Prototyping some garden stakes on the laser cutter. Thinking about batching these out for some holiday craft shows. . . . woodworking maker glowforge makersofinstagram imake burlingtonmade lasercutting gardening gardendesign

It has been quite a while since I have done a bunny, but it was lovely to revisit one of the first ever animals I created from baby clothing. This style of bunny was the second keepsake I made, right after the bear. What items of clothing hold loads of memories for you?

Bee - you 🐝🐝 When I was approached by the wonderful to make some "bee" inspired wings for her daughter's to wear at the Just So Festival, I was more than happy to oblige. Pictured here in front of the "When I grow up" chalkboard... I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! . . . . buyhandmade madebyhand makersofinstagram shophandmade smallshop handmade handmadebusiness helloimhandmade mywork tiddlywings letthembelittle dressingupkids reversiblewings dressupwings reversible dragonwings butterflywings imaginativeplay

Bee - individual 🐝🐝 When I was approached by the wonderful to make some "bee" inspired wings for her daughter's to wear at the Just So Festival, I was more than happy to oblige. Just how beautiful do these wings look with these outfits! And because they're our standard butterfly shape, they can be worn as fairy/butterfly wings too. I'd never have even thought to wear the butterfly wings this way, but I think they capture the whimsical bee vibe quite perfectly! Imagination is such a wonderful thing . . . . buyhandmade madebyhand makersofinstagram shophandmade smallshop handmade handmadebusiness helloimhandmade mywork tiddlywings letthembelittle dressingupkids reversiblewings dressupwings reversible dragonwings butterflywings imaginativeplay

The Summer sale is still on in my Etsy shop! Get 25% off selected items! Hurry offer ends soon!

Started a new WIP since my hexagon blanket has been put on hold until I can get some more cream yarn. Pattern: Ripple Blanket tutorial from @bellacococrochet Yarn: Caron Baby Cakes Hook: @furlscrochet Cookies and Cream Streamline 5.0mm . . . . . crochet yarnaholic crochetersofinstagram crochetsociety lovecrochet crochetistherapy lunabellehandmadecreations crochetaholic crochetgirlgang instacrochet caroncakes crochetersoftheworld crochetaddict handmade makersofinstagram crochetlover crochetallday furlscrochethooks furlscrochet

So the other day my unicorn/pippilotta @jazzzminrocio sent me a picture of another wonderful find she made in one of her local charity shops! As soon as I saw it my heart stopped and I was in love (I even made Chris stop the car in the middle of the road to have a look!!)💕 her wedding present to me was an old knitting book from the 1940s (Chris can't wait for his knitted underpants I tell ya!😂) so of course she had to give this little treasure to me to add to my collection of amazing things from the past! SAY WHAT?😱thank you so much for this precious little thing-it will be loved! ♥ . . . knittersofinstagram vintageknitting knitstagram oldschool makersgonnamake makersofinstagram rowcounter vintage vintagerowcounter 1940s

This little cutie, hanging off one of the pieces of driftwood I found at my local beach, is now on the shop! I’m loving this single twist cord, it’s unbelievably soft 😍

A few boho inspired skirt and romper sets for big 40cm soft body miniland doll 💛💛💛 available now on our website 💛💛💛

Its feeling a little autumnal out there this morning and that got me thinking about these Scandi style Lintu fabrics by @camelot_fabrics which just fit the bill perfectly with its berries, peacocks and foliage. In fact I think a couple of them are cheekily posing as secret christmas fabrics, nudge nudge, wink wink 😉😁 rhubarbpatchfabric ukfabricshop camelotfabrics scandistyle scandifabric scandi modernfabric moderndressmaker modernsewing modernquiltguild animalfabric scandihome fabrics imintheguild qgbimoderngroup qgbi greatbritishquilter sewersofinstagram makersofinstagram quiltersofinstagram

The herd is growing, and they’ve got flower power🦙🌈🌿🌷🌹🌸 • • • Interested in trying this kit yourself? Use my WAK code: MGMDV2LTJ • • • weareknitters thepetitewool spring knitting knittersofinstagram knit handmade woolandthegang makersgonnamake imadethis yarn yarnlove knitstagram makersofinstagram imadethis loveknitting craftastherapy workinprogress madebyme newproject weareknitterskal yeswak alpawak alpaca arumigurumi @weareknitters amigurumi crochet crochettoy rainbow crochettoys

