Bit of a different post from me this morning, it is ThrowbackThursday after all. I found this old picture of one part of our road. I'm dying to find some more that might show our house but so far no such luck. Think I might need to get a copy of this and have it somewhere as I'm really obsessed with the history of a house. I've spent ages in the past researching my parents home that it would be nice to find something more tangible on ours. . TheBlueStoneVilla tunbridgewells oldpictures victorian victorianhouse victorianterrace cornersofmyhome myhomehistory victorianvilla victorianhouse victorianhome throwback tbt discoverunder1k homeprojects homerenovation originalfeatures originalcharacter diy diyproject

Started a new webapp project this weekend and it's taking shape! The project I'm doing at work lately is painful with no coding involved so I needed to do something to get my fix! . . . development softwaredevelopment visualstudio visualstudiocode visualstudio2019 csharp homeprojects webapplication git

Sweet little Los Gatos. 🏡🌳☀️ Had to stop and take some pics of details that caught my eye. Lush curb appeal, amazing windows, contrasting door colors and stand out garage doors. Inspiration californiaclassicstyle curbappeal losgatos windows homegoals travelingwithnuts garagedoors painteddoors neighborhoods homeprojects gotworktodo

Before (purple) and (mostly) after (yellow). I can't believe it took 3 coats, I miss metro paint! metropaint painting homeprojects DIY sweatequity guestroom beourguest workinprogress oldhouse yellowroom

We hope to see all the local trades at our grand opening of the new Dulux store tomorrow!! 😃 Celebrating with some fun activities, giveaways, specials and free food and drinks.. plus a game of beer pong! Cheers to that! 🍾🍾 See you there! 🙌 .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .GuthrieBowronNZdesign NZinteriors NZdecorinteriordesignnz homedecorate decoratorslifecolourlifelifeincoloursdreamhomegoals homedecorationstore nzhomenzhomeswithstyle wallpaperdesignhomedesigninghomedesignideashomedesigninspoqueenstownqtstyleqtinteriorsPorterspaintsQueenstownQueenstownhomesduluxpaintsrestorehomeprojects

Part I 🔨 : Portable camping table on the making😁. Part II 🔧 to be next.. 😉 . . . 📷Photo by | @azamseven.six™ . . . campinglife campingsyok campingmalaysia woods nature design portable prototyping woodworking campinghacks diy homeprojects handyman furniture palletfurniture industrialdesign travelsoon simple enjoylife syukur artport

The new porch light is UP! And working! Loving how the house project is coming along😊 porchdecor porchlight newporch lifeinthewoods porchliving frontporch frontporchsitting homeprojects homeremodel homereno talentedhubs

My dream garden is coming for me! It started with a whim last week, and continues with a couple tons of flagstone today (possibly the most inconvenient time to bring all this home). Big things are happening guys... and it’s gonna be a long and exciting journey 🎉🌞👯‍♀️ Stay tuned!

We officially finished Genevieve's closet! This was one of those little projects that I was super excited about because it was so needed but not necessarily on our priority list. The first two pictures are the chaos of the orginal closet. It ended up being a lot more work than expected because the old shelving was nailed into the wall. So we had a bit of a mess. But the last pictures show the final project. 🛠️ . . . Shout out to @thecontainerstore for helping me design the entire project! . . . elyria elyriaohio loraincounty homeprojects homerenovation homeconstruction diytoddler diyhomeprojects closetorganization closetrenovation containerstore elfacloset

Taking a clay break. Making something for our kitchen wall.✍️😊

Seriously. This place exists. And we were there. I'll be writing about how you can get there, too. ⁠ ⁠ Laughing Bird Caye | Belize⁠ ⁠ This is post 3 for the Framebridge Summer Bingo game: beach or mountains.⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ framebridgesummerpocketofmyhometheeverygirlathomemycuratedaestheticdenverbloggerhowivintagemidcenturylivingcolorismyjambrightboldhomeihavethisthingwithcolorbhgorchomeprojectseclecticdecoreclectichomewfhmomcurrentdesignsituation303magazine5280lifestylebossmomsboulderlifebusinessandbabiesdenverlivinghowwedwelllifeofaworkingmommamatribevibesworkfromanywheremomhowispentmysummervacation2019belizetravelbelizevacationsnorkelingtrip⁠ ⁠ ⁠

