👉 SWIPE FOR BEFORE PICS Kitchen Transformed with a bit of kitchen paint! Took me a while as had to remove all doors, prime, paint and do all the walls and tiles but well worth it! paintedkitchencabinets greykitchen greyhouse greyandwhite wilkopaint womenwhodiy easydiy diykitchencabinets diyhacks kitchencabinets paintedtiles vickislittlecreations mumswhodiy mummydiy cheapkitchen

Made this lovely little framed linen heart for my husband for our 4th wedding anniversary 4thweddinganniversary linenanniversary linenframedart artsandcrafts easycrafts mumswhodiy easydiy greyhomedecor greyhome love husbandandwife husbandgift

My gorgeous little playroom shelves. Little letters and superhero frame made by me 💙 mancave superheroart woodencars playroom greyhomedecor greyhome monochrome mumswhodiy kidscrafts easydiy eastercrafts kidsletters geometric

Makeup remover • Basic but effective 👌🏻 Just a bit of FCO in your palm or on a small cloth (I have some homemade reusable makeup remover pads that I also use) with a drop of lavender • Rub/wipe over your face (just be careful around your eyes). I then follow with a wipe down of my face with a damp bamboo face cloth to remove all the makeup the oil has lifted • I don’t really wear much makeup but this works so well and removes everything even mascara so no panda eyes!

A video tutorial to turn a simple Ikea lamp to a cool jute lamp. All you need is a jute rope, hot glue gun, twine and PVA glue. Follow the instructions and voila! Music: Wander Musician: @iksonofficial ikeahacks thediydecorator thepoorsophisticate diyenthusiast myhomevibes gidc gidcjune myhomevibes mumswhodiy sydneyblogger homeblog

Made a foaming face wash. It’s awesome ... just sayin’... 💜💛💖Recipe courtesy of @theinspiredlittlepot Reusable foaming pump bottle from @aromabottles

It was dusty work today. It was also very humid, so these masks lasted all of about 3 minutes before we decided it was harder to breathe with them on than without them! • • floorprep plentyofdust sandingwood paintedfloorboards thirstywork

Washing powder 🌿 • So I made another batch of washing powder on the weekend. If you have ever actually looked at the packets of the supermarket ones most of them don’t have ingredients 🤨 alarm bells for me! • This switch from a chemical product to a natural one is super easy and really low cost. • 1kg washing soda $4 1kg bicarb soda $3.50 500g fine Himalayan salt (I use Himalayan) $1.50 500g soap flakes $5.50 40 drops essential oils (I use 20 drops each of lemon and eucalyptus) $2.50 • So that’s in total for 3kg of washing powder $17! Which is actually cheaper per kg than most supermarket options. • To make your washing powder just mix it all together (you can use a blender or thermomix if you want to make it fine) and then store in an air tight container. Use approx 1 heaped tablespoon per load. • If you don’t want to make such a big batch just 1/2 or 1/4 the quantities 👌🏻 • Scroll across the photos to see before and after of a pair of Isla’s avocado and grass stained pants that had been sitting in the washing basket for 3 days. I didn’t soak them so that I could show you how good this simple recipe actually is 🙌🏻

This WAS the only part it in our home I hated since we moved in. It was such an eye sore but life just kept getting in the way of that horrible electric cupboard that really needed sorting, until the other night when I got my DIY back on. It was so manky with layers of old paint just slobbed on by the previous tenants, it's in need of another coat but I am more than Impressed with how much better it looks. Total cost: £17.99 🙌 and that's including the pretty new handles ❤️

Wishing all the Mothers everywhere a wonderful day today 💐 - - 📷 @mr.pokee

DIY ✨ . . If you’ve seen my stories, then you’d probably already know that I had this old toy box sitting in our garage, patiently waiting to be beautified for a couple of months now and I finally got around to doing something about it and finishing it, hoorah! 🙌 a fresh lick of paint, new fabric and voila, looks near new! 😍 I think I may have the DIY bug now...... Have you ever done a DIY, what inspired you?

My little helper 😍 This is why I do what I do... I get to stay at home with her, tinker away at some clocks and this is what I love 😍 it’s works well enough for now, next year might be a different story though. stayathomemum mumssupportingmums mums aussiemums mumstyle mumswhomake mumswhostyle mumswhodiy makersgonnamake mummy helper miss4 love picoftheday mum clocksofinstagram handmade prepwork

Before during after! I love mikeys new mini bachelor pad! It's not done yet ofcourse there's furniture bed and accesories to go in! I'm so happy with how it's turned out there was a point my dad had to step in and help me fix a certain bit that hadnt gone to plan! Typical nothing in my chaotic house ever goes 100% to plan it's what I love about our family totally inperfect! We've had a busy day so tomorrow is 100% family day💚😍💙😍💜😍Can't wait much needed day with my favourites! decoratingaddict decor decoratingvibes decoratingbinge decoratingblog dadhelped blesshim lifetimedaddysgirl daddysgirl bosstoddler bossmum mumboss diymama mumswhodiy beforepic afterpic jessandthemess chaos loveittho bachelorpad preteenbedroom bedroomdecor brickeffect brickeffectwallpaper modern proudofmyself mygirl❤️ mydaughterrocks grandadandgrandaughter grandadsgirl