*NEW BLOG POST DAY * - Before you swipe on by yet more photos of my sweetpeas... today’s story over on the blog (click in my bio for a link 🔝) is a truly simple and seasonal craft. I’m sure you’ll love it and what’s more, it would make a fabulous gift for a green fingered friend (I did not mention for what time of year though 😉) Do come and have a read and as always, I’d love to know what you think of the craft and my blog if you have a little time ...💫 . . . . alifeofwords still_life_mood raw_homestyle tv_stilllife raw_stilllife myweekoffadingbeauty theartofslowingdown processnotperfection thatauthenticfeeling alifeofintention serendipitystyling onepurlrowglow simplelife seeksimplicity aquietstyle simplify themindfulapproach thesweetlifeunscripted presentmoment slowlivingforlife calmversation calm_collected livesimple embracingaslowerlife vintagetreasures vintagechic loves_vintage vintagestyling vintagehomedecor makersofinstagram

How cool is this bag me - Killerviews x @china_bambi made?! 😍 Prepping for the Cheltenham Design Festival Workshops @cheltdesignfoundation 🙌🏻💖⚡️👌🏻🖍🖤😍 Follow @stitchnbitchclub for upcoming workshops and secret crafty things 🧐🤐😍 upcycle reuse customise posca poscapens dinosaur sewing seamstress costumer custommade doodle totebag clubscrawl supportsmallbusineses shoplocal makersofinstagram makersgonnamake etsyshopowner creativeentrepreneur etsy etsyshop etsyseller etsysellersofinstagram cosplay cosplaymaker screenprint cheltenham cheltenhamfestival cheltenhamlife

▫️Baby Mobile ▫️ Mein erstes Mobile ist fertig! Und wieder stellt man etwas wehmütig fest, dass die eigenen Mäuse weit, sehr sehr weit, aus dem Alter raus sind. Aber so kann man immerhin jemanden anderes glücklich machen. . . Pattern by @ninastime . . hkelliebe babymobile handgemachtistliebe klitzekleinemasche ninastime

Has anyone ever said to you ‘Who do you think you are?’ in that judgmental/critical way that is intended to make you feel small? I hope that if they have, you answered with all the magnificent quality’s, strengths and unique wonders that make you YOU. Be unapologetic in declaring the truth about who you are.

Meet Florence! Florence is just the cutest little girl and has just celebrated her 2nd birthday with this gorgeous party outfit! 😍🎈 . Florence is wearing her birthday t-shirt from @turquoize_strawberry_designs, adding the finishing touch with our matching @libertylondon print bow ❤️ . 📸 Thanks for sharing @rachelsophmcm 😊

Muy buenos días guapisim@s!!! Hoy vengo para enseñaros el snailmail que le envié a @el_arte_de_aniita esta hecha con la colección de @sweetmomabcn skylight y llena de chuches como a mi me gusta enviar las cositas. Espero que os agrade!!! Un besote muy grande!!! scrap scrapbook scrapbooking scrapbookterapia soyscrapera diy handmade inlove loveit minialbum tarjeta tag scrapera relax littlethings Cutelittlethings special smallbusinesslove makersofinstagram cute specialthings penpal penpalling penpalswanted relax

Gestern Nachmittag war ich auf der internationalen Ausstellung GLASPLASTIK UND GARTEN bei uns in Munster unterwegs. Die Kunstwerke aus Glas sind draußen auf den Wiesen aufgebaut und 24 Stunden zugänglich. Dieses Mal sind wirklich tolle Kunstwerke dabei. Da ich mich nicht für ein Bild entscheiden konnte, gibt es ein paar mehr - einfach wischen 😃 Absolute Empfehlung! Ein Besuch lohnt sich 😉 . . . evastuedeleien kunst handmade selbstgemacht glassart glassartist maker makersofinstagram umsonstunddraussen munster munsterimheidekreis lüneburgerheide erlebnisweltlueneburgerheide picsoftheday placetobe naturelove gartendeko holz artwork glaskunst thumbsup kommvorbei beautifulplaces metime landscape kunstwerk glass glasplastikundgarten

Let the fun begin! 🇨🇿 Zábava začíná! Předplatitelky už mají časopis většinou doma, objednávky v e-shopu se otvírají příští týden. pattistudio ottobre magazine ottobredesign ottobrewoman ottobremagazine ottobrepattern lovetosew sewing lovesewing imakemyownclothes ilovetosew handmadewardrobe sewistofinstagram sewersofinstagram diyfashion makersgonnamake makersofinstagram nhen sijemeslaskou sijeme ití siti sijemeproradost sitinasbavi

Excited to get this gal finished tomorrow!! Time to call it a night.