My first attempt at anodizing aluminum. It's not the best, but it worked. anodizing experimentation aluminum homeprojects

The next big thing in flooring is Luxury Vinyl. Would you ever consider vinyl? Let us know in the comments below. • • • wesellthewoodlands beautifulhomesofthewoodlands remaxwoodlands remax homesofthewoodlands firsttimehomebuyer firsttimehomeowners DIY homeprojects vinyl vinylfloors luxurtvinyl luxury luxuryhomes flooring vinylfloors floorproject

New piece! "Fairy Nice to Meet You." Working on online shop now. Available will be these tiny "terrariums," jewelry, and other whimsical makings! artist diy terrarium rachelnelson rachelstrinkets trinkets homemade artsandcrafts artathome artistsoninstagram crafting smallshop shopsmall oddart whimsical magical fairy fairies oddities cute forsale decorations homeprojects havefun besilly

My first furniture makeover. It was a coffee table and it turned into a bench. It was supposed to be used by humans, but the cats took over. furnituremakeover diyhomeprojects diy homedecor homeprojects cats catsruleeverythingaroundme diyprojects

Were still working on catching "Frank" the flying "quirrel" that's been in our unfinished bonus space. . . Any advice is welcomed!! He needs to be OUT so we can finish that space this fall!!! . . flyingsquirrel homeprojects sheissomuchmorebravethanme homeownership byefrank

On our first full day in Belize, we grabbed our flippy floppies, and got on a boat headed for Laughing Bird Caye for some amazing snorkeling. I am working on a whole section of my travel site, @piningforrome , about Belize. What a gorgeous country, and the snorkeling was amazeballs! ⁠ Speaking of amazeballs... check my stories all week for sneak peeks at the beautiful 2019 edition of The Nice List!! It is only available for pre-order for a few more weeks! ⁠ This is post 2 for the Framebridge Summer Bingo game: boat. ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ framebridgesummerpocketofmyhometheeverygirlathomemycuratedaestheticdenverbloggerhowivintagemidcenturylivingcolorismyjambrightboldhomeihavethisthingwithcolorbhgorchomeprojectseclecticdecoreclectichomewfhmomcurrentdesignsituation303magazine5280lifestylebossmomsboulderlifebusinessandbabiesdenverlivinghowwedwelllifeofaworkingmommamatribevibesworkfromanywheremomimonaboatflippyfloppiesbelizetravellaughingbirdcaye

It’s been a while since I posted here, but I’ve been going through a super busy gardening season! We just got finished up with a shoot for country Gardens magazine. Our gardens will be featured in May 2020, so we are super excited! In the meantime, I have also been working very hard on this new model home that will be available to walk through the third week in September. It is so fun to see this home design coming together. Lana and I are sitting in the master bathroom shower. It is still in the rough, but some of the tiling has been done so far, and we are loving the tile floors on this master bathroom! What do you guys think of them? This home is coming into completion very quickly! I will continue to post updates on this home for you❤️

Still pretty happy with how the deck turned out. All its missing is a view of a lake!

We repainted our feature wall Dark Navy and it really did wonders to this room! @behrpaint featurewall homeprojects @houzz

currentsituation Since having Brooke, I’ve let a lot go. I’ve had to because something has to give (actually many things “give”🤣) with having 3 kids. . Then the summer came, and letting go reached a whole new level. It’s been cool, but now, I’m ready to go @mariekondo on this house. If something doesn’t spark joy, it will spark a dumpster fire...I can tell you that. . Home environment is a thing. Your space affects your spirit. Your mood, cognitive ability, and even motivation is impacted by your surroundings. We discussed this at @nutritionschool and I’ve had clients make changes to their home (or move!!!) to improve their health. . My son starts back to school Monday, and I’m looking forward to taking my house room by room and purging. When the girls are napping, that’s my project over the next couple weeks. Here we go...🙈 . Has anyone done this recently? Are you feeling this right now too?

