Tile is up!!! Things are moving along nicely here @ this sweet little rental. We’ll get the tub glazed next week & it will look good as new 😊

Make sure you start good

Day 37 Dear Insta Diary, Another day sorting the render/ brickwork it’s had pva on the dodgy bits, scraped, filled and finally painted. Thank goodness it’s in the shade it was 🥵 When it’s too hot to play out?! You have Lego!!! It was lovely to see them playing with the big box and having to use there imagination! rentalliving rendering rentalproperty landlord houseandgarden housebuild houseflipping housetohome fixerupper myfixerupper 1930sbungalow 1930sbungalowrenovation

I’m Having a hard time getting the navy to show up the right colour in the pic! Professional pics coming this week! houseflipping navycabinets kitchenremodel sneakpeek kellerwilliams kellerwilliamsrealty

The choice is yours... houseflipping ecommerce

Success. 🏡 @kamalg @bileymahi @biankakgill

Looks so good 😊 diy weekend project for under 20 dollars ————————————————- diy diyhomedecor pictureledge homemaker homedecor fallhomedecornolahouseflipping homesweethome bhgstylemaker homegoods

It can take some time to build things up! But it's worth it.

Swipe right ➡️ and check our a beforeandafter from one of our add-a-level projects from earlier this year. We were able to take this 3bed 1bath house that was roughly 1400 sqft to a 4bed 4 bath and take it all the way up to 2400sqft by adding a full 2nd floor to the house

This is a property we closed on about 2 weeks ago. Details 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 . 🏚 Seller was a tired landlord and the house needed a lot of repairs. . 📃 At the time of the purchase the owner wasn’t honest about many things we found out only later, and then didn’t agree to pay closing costs, Let me tell you something... that was not an easy task as there were a lot of back and forth negotiating but we were finally able to get it all situated and closed. . 💰 We sold it to one of our buyers at a great price to where it made sense on both ends... Win Win! 🤝🤝🤝 Follow me ➡️ @easyweiss wholesalinghouses wholesaling realestatewholesaling realestateinvestor flippinghouses realestateinvesting fliphouses fixandflip houseflipping houston_insta houstonrealestate rehabgoon realestate cashflow landlord hustleclub rentalproperty realestatelife fixnflip flipper fixeruppers houseflipper webuyhouses ibuyhouses cashbuyers webuyhousescash blackerpockets biggerpockets wealth wholesalerealestate

A successful house flip for a friend of mine! I can not believe what this house was able to turn into! Gotta love what I do making other people’s dreams become reality. and a huge thank you to everyone involved in working on this project. Please watch video at the end to get full glimpse of the project from the beginning to the end product (A little long 😬....but totally worth it!) carpenterlife houseflipping dreamhome remodeling construction

C U R B ✨ A P P E A L check out our list 👇🏻 of 10 simple ways to create curb appeal🌟 flippingseattle 👇🏻 👉🏻1️⃣ Freshen up the landscape 2️⃣ Paint the house and /or trim 3️⃣ Add new house numbers 4️⃣ Pressure wash walkways & driveway 5️⃣ Add a pop of color on the front door 6️⃣ Clean roof & gutters & 7️⃣ Add a bucket of flowers to the entryway 8️⃣ New lighting fixtures 9️⃣ Paint or clean off garage door 1️⃣0️⃣ Clean your windows

After 20+ years of being RealEstateEntrepreneur you have to have a hustle now mindset that no one is giving you shit -- you have to WORK FOR IT! . . Then you'll discover SUCCESS is in your DNA... PERIOD. . . About Success From Scratch ™ the book 📚🗝 There is an infinite amount of material out there on how to succeed, how to make money, how to trade stocks, how to grow your business, how to enhance your career, etc. . . Nowadays, we have no shortage of people teaching others how to be successful. The majority of people who read and take courses on how to material never actually succeed with it. . . That is a sad fact, because many people could have the beautiful & successful lives they want, but they are missing some key components that would get them results. . . Success opportunities may be presenting themselves to you every day, but the problem is they are in a language in which you may not be fluent.🗝 . . The point is to teach you how to be fluent in the language of success & opportunity with full clarity and understanding. . . It does not matter if you are at knowledge scratch, financial scratch, or entry level job scratch. . . It does not matter if you filed bankruptcy yesterday. In fact, being at scratch is perfectly okay because it has nothing to do with becoming successful. . . Where you are starting from means nothing, as long as you're open your mind to the concepts I share to produce success & opportunity. SuccessFromScratch P.S. 📚 Get your "Success From Scratch™" via Amazon and Barnes & Noble —— Post 2 Whatever you experience and whatever lessons learn are interpreted uniquely by you. Failures produce more than any success because when you are succeeding, there is less likelihood or desire to self-reflect, which is important. . . Self-reflection is very important on the journey to succeeding and growing. But when you’re constantly succeeding, you have less incentive to self-reflect because you think you’re doing everything correctly. When you’re failing and running into road blocks and brick walls and things aren’t going your way, you will inevitably take a step back and ask, What am I doing wrong? (Search for book on Amazon)