I didn’t set out to make a whole bunch of watercolour dog portraits, but I guess that’s what’s happening? 🐶 . This one was a “happy wedding” card for a couple I’ve known and loved for a while. Her li’l chihuahua was basically the flower girl, so this card turned out to be a good pick. . Oh, and this photo was taken *after* a full glass of water was accidentally spilled all over it. I don’t know how it turned out still looking so good. Wedding day magic, maybe? 🙈 . . livyjules watercolor watercolour wedding weddingcard weddinggift happywedding tombowdualbrushpens chihuahua handmade handmadecards diy makersofinstagram

Growing a business is easy. Staying accountable and persistence sucks balls. Let's be honest 😂 That's the challenging part. .. Think about it, How many friends have you seen start a new insta account or fb page devoted to their new business and in less than 12 months, heck I'm gunna be ballsey and say less than 3 months have stopped posting? .. They've gone into hiding never to post or login again and avoid it coming up in conversations period? Hands up if YOU'VE done this 👋🏻👋🏻 oh heyy!! (Yes me!) .. Does this mean failure? Does this mean you absolutely suck at growing a business? .. F* NO! I wacked a few hands up as I am sooooo guilty of this, but do I consider myself a failure? No way! I have an incredibly, insanely cool and profitable online store that most women (and men!) Would be jealous of right now. I am in no way a failure. .. Will I likely start and stop more businesses in the future? .. Abso-friggen-lutely. .. You're on a journey. Growing a business is easy. Finding one that you are dedicated to is the challenge. .. Doors close for my program in just 4 days!!! If you want to finally stop fucking around and grow a business you love, then head on over to and enroll today! .. Doors will not re-open til Jan2020.... if this IS your year..... the time is now. .. I'll see you, inside the program xx

Welcome to all the new followers! Thanks for checking us out for your daily motivation, inspiration, tools, tips, and of course our handcrafted gemstone Soulful Designs. ™️ ———————————————————————Our mission is to help you look good and feel good at the same time, whether that’s thru chanting a mantra to get your mind right, receiving an energy therapy or soul session to transform the trauma, or getting a custom gemstone accessory to help give you the confidence to continue doing THE WORK!! ————————————————————————The DM is always open for your privacy and questions! 💚 📸: Goldstone with Imperial Jasper *I think I have found my next favorite stone for the fall. What do y’all think? . . . . . . . . inspiringquotes inspiringothers womenempowerment womeninbusiness momentrepreneur womanentrepreneur makermovement smallbusinessowners entrepreneurmindset smallbizlove womeninbiz womensupportingwomen supportyourgirlfriends empoweringothers mondaymotivation mondayquotes goddesses yougotthisgirl chaseyourdreams totalbadass bosslady bossbabes bossquotes postivityonly empoweringquotes makersofinstagram trustyourdopeness

I know I say this about every pair... But I’m obsessed 😍😂

Attempting my most ambitious and intimidating piece of knitting to date. . knittersofinstagram knitting dpneedles makersofinstagram makers wishmeluck

👀✨🔥 // I'm a pretty private person. I know I don't share a lot about myself or my family on here (well, unless you watch me drinking while listening to music with our Hue lights in the background and me getting wrecked by my husband in dominoes in my insta-stories 😂). Other than that, I am just a really positive happy person who likes to mind their own business. 🤷‍♀️ But, in case you are just dying to know more about who Michele is 😉😄 here's a few things about me: 1. I am sneakily good at darts. I just throw them and don't even try and get so lucky lol my husband can't stand it lol he throws the darts like a pimp and I'm just over there not even trying. 😂 2. I always think I'm able to do everything and beat everyone at it. Lol my confidence level cannot be underestimated! I challenged my husband at a foot race because I told him I was faster and we literally went to a park and raced......🙈🙈🙈🙈 it wasn't even close, he smoked me! Lol but I told him it was because I wasn't ready and we are still awaiting a rematch 😅 3. My favorite beer is a Tecate light with some margarita mix poured in. 🤯 so gooood! But if you know me, then you know my favorite hard liquor is whiskey and if possible, Red Breast Irish whiskey or Hibiki Japanese whiskey. I like it neat, no ice, no chaser, no bullshit.// Alright, I'm gonna end on that. I just don't feel like typing more. 😘 . . . . fiberart weaver tapestryart weavingart woventapestry tapestryweaving wovenwallart handwoven textileartist artonig weaversofig makersvillage wemakecollective artfinder handmadeisbetter madebyhand makersmovement makersofinstagram craftsposure handmade theartofslowliving thelifestyle thatauthenticfeeling stillswithstories nothingisordinary makemoment