Another home project is about to commence. The guest room is pretty much complete accept for just the right bedding. Or quilt I should say. So before I go out and purchase fabric I thought I'd inquire. I have this photo in my Project Highlight with a suggestion box. What color/print combo would you suggest for the new quilt? 😘😊

We are wall fashion experts. We create stylish, elegant and creative designs with your walls as our canvas. 😉 Don't forget to visit our new location at Outlet Collection Mall! - - - - - outletcollectionwinnipeg outletcollectionmall winnipeglocal, manitoba, custominteriors, residential, interior, interiors, walldetails, winnipegdesign, designwinnipeg, wallpaperwinnipeg, homedecor, homerenovation, wallpaperdecor,interiordesign, homeprojects, decoration, decor2go, styleathome, wallcoverings, ywg, roominspiration homedecor

Time to bring this bathroom into this century. The 80s vibe is cool, but I prefer a more modern look. Cabinets are painted gray. Walls will be lavender and the trim and wainscoating will be antique white. Lights will be changed to match the new mirrors. homeprojects homeimprovement diy drywall ilovethislife dixiedave lexington lexingtonnc davidsoncounty 80svibe modern fixerupper

Very excited to be following up on a St. Paul renovation. Even though sometimes homeowners have to cut their budget, and work with a smaller scope, it is beyond rewarding to see all the pieces come together. There’s always next year for phase two! renovationproject

Modern, natural, and sleek: hardwood flooring can instantly transform a room.

✅Hey no te lo pierdas! si eres profesor, instructor, padre/madre de familia inscríbete a nuestra charla GRATUITA,👩‍🏫 registra tu asistencia por Whatsapp al 0992088136 o envíanos un mensaje por interno. capacitacin evento loja homeprojects charla innovacin eduaccin alfabetizacinmediatica educar herramientastecnolgicas gratis coworking gratuito

There’s no natural light in our mudroom so it’s tricky to take photos (especially when you have a constant photo bomber ⬅️😹) but I wanted to show you the second space I made custom wall plates for! I matched our @legrandna light switches and power outlets to our sparkly palm tree feature wall and am thrilled with how they turned out 😊 The only DIYing that comes naturally to me is mixing up a cocktail - lol - so I’m happy to report that it’s SUPER easy to do! All the details are up now ontheblog . . . . . . / liketkit mudroom mudroomideas mudroommakeover LTKstyletip LTKhome accentwall wallpaper design dwell smmakelifebeautiful designmilk sodomino homepolish organisedhome homeprojects homerenovations homeorganisation tidyhome homeimprovements entryway entrywaydecor hyggedecor wayfair mudroomdesign mudroombench marshallsfinds wayfairathome

Choose from our ranges of Shutters, Blinds, Curtains, Awnings & Screens. Discover the perfect look for your home with our expert team. 💚

This was supposed to be our summer of staying home. I declared that last spring -- I was going to write, we were going to spend time at the pool. Yeah, not so much! My husband's work takes him to fun places, and we just needed to tag along. He has a companionpass on @Southwestair -- road warrior that he is -- and we have all kinds of points, so we ended up all traveling to Belize, Hawaii, Dallas, and Orlando for free. That's the reward, I guess, for being married to a guy always on the fly! ⁠ ⁠ This is post 1 for the Framebridge Summer Bingo game: train or plane. ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ framebridgesummerpocketofmyhometheeverygirlathomemycuratedaestheticdenverbloggerhowivintagemidcenturylivingcolorismyjambrightboldhomeihavethisthingwithcolorbhgorchomeprojectseclecticdecoreclectichomewfhmomcurrentdesignsituation303magazine5280lifestylebossmomsboulderlifebusinessandbabiesdenverlivinghowwedwelllifeofaworkingmommamatribevibesworkfromanywheremom