Become what I call a full-service wholesaler. . The more problems you solve for your cash buyers, the faster and easier it is to move your deals and the more cash buyers will pay you. , Your income is in direct proportion to the value you provide. . Want to make more money wholesaling and flipping...? . SOLVE MORE PROBLEMS! . Find out from your buyers what else they need. . Here are some suggestions... . . . . . . realestateinvesting Wholesalinghouses Wholesalingrealestate realestatewholesaling Flippinghouses fliphouses Houseflipping Houseflipper Howtoflipahouse Fixandflip Flipthishouse rehabbinghouses realestatementoring realestatecoaching realestatetraining workfromhome financialfreedom entreprenuermindset webuyhouses youtuber bedohavegive realestatementor flippingmastery jerrynorton

Just a few beauties I had the pleasure of listing over the summer! Thank you to my amazing clients who allow me to do what I love everyday! ❤️🥰🏠

For every home that feels like it’s just a bit on the small side...here’s a 360 degree view of a kitchen, living room and dining room that was created within the same square footage. These changes to a home in an established and desirable neighborhood made for a home with a lot of fans that was picked up quickly. What’s your favorite element in this space??? 📷: @spacecrafting_photography

Binary options Week has hit us with an all time high! As we learn more, we should start a goal of investing 10% of our earnings a year! UrbanInvesting RealEstate BlackPockets HomeOwnerArchitecture Decor Home House Urban InvestingHouseflippingbitcoinbinaryoption

Binary options Week has hit us with an all time high! As we learn more, we should start a goal of investing 10% of our earnings a year! UrbanInvesting RealEstate BlackPockets HomeOwnerArchitecture Decor Home House Urban InvestingHouseflippingbitcoinbinaryoption

Хорошее начало, но не для всех конечно... . Follow me bro👊/следуй за мной, бро . . . . gymnastics gym tricking houseflipping jump freerunning parkourlife parkourfail trampoline flips flowerstagram backflip frontflip splits tumbling gymternet flipping tricks trick acrez #лучшеевспорте #толькодлясвоих #спорт tiktokrussia tiktok russia jump freerunning parkourlife sneakyonpublic

Driveway install underway. Always fun playing with toys! Customer still needs another 108 yards of dirt! @bobcatcompany HGTV homeimprovements homeandgarden houseflipping landscapemaintenance landscaping scagmowers lawnmaintenance lawnbusiness lawncare construction demolition

sundays ♥️

Repost @themansionist • • • • • • To create architecture is to put in order. Put what in order? Function and objects. Introducing Casa KM ⬅️SWIPE LEFT . . Follow 👉🏻@themansionist Follow 👉🏻@themansionist Follow 👉🏻@themansionist . via @amazing.architecture . . themansionist . . Design by @pablogagliardo @obring.arquitectura . . Photo by 📸 @ramirososafotografia . . . architecture_magazine architecture_best architecture_lovers architecturepicture architectureproject architecture_greatshots vegetation greenhome greenyourfeed greenleaf house_plant_community houseofheat houseplantlove houseflipping houseinspo buildingahouse building_shotz buildinglovers buildingstylesgf buildingswow buildingdesign realestatetips realestatenews realestateteam architecture_masters facadedesign facadeporn facadelover

sundaymotivation This concrete job was my very first project I bid out after I quit my job and knew I wanted to start my own Contracting business. At the time, I was also trying to grow a moving business and hoping back and forth between the two because I thought I had a connection that would market a moving business that I could take over. The moving business didn’t pan out, even though I did several long distance moves. Honestly, it was never as fulfilling to me as being a contractor and I am much more experienced in construction than I was in the moving biz. The before and after shots pictured next is (one of) my latest projects. I’ve witnessed within 15 months the transformation of only making $250 on the concrete job to bidding out projects number in the tens of thousands of dollars. What a damn roller coaster it’s been! However, I think I might have found my first major step in building my business and my family’s wealth building journey. I will continue to be grateful and learn everything I possibly can through osmosis of the high level entrepreneurs I’ve surrounded myself with. If this opportunity pans out, I will be able to focus on bringing in income in a field that I love, through a business that I started, and still focus on building my rental property portfolio back in Dayton. I promise you, if you grind your ass off for a year, you can do exactly what I’ve done. The only thing special about me is my ability to not give a damn what people think and pursuit my dreams without fear of judgement. I was even on the verge of bankruptcy after my last major series of unfortunate events after not getting paid for 4 months of work and losing a vehicle from an uninsured driver totalling out the only vehicle @truself_fit spent months paying off early. We took off the full coverage insurance and didn’t get a penny for it... I could have given up then, but I fought my ass off and continued to have faith. Luckily I have a wife that had faith in my vision, and she stuck by my side, even when friends and family judged us as we had nothing to offer and had to make major sacrifices to even survive. We didn’t quit and now, we’re here.. KEEP PUSHING!

