedoestoomuch designer stylist handyman handsondesigner hd m homedesigner hedesigns hgtv mentor commercialdesigner interiordesigner developer entrepreneur lifestyle love nutritioncoach inspiration fitgirl personaltrainer coach bhfyp♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍♒⏭️♒⏭️♒⏭️♒⏭️♒⏭️♒⏭️♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒♒💓💓💓💓

limpieza de condensadora split sankey 9000btu inverter aireacondicionado mantenimiento reparacion limpieza frio split comonuevo handyman serviciotecnico

A little wood tattoing for my new customed “awesome” project. Which you can see in the background, covered. Started it last days off but I won’t be revealing that soon. Besides, ain’t finish yet. Just some dry-fit. Just a little tease of this project is this piece of cedar that I’m branding my logo using my @budgetbrandingiron which is awesome. I love my Torch-heated branding iron! Well, that’s it for now! . . . . Any projects u’ve branded lately? Make sure u do if u have one. But if you dont.... go follow @budgetbrandingiron and visit their bio if you want to order. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• brandingiron budgetbrandingiron torchheatedbrandingiron logobrandingiron markyourproduct labelyourproduct cedarwood woodworkersofinstagram makerscommunity makersofinstagram woodworkingcommunity woodworking woodworkingprojects makersgonnamake makers builders handyman diyer craftsman onemanshop ibuildfixandrestore godgivenskills godisgreat thankgodforeverything pinoymade adjilonggowoodworks

Awesome for install - horrible for demo. Nothing to hard to make happen... - concretelove

another day, another job-title for @jogron2 😂🔧💪🏻 handyman et. al serviceforhire 📸: @chef_sally - DIY tesseresraurant

Does your fur baby need an easy way to go in and out of the house? We can install pet doors to help you stay relaxed on the couch. bkshomeservices handyman petsarefamily

Fall is almost here 🤞. We can hang a porch swing for you to relax and swing your worries away. bkshomeservices handyman porchswings

Would you like a beverage refrigerator in your pantry? We can add an outlet and modify the shelves to make it fit. bkshomeservices handyman creativeideas

It's been a fun 46th lap marker around the sun day. On the plus side I got to check out this lovely rental in need of a few repairs as well. fortfixit handyman endofsummer

Here we have a custom, one of a kind multimedia center. Handcrafted and designed specifically to fit the customers esthetic request, as well as their exact functionality needs! This media center features double barn doors along with center glass cabinets, in a beautiful distressed gray. Currently taking orders for the fall and winter. For inquiries and pricing email or direct message right here on Instagram. Also accepting calls and text messages at 917-299-1083. Check us out on Facebook: DC Design Co. westchester nyc Connecticut woodwork wood custom build rustic farmhouse diy woodshop carpentry handyman industrial lighting workshop shed tables diningroom backyard design woodworker home decor interiordesign bed bedframe diybed restorationhardware distressedwood

Squirrels!! I bloody earned my shower today! handyman handymanservices whereschris itsben onceayearpost

A looooot of Ikea Nordli drawers. Very happy customer, and has led to more work. taskrabbit furnitureassembly ikea handywoman handyman officenorganization makeup dtla

CLICK THE LINK IN OUR BIO New to @andii_app ? Well Andii is more than an app for your one stop platforms to offer and purchase services. So click the link in our bio and visit a page to see our services offered or even provide your own. One example is our "HANDYMAN" feature . Ever wonder what services you can offer or avail on Andii? 🤔 Wonder no more🧐🤓. Check this out ☝️ Available for both android and ios👌 andii android ios playstore appstore sogapps lifestylesapp services charityjobs beautyservices makeupservices handyman fashion catering USservices homeservices taskrabbit

Day 2: wooden bed removed,interior cleaning, start to make a project for the new interior design Looking for: wood, tools for wood working, jute sacks. day2 northvan renoVANtion handyman pimpmycaravan mechanic carselling project interiordesign vancouver

These three men. They are my absolute three favorite men in this entire world. Each one would give you the shirt straight off of their back. They are there right when you call. They are some of the hardest working men I know. And I get to call them mine ❤️ My dad, my husband, and my father-in-law. My main men. I’m beyond thankful for everything they do everyday, not just for me but for the girls. I’m one lucky mama 🍀

Nothing like clearing gutters in a narrow side walk and trying to keep it clean at the same time 😎😎😎 getting it done 👍🏼 . . . . . theedgepropertysolutions propertymaintenance melbournerepairs handyman rentals nojobistoosmall wecanfixit local propertymanagement northernrepairs smallbusiness guttercleaning fitzroy melbourne

We have updated our add in the Buzz magazine! Have you seen it? insideouthandyman handymannorthbrisbane albanycreekbuzz handyman

Thanks a lot Margie! 9547064200 All types of roof repairs and waterproofing, flat, shingles, tiles, aluminum, trailer homes etc. Free same day estimates, residential and commercial, contact anytime. $400 most leaks Our overhead is small so the savings get passed on to you. Our prices include labor and all materials. All major credit cards accepted. 954-706-4200 roofing roofleak handyman handymen contractor fortlauderdale pompano miami fl soflo florida browardcounty broward

Over the past few weeks I replaced an exterior door. Not because I wanted to, but because the old door was not installed properly and water was getting in the house on the hard wood floor. It's already survived one storm and no water inside.

Upgrading the fuse box to the modern electrical panel⚠️✔handyman greatideas illinois chicago pro usa electrician