Happy Wednesday friends! It’s time for another inspiring round of checkoutmydiy 🔨 Show us what projects you’ve been working on and let us showcase your talent! . Our feature this week is Maleha from @mylakesidehaven 🏡 We absolutely love her pressed flower creations! Can you believe she made these by hand? Be sure to check out Maleha’s feed for more beautiful DIY inspiration. She is definitely onetofollow . Do you have a DIY project you’ve been working on? We want to see! Here’s how to play along: ⁣ •Post your DIYs anytime Wednesday - Friday using the hashtag checkoutmydiy⁣ •Tag a few friends who love DIYs! ⁣ •Make sure you follow ALL hosts and tag us so we can see you! ⁣ •We will share our favorites in stories and pick a winner to cohost with us next week! ⁣ .⁣ . . diy diyhome homedecor instadecor architecturalsalvage inmydomain beinspired hgtv hgtvhometown diyhomedecor ighomedecor ighomes beautifulhomes homedeco lmbpresets repurpose doityourself fleamarketstyle bhghome fiveandunderfriday fixerupperstyle designinspiration homeprojects smallshop

✨Big things are about to happen!!✨ . . . I’ve been talking about wanting this machine for probably close to two years. Over that time, I’ve had the opportunity to receive it. Either because of my birthday or Chrismachah, but it’s a pretty little penny and I figured the money could go towards something else. 🔸 Well, my husband surprised me with it this past March! Within that time frame to now, I’ve organized a crafting area I’m somewhat okay with to at least finally take it out of its delivery box! 🔸 This is very exciting for me, but also overwhelming. While this particular machine has endless limitations, there is so, so much to learn! I’m ready to really adult and take on this new adventure to where I can eventually call myself a professional and have a business! I’m so fortunate to have the excitement and support of my friends and family! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . silhouettecameo3 crafting craftingadventures limitless crafts diy diycrafts projects homeprojects newendeavour craftgoals crafty crafters craftersofinstagram dream dreambig

We’re lovin’ the sliding door windowtotheworld homeprojects

We all made it to the end of a day of hardwork! Swipe left ⬅️⬅️ Do you like 1,2,3, or 4 the best? Give us a quick ❤️ or comment your favourite. showerinspo ecdoor beautiful homes

New shelves make a stay at home mom happy 💁🏻‍♀️ and can you tell it’s apple season? 🍎 Thank you @blackbeard77 for making our shelves 🙏🏼 it may have taken us 7 months to mud, paint, and change out these shelves but I’m in love! Now I’ll be over here shopping for cute coffee mugs ☕️ swipe for before ➡️ homeprojects openshelves farmhouse modernfarmhouse woodworking schabfarm appleseason comegetyourapples applepie

Floors that can take it all! Huge savings on waterproof luxury vinyl! Come see us at the Floor Trader Outlet

Floors that can take it all! Huge savings on waterproof luxury vinyl. Come see us at the Floor Trader Outlet

De Majo воплощение роскоши и высокое искусство, переданное из поколения к поколению семьёй Де Майо👆🏻🇮🇹 ДОСТУПНО К ЗАКАЗУ‼️interiorstyling#дизайнпроектinteriorstyleitalianstyle elegance bespokedesignsinteriordesign interior123 #красивыйдом beautifulhomeinspolightingdesigners #проектированиедомовtikinti layihe memar #дизайнеры #архитектормосква #архитектордизайнерobjectdesignmadeinitaly handmademuranoglasscolourinspirationinteriordesignerslifehomestylinginteriorandhomeinterior123homeprojects #комплектацияинтерьераinteriordecorationdreamhomehomestyling

Went and checked progress on a home currently being remodeled. Master bath is going to be really nice when complete. Kitchen includes upgraded stainless steel package and a beautiful back splash. Contact me for more info and get a look 👀 at it before anyone else has the chance! remodel remodeling renovation renovationproject granite atlanta marietta realtor homebuyers investment underconstruction comingsoon explore instagood contactme realestate homeprojects

Weave has selected a wide array of artisan made rugs, styled in different patterns and textures, giving you plenty of wonderful choices to achieve the look you desire for your home. We love love love them!💗⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ .GuthrieBowronNZdesign NZinteriors NZdecorinteriordesignnz homedecorate decoratorslifecolourlifelifeincoloursdreamhomegoals homedecorationstore nzhomenzhomeswithstyle wallpaperdesignhomedesigninghomedesignideashomedesigninspoqueenstownqtstyleqtinteriorsPorterspaintsQueenstownQueenstownhomesartisandecorrestorehomeprojects