Aston Martin day at cars and coffee in Windsor Colorado. One of them is a little different than the others! One of my friends who has one of these Astons said he has a hard number of 100. Won't buy any more over it. What is he talking about? 100 cars. Lol

The worst part of selling a house (after negotiations): de-staging all the furniture and objet d'art in 1 day that you’ve brought in over a 4 week period. Narrow Lawrenceville hallways, wall-to-wall sisal and delicate wallpaper don’t make it any easier. 🤬 👉🏾This is the 3rd floor master. French vibes. The barn door is a $5 luan slab I added panels to and faux finished with “oops paint” and a limewash. Total bedroom look was achieved for less than $500 😜

Sometimes it’s just good to take a break and enjoy yourself! - Yesterday was my Sorority chapter retreat. Friday evening I was contemplating not going. See, I’ll be out of my office at a Tax Conference a few days this week and I really wanted to get some work done yesterday. But because I had already committed to attending I decided to go. And boy am I happy I did! Sorority life is a lot of work, but it’s also fun and you get the chance to create bonds that are unbreakable. When we get together we work hard and play hard too! I am so thankful for my Sorority Sisters and love the work we do in the community! CPAlife YourRealEstateCPA AKA1908

fabulousfinishesfriday just flew by!! I was so busy working on a new kitchen design for a client, that I missed it all together but I am not going to let that stop me! This project is going to be amazing BUT...⠀ ⠀ We have a little problem. We can't decide which backsplash and light fixtures we like the best...help us!⠀ ⠀ Swipe left and let us know which one you like best...1 or 2!?!?!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ reidesignsolutionsinteriordesigninteriorfinisheskitchendesignluxuryhomes realestateinvestingflippinghouseshouseflippingrenovationsremodeling

BEFORE + AFTER! Master bathroom and living room. The master bath was probably the biggest transformation. Basically the only thing that stayed was the cabinets as absolutely everything else was redone. The inset glass in the before pics are old fireplace glass door panels. ...Everyone has a different sense of style! The living room was an amazing room and we had no idea until the old window coverings were taken down and we replaced the flooring and brightened it up with new paint. Each window frame had to be sanded down and painted because the oak frames were too damaged to salvage. Now if only we got to keep those swords above the fireplace! bathroomremodel whitesubwaytile beforeandafterdesign beforeandafterinteriors houseflipping homeflipper houserenovation

How many things in your life have passed you by because you waited too long to take action? Make TODAY the day you break the habit of waiting. For the mindset training you need to live a life without limits, grab a free copy of my best-selling book Limitless ➡️ link in my bio!

We connect white to white,⚪ black to black, ⚫ and copper wire screws into the metal box (grounding). 🔳⚡ The fresh wire in my left hand leads to the 2nd light.💡💡 Both lights work off the same wall switch. ◻ The wires from the actual light fixture here 💡, we attach, again, white to white etc. forming a three-way connection in this box.🔌⚡ 🏡 Thanks to my brother @tshaughn77 again for clarifying things.

Up on the rooftop, blob blob blob. Down through the fart fan, old St. Rob. 🎅🏻 PS Do y’all call it an exhaust fan or a fart fan? Our old plumber called it a fart fan and now we can’t stop. 😂 . . . . . homeimprovement homeremodel homerenovation remodel remodeling renovation houseflipping hgtv diy fixerupper nashville homedesign interiordesign thisoldhouse oldhouselove nashvillehomes nashvillerenovation masterbath masterbathroom mastersuite