I'm sharing some of my fabulous testers creations with my Mini Cathedral Pinnie pattern... Check out what @amandalovestocreate has made with her Tasha Noel and Liberty! And her Eiffel tower pinnie is tres chic! Thankyou for your beautiful work Amanda! . This fast and easy rework of the cathedral window design is the perfect introduction if you've always wanted to try this style! . Pattern releases on Saturday in printed and pdf format . arabesquescissorsminimake minicathedralpinnie

Beautiful pinks 💕

Do you use good hardwoods at all for shop projects? Well, it is walnutwednesday after all so I might as well use a walnut stop block to help cut up this piece of walnut I’ve had for a while. I’m going to use a few small pieces for some French cleat holders I’m working on! workshopwednesday wednesday unnecessarywalnut stopblocks ttrack shophacks

A little wood tattoing for my new customed “awesome” project. Which you can see in the background, covered. Started it last days off but I won’t be revealing that soon. Besides, ain’t finish yet. Just some dry-fit. Just a little tease of this project is this piece of cedar that I’m branding my logo using my @budgetbrandingiron which is awesome. I love my Torch-heated branding iron! Well, that’s it for now! . . . . Any projects u’ve branded lately? Make sure u do if u have one. But if you dont.... go follow @budgetbrandingiron and visit their bio if you want to order. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• brandingiron budgetbrandingiron torchheatedbrandingiron logobrandingiron markyourproduct labelyourproduct cedarwood woodworkersofinstagram makerscommunity makersofinstagram woodworkingcommunity woodworking woodworkingprojects makersgonnamake makers builders handyman diyer craftsman onemanshop ibuildfixandrestore godgivenskills godisgreat thankgodforeverything pinoymade adjilonggowoodworks

One of the blades on my workbench tonight. 4" chisel ground tanto kwaiken in W2 steel with hamon. Murdered out wearing @backdraftscales Ancient Bog Oak scales with black G10 liners & pins from @makermaterialsupply . . . . . . handmade handcrafted tanto kwaiken tantoknife knifeporn pocketknife murderedout allblack blackedout ancient bogoak stabilizewood wood woodwork knifemaking knifemaker maker makersofinstagram camachoknives

I'm obsessed with the grain on this walnut! Our custom business card holders are perfect for any new grad or new professional!

Been working on a bunch of personal projects lately. The largest one is this kegerator top. Just need to complete the drip tray holder and apply a finish.

The Scottish Thistle means something just a little different to each crafter who wears it. It can be a reminder of possibilities, from its humble origins as a common weed to becoming Scotland's national flower, a symbol of resilience, or a reminder that even if someone out there in this wide world doesn't recognize your unique talents, there will always be another who thinks you're a fascinating bloom. 💙⁣ ⁣ Do you have a shawl pin in your collection that symbolizes a special message to yourself? ☕️⁣ ⁣ knitters knittersofinstagram knittersofravelry knittersoftheworld crocheter knitknitknit igcrocheters memade makersofinstagram crochetersofinstagram crochetersofravelry yarnie yarnies yarniesofinstagram makerstrong neverenoughshawls instaknitters igcrochet shawlknittersofinstagram shawlknitter shawlknitters handcrafted shawlpin shawlpins ShawlPinStyle CraftyFlutterby⁣⁣⁣

I love how mint green can be worn pretty much any time of the year. This necklace is available in my shop! flowerleafstudio

Oh, girl, it's for real. I have set up my very first art exhibit. 🤩 I'm so thrilled with all the support and inspiration that incredible people are giving me since I decided to show the world my illustrations. 💜👊🏻 And, very honoured to share the gorgeous space of Pacific Art Market with so many stunning artists from BC. I'm so lucky. 🙌🏻 Thanks to everyone that helped me along the way. You guys are part of this. 💜 And a special thanks to the most good looking man ever @fabianobros. I wouldn't be here without your unconditional support, hard work and cheering.💜💜💜 . Aug 21 - Sep 18 At Pacific Arts Market - 1448 West Broadway, Vancouver BC believeinyourdreans goforit art illustrator illustration drawing frames wallart decor vancouver vancouverisawesome canada bc