I cannot wait to prepare these for supper Friday night. We're going to have steak with homegrown Swiss chard, carrots, onions , sweet potatoes and yellow string beans! Oh, we shall feast! Garden gardens gardening gardener plants beans stringbeans vegetablegardening yellowstringbeans pepperplant Epoxy epoxyresin epoxyart woodprojects woodworking wood woodart crafts art arts artcollective woodworkersofinstagram artlife homeprojects

🏠🍑🌸We have had a wonderful summer of visiting places and going on fun outings, however I am looking forward to fall when we can nestle in our home and be cozy!! Anyone else looking forward to fall?!🏠🍁🍂 cozyhome livebeautifully . . . . girlsroom vintagestyle bohostyle bohodecor moderntraditional pursuepretty soloverly thatsdarling magicofchildhood childrensroom homedecorlovers homeprojects projecthome flashesofdelight mymotherhood houseandhome targetstyle anthrostyle darlinghome decorinspo interiorlovers instahome inmydomaine darlinghome kidsroom shared_joy lightinspired makehomeyours

Raise your hand if you’ve got house projects. 🙋🏼‍♀️ Since the toddler is with the mother-in-law we are full steam ahead with our house reno. Can’t wait to show some before and after pics! Stay tuned! -AND shout out to amazing dry shampoo for this day 4 hair. It’s currently 83 and about to thunderstorm and I’m feeling good about my do. 💁‍♀️ . . . homeprojects reno diy diymom goodhairday sahm motherhoodinspired toddlermom sahmlife motivated inspire homerenovation veganhaircare dryshampoo diyhomedecor

Painting splatters BFF jeans. Wear your favorite jeans for any project and the results will be marvellous. L E G A C E E marvellous homeprojects project bff oneinamillion pictures cityslicker painting splatter cropped

Take care of your home and make sure it is protected. Click the link in our profile and give us a call to learn about the work we do, including our Home Maintenance Services, such as Gutter and Dry Duct Cleaning. Greensite...Welcome Home! guttercleaning gutters guttercleaningservices homemaintenance homeservices homeprotection homesafe homesafety longislandrealtor longislandrealestate longislandhomes newyorkrealtor newyorkrealestate newyorkhomes newjerseyrealtor newjerseyrealestate newjerseyhomes homeprofessional beautifulhomes homeprojects longisland longislandny longislandbusiness gogreensite greensitegroup

I did a project today! A beautiful, organized linen closet. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 I forgot to take a before picture but I’m sure you can use your imagination to figure out what it looked like, sheets and blankets shoved on the shelves in chaos. Have you ever done an organization project that you’re super proud of? Tell me about it! organization homeorganization organized organizedhome organizedcloset organizer linencloset project homeprojects proudofmyself nerdmom

The Leicht House is under construction! 🚧👷👷‍♀️ So excited to be adding crown molding. homeprojects leichthouse homesweethome

A little DIY getting ready for our new garage door. Fresh paint does wonders!😘 diyer home kallalilydesigns nwindiana local homeprojects designonadime painter maker

School has begun. Summer, for all intents and purposes, is over. So I have decided to play @Framebridge 's summer bingo game! Over the next few days, I am going to fill in this bingo card -- a bit of a summer-in-review and a preview of the content I will be working on this fall and winter, too!⁠ ⁠ You can play, too, and their prizes are pretty fab! Check out Framebridge for more info! ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ framebridgesummerpocketofmyhometheeverygirlathomemycuratedaestheticdenverbloggerhowivintagemidcenturylivingcolorismyjambrightboldhomeihavethisthingwithcolorbhgorchomeprojectseclecticdecoreclectichomewfhmomcurrentdesignsituation303magazine5280lifestylebossmomsboulderlifebusinessandbabiesdenverlivinghowwedwelllifeofaworkingmommamatribevibesworkfromanywheremomorganisedmidmodrenovationlifemompreneurs