See that ⬆️ the wire coming through both sides 🔄 That's a beautiful thing 😊💖

Making Dumpster Rentals Great Again!!! WE ARE DÜMPSTER LLC  Residentialfriendlydumpsters DümpsterLLC HagerstownMD FrederickMD MyGreenDumpster DumpsterRental Dumpster dumpsters ResidentialRollOff MyGreenDumpsters Dumpster GreenDumpsters greendumpster greenbin junkbgone GreenBins DumpsterLLC houseflipping waterdamage yardwaste roofing drivewaysafedumpsters We have 6 sizes 5,6,9,12,15 and 20 yard dumpsters 5yd Concrete Rock Dirt 6yd $199 2000lbs 9yd $249 3000lbs 12yd $299 4000lbs 15yd $349 5000lbs 20yd $429 6000lbs

Binary options Week has hit us with an all time high! As we learn more, we should start a goal of investing 10% of our earnings a year! UrbanInvesting RealEstate BlackPockets HomeOwnerArchitecture Decor Home House Urban InvestingHouseflippingbitcoinbinaryoptiontrader

B E F O R E ✨A F T E R we just love a good modernfarmhouse flip🌟 this one from @looneyrealestate is the perfect example of how to do this right‼️flippingseattle Comment & Tag someone who loves a good house makeover🤩👇🏻

Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. ..... Quote By: Oprah Winfrey... . Question: On a scale of 1 - 10 how true is this quote? Write in the comments section. I'd love to hear from you. .... . 🎯Sharing shows you're caring 😍It's a great way to start networking & grow your tribe🎯 .... . Fed-up Using Out Dated Techniques to Grow Your Business? Learn More About Building Your Business Via Social Media? Or How l Help Home Business Owners Generate Leads and Income Online. Want to Work Closely With Me? Send me a Direct Message & Let’s Chat. .... . . 🚨➡Want to know more about Attraction Marketing & how to build your business successfully online without chasing family & friends 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Contact me on my Facebook Business Page FB: @yvonnephaughian or Direct Message me on IG: @social_media_tips_follow I'm happy to help you⬅🚨 .... . Learn➡Business - Social Media - Networking - Marketing - Branding - Lead Generation - FB Messenger Marketing - Landing Pages - Op in Pages - Funnels - SEO - MLM Training - Keywords Research Training - FB Ads Training - Prospecting - Systems/Tools to name a few, Training Programs & build your business successfully online 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ Always happy to help & provide solutions⬅🚨 .... . This picture was not taken by me & I don't claim this picture as mine. My handle is a reminder to followers of my page.

Love this! Who needs a vacation?🏝🌆🌊⠀ ⠀ @d.signers

Loaded up ! Take a look at Saturday evenings start of our BIG MOVE!....Big Bertha and the Clacker were moved(Those are what we call the pail shakers) along with the tinters, gallon shakers and a few other items! One more day to go and we’re still going strong 💪🏼 ! We will be opening doors MONDAY MID-DAY 🤩 • • • BenjaminMoore Regal Aura Ben Colour Paint Design InteriorDesign Creativity Art ColourOasis Paint Homedesign Renovations Design Houseflipping Painting Coronado Exterior Interior Color Paintstore ChalkPaint Cottagepaint Corotech LocalBusiness grandopening Gray grey navy benjaminmoorepaint

Some Sunday morning motivation 🌞🌻 Life has been throwing some amazing opportunities my way and I’ve experienced a lot of self doubt thinking I wasn’t worthy of some of them! I was thinking “why me” when there are so many other successful real estate entrepreneurs out there. Don’t compare yourself to others. Thank you to my support systems for helping me open my eyes to pursue things I didn’t dream were possible! Your circle matters! I’ve made a promise to myself that when an opportunity presents itself, I’m looking into it & giving it a try 🤗 You have to get out of your comfort system to grow! What do you want to start? What is stopping you? Let’s help each other. Remember “God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear”! Hope everyone gets a little closer to their dreams today 💫 motivation sundayvibes goals businesswomen entrepreneur entrepreneurship

• 👉The more you learn, the more you earn. I promise to never stop learning. Real Estate 🏡 study group. Join us anytime. - • 👉If you’re looking to buy a house 🏡 in the next few months, or a car, apply for a credit card or personal/business loan etc...you’re in luck. I’m your guy, and I’m about to save you tons of money 💵!!! _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ miamirealestate realestate miami miamirealtor realestatemiami miamibeach luxuryrealestate realtor realestateagent brickell florida miamilifestyle coralgables luxurylifestyle cashbuyers brickellliving realestateinvesting floridarealestate flippinghouses orlandorealestate realestateforsale dreamhome luxury houseflipping milliondollarlisting brickellrealestate realestateinvestor southflorida miamirealestateagent bhfyp