School has begun. Summer, for all intents and purposes, is over. So I have decided to play @Framebridge 's summer bingo game! Over the next few days, I am going to fill in this bingo card -- a bit of a summer-in-review and a preview of the content I will be working on this fall and winter, too!⁠ ⁠ You can play, too, and their prizes are pretty fab! Check out Framebridge for more info! ⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ framebridgesummer303lifekeepontravelingtravelfamilycreativewomenrockletsgowanderwelivetotraveloctoberiscomingpeoplewhoadventurekidstraveltipsfamilytraveltribeparentswhowandermustdowearethecreativeeconomyaplacetorememberadventureswithchildrenaplacetorememberartofslowlivingbringthekidscreativemomdreamtravelhowihomekidstravelmustdotravelsshowthemtheworldsummerescapadethedelightofdecorhomeprojectsmymidcenturymixmyspaceanddecor

Bathroom Remodels Require Attention To Detail @805living santabarbaraconstruction construction landscaping handyman homeprojects 805living attentiontodetail

Swipe left to see our newest project in the Shiptoski household 😍🚪 newdoorrusticstylebarndoorhandmadloveithandymanhomeprojects

Busy, busy! Some beautiful projects recently completed by our crews!! homeprojects exterior localcle

Which tile is do you like best? Do you lean more towards metals, natural stone, or mother of pearl? Reply with an emoji to answer! . . . . . design interiordesign moodboards inspoboards interiordesigninspo designinspo homedesign homedesigninspo colormoodboards inspirationboards designer homeprojects homereno homerenovation kitchenreno kitchenrenovation bathroomreno bathroomrenovation

Bi-folds are in ☺️😍 I love the grey against the orange 🧱 • renovation renovationproject homeprojects fromshedtohome conversion instahome instarenovation bungalow firsthome

Hi friends, just wanted to pop on and wish you all a happy Wednesday! As well as let you know I shared the details on my DIY wood planter boxes over on @hometalk for anyone interested. Lovely wood tones, limewashed brick, and pretty flowers is a match made in heaven that makes my heart happy. Finding joy in the little things✨ . . . diywoodplanter diyplanter limewashedbrick whitebrick summerblooms diywindowmullions diyhome homeprojects farmhouseexterior cottageexterior bungalowexterior cottageinspo farmhouseinspo bungalowinspo bohomodern whimsical cottagegarden flowergarden homerenovation updatedexterior romabioclassicolimewash romabio romabiopaints romabiobiancowhite diyproject diyprojects

Take your potted plants to new heights! . . . . Gardening Garden Gardener DIY DIYIdeas GardenDIY Plants Planting GardeningLife PlantIdeas Planters OutdoorDecor HomeProjects HomeUpdates

Clean and lean. Love how a shelf set like these can make storage look great 👊⁠ PC: @checklerbuilders⁠ hovrsolutions⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ floatingshelves wallshelf mantledecor simplehomestyle urbanbarn hangingdecor homeprojects restoredfurniture artfurniture homedecorlover smallspace storage

I have the making of the bookshelf from Braylon’s room up on YouTube! Full video link in my bio! 🔸 I love the two-tone pieces! This bookshelf matches the photo clips that we use for his school artwork (also up on YouTube). The shelf floats so it can pretty much be put anywhere and be painted or stained any color. So many options! 😄 🔹 DM me a pic if you make this at home!

Before & after pics of our Downstairs toilet 🚽! I’m quite happy with how it’s starting to look! Still need to decorate the walls with a lick of paint 🎨 mind you . interiordownstairsloo downstairstoilet homehomeprojectshomesweethomemakingahouseahomeebayfindsamazonhmtkmaxxukcountryhomestyle countryhomedecorshabbychicfrenchchichinchhinched hincharmyglobalsocietycrew b&mtherangeukhomesense homesensefinds

Stove Top Cover all done! Graphic looks good with this stain! We are taking orders if you'd like one too! $65.00 different colors and styles available! Message for information woodwork homeprojects stovetopcover stovetop

When your neighbors' renovation comes through your closet wall. ----- Cuando la renovacion de tus vecinos atraviesa la pared de tu clóset. * * * apartmentliving nycliving cityliving renovations homeprojects walls paredes

김치 🅺🅸🅼🅲🅷🅸 IS DONE. 🌶 ...{What’s your favorite fermented food?} . . . fermentedfoods ferment fermentation fermentit fermented fermenting kimchi handmade seasonal spicy growitgrubit homeprojects cheflife