Loving how the back of the island matches the cabinets 🥰 what’s your favorite part of this kitchentransformation by @littleashleyo kitchendesign kitchendecor kitchenreno kitchenrenovation kitchensofinstagram kitchenremodel

Junk Be GONE!!! Call Us...443-226-4420 Or Book Online... www.junkbegonemd.com

This bright and beautiful kitchen is the perfect place to prepare a delicious lunch 🌮🥙 for a summer meeting ☀ . Esta cocina brillante y hermosa es el lugar perfecto para preparar un rico almuerzo 🌮🥙 para una reunión de verano☀ . mdqcontructorsgroup beforeandafter renovation remodelacion remodelrealestate reforma remodeling design construccion construction flipping miami houseflipping miamigardes hallandaleflipping Broward kitchen

To build wealth quickly it takes a few things. A high income is not needed but sure makes things easier. You have to save money. You have to invest that money and constantly keep it working. My books, blog and YouTube channel give the details on how to accomplish this!

Please join me today at this gorgeous new listing. I am hosting an open house from 2-4pm and I would love to see you there. Lovely, fully renovated 3 bedroom home on deep lot with a large workshop/studio space. You need to see all the little details that went into this fantastic home. Located in St Patrick’s Ward, walking distance to downtown. Located at 112 Ferguson Street, Guelph. If you can’t make it today feel free to call me to book a private showing. Jackie Harrison, Broker, Homelife Power Realty Inc, 519-836-1072. Asking $599,900.00. theward guelph downtownguelph openhouseguelph realtor homelifepower homelife jackieharrison poppingupsold characterhome oldhome renovated remodel homerenovations houseflipping workshop artstudio

Bill and Gabe's Adventures. And Kamal. Hanging some light fixtures today. 💡💡 2 of them. Beside each other at different heights. ⚡💫 Fashion. 💎 @kamalg @bileymahi 🏡 🏡 🏡 realestate flippinghouses houseflipping houses homes toronto torontorealestate bathrooms homedecor lighting homeimprovement electrical doityourself money success investing firecommunity financialfreedom financialliteracy contractor construction

Every house requires a little TLC it’s very important to keep up with your home repairs such as plumbing, electrical, and roofing to make sure your home is safe for your family years to come. At @miami_handymanservices we thrive to give you the best home improvements at the most affordable price. We offer free estimates and work around your schedule.⁣ .................................................... Remember follow @miami_handymanservices ⁣ homeimprovement homecare roofing electrical plumbing homemaintenace miamihomes realestate houseflipping family

There's a general rule that you must have a dining light to make the space feel complete. But rules are meant to be broken! 😜

@sagepropertiesinc 👩🏼‍🏫 aetv gueststar 🌟 episode sellthishouse 🏡 tvshow 📺 aetvnetwork realestatelisting 🏠soldhome homesale sacramentocounty awardwinning coldwellbanker realtor @sagepropertiesinc influencer residentalrealestate minihome homemakeover houseflipping 🏚✨🏠 with @sagepropertiesinc 👩🏼‍🏫fineartphotographer 📸 @daggettfineartphotography emergingartist artist_feature 📰brandambassador @sagepropertiesinc with @joethewisepainter realestate 🏡painting & artgallery 🎨@thewiseartgallery🍎 fineartphotography daggett museum Photo Credit: copyright© allrightsreserved© @daggettfineartphotography 📸@sagepropertiesinc realtorlife 🗝🏠 directorlife 🎥🎬 @thewiseartgallery🍎 Thank You ‼️ to My Friends at @gap🧥 @oldnavy @vansgirls ✨😍 @behrpaint 🎨 @homedepot @aetv @imdb

@sagepropertiesinc 👩🏼‍🏫 aetv gueststar 🌟 episode sellthishouse 🏡 tvshow 📺 aetvnetwork realestatelisting 🏠soldhome homesale sacramentocounty awardwinning coldwellbanker realtor @sagepropertiesinc influencer residentalrealestate minihome homemakeover houseflipping 🏚✨🏠 with @sagepropertiesinc 👩🏼‍🏫fineartphotographer 📸 @daggettfineartphotography emergingartist artist_feature 📰brandambassador @sagepropertiesinc @joethewisepainter realestate 🏡painting artgallery 🎨 copyright© allrightsreserved© daggett @thewiseartgallery🍎 fineartphotography Photo Credit: @daggettfineartphotography 📸@sagepropertiesinc realtorlife 🗝🏠 directorlife 🎥🎬 @thewiseartgallery🍎 Thank You ‼️ to My Friends at @gap🧥 @oldnavy @vansgirls ✨😍 @behrpaint 🎨 @homedepot @aetv @imdb