It’s DONE! ‘Kinda’ For before swipe, panels I made from MDF... hands were killing, painted @duluxuk Jasmine White, wallpaper is from @wallpaperdirect it’s absolutely gorgeous, it’s by @galeriehome Elara wanted blue, they do it in a pink/lilac and green which I loved but she wanted blue... don’t argue with a 4yr old. Upcycled drawers they’re painted in @duluxuk white cotton and the handles are sprayed @plastikoteuk in Antique Gold. Tried to keep it as airy, relaxing and her girly style as possible, added pink, blush, gold & white accents... didn’t want loads of toys as I don’t want her being tempted to play at bedtimes. still after wall art or something for her wall facing the bed as it’s empty. So please tag some wonderful ideas you come across.. hope you’re weekends going well.. full blog now live on my site, link in Bio. Much love lovelies. . . . . . diyhome kidsdecor mumswhodiy hammers myhome renovation upcycle myhouse kidsstyle wallpaper duluxlife galerie whimsicle girlswhodiy girlswithdrills mystyle diyblogger ukdiyblog flowers roses spring decorforkids homestylist homestylists

Sapppppenin ya’ll... not snapped a photo of my face in a while, so thought I’d pop one on... this was this morning I’m currently covered in wallpaper glue & paint, my hair is a complete mess & I’m rather hungry. Currently obsessed with KitKats 😩 how bloody nice are those.. not had one in years... anyway hope you’re all having a lovely half term.. kids driving me mad as per, Elara keeps shouting out willy, like she’s training for a Tourette’s competition. Can’t wait till they go back. Ha.. peace out lovelies. . . . . . selfie aging imgettingold lookatme mememe myface helloworld mumswhodiy diyday paintingdecor makingdiyfun glamdiy glamdecor bodysgivingup womenhowdiy uk

I did it! I can't believe I transformed that messy dingy cupboard into a bright fresh wardrobe space. I've still got to make some stickers for the boxes and would love some white wooden hangers but it's SO much better, even if I do say so myself! Also, I'm a little jealous of Ruby's spring/summer wardrobe! . . . . diy mumswhodiy ididit wardrobe summerwardrobe springwardrobe spring summer stripesforlife bright fresh daughter storage instamum mumsofinstagram

(Re-post from my old account, early January 2019, caption as posted then) Driving home from my parents house one day I noticed this cabinet out for kerbside pickup. I couldn’t fit it in my car so messaged my younger brother and asked him if it was still there tomorrow if he could pick it up for me. It was obviously meant to be because the next day him and his wife showed up at my house with the cabinet! 🙌 it’s designed to be a bar, with the top lifting up and opening to a mirrored drink preparation section, the wine rack in the middle and the cupboards underneath for glassware. After a few coats of chalk paint (serenity blue) and putting the original handles back on she was ready to go in dining room. I’m not going to use her as a bar (until maybe when the kids are older 😉🥃) but will put the kids craft supplies in the bottom cupboards. (Remind me to show you LJs old craft cabinet from a few houses ago soon 😍) The plant to the left has been battling on, looking like it is going to die and then coming good for a few weeks before looking sick again, our dwarf fiddle leaf is getting taller and taller and loving life, the pot was another DIY it was a white one from masters and I thought it needed a little something-something so I sprayed it blue. The jade and the diffuser are presents from my beautiful kinder children who just finished up and the sugar bowl is from the Salvos at Ocean Grove (it’s where I keep all my spare coins for LJ for school canteen... currently empty because he discovered that it was where I kept all my spare coins and I now have none 🙈) and then a gorgeous photo of my adorable children when Rae was 6 weeks old from Clear Light Photography😍 budgethomedecor homedecoronabudget ilovecolour thehappylittlehome thrifted mumswhothrift mumswhobudget mimswhodiy diymama upcycle upcyclefurniture furnitureupcycle kerbsidepickup roadsidepickup freefurnitureisthebestfurniture thehappylittlehome diymama diy beforephoto homedecor mumswhodiy debtfreecommunityaustralia

K M A R T D I Y 🦖 - - - One of the DIY’s I started working on months ago, still a couple of pieces I’d love to add to this but my son absolutely loves this play table! Perfect for farm animals or dinosaurs or even little people, so much room for imagination! The best part is if I want to use the train table I just remove the artificial grass and he can’t still play with his trains 🚂 - train traintable diy mumswhodiy diymum creativity toddler toddlerplay imagination laugh play grow dinosaur dinosaurs playtable playroom playroomideas playroominspo mums mumsofinstagram

NEW WEBSITE. www.hammersandheels.co.uk I spoke to a lot of people on here, some parents, some single parents, some who don’t have kids, they approached me and asked about my DIY.. I’m by no means a professional I just ‘wing it’ and hope I don’t saw my hands off. its not soft furnishings it’s mainly hardware DIY. I try juggling the kids and the home changes I make. I decided to make a small blog on some of the projects I have done & will do. I don’t have unlimited funds & i don’t put it on credit cards I save what I can and use that for my projects.. I don’t have companies doing my kitchen or bathroom. Everything is attempted by me & with the help of my husband & occasionally the kids. Have a look if you’re interested, share & share. If you have any ideas then please let me know. Have a wonderful Thursday lovelies. . . . . . diy mumswhodiy parentingdiy jugglingkids myhome ourhouse blog diyblogging diyinteriors interiorideas kidsblog b&q revamp budgeting cheap hammers heels glamdiy glamour makeup beauty tools diyblog budgethomes

Absolutely loving this room spray I created! . This is an uplifting citrus explosion 💥 I would even go as far as saying FUNKY FRESH!!! . Are you a lover of Lemongrass? If it’s a yes then you just give this a go!! . . **added to a 30ml spritzer, topped with water, shake and spray** . My kinda DIY = EASY! ✌🏻

When was the last time you gave your hair a spa treatment? I tried to do this each week 🧖🏽‍♀️ Here's my most popular one I use simply using Geranium mixed with Fractionated coconut oil to help with dry hair and restore my hairs natural PH plus also helps during times of dandruff naturally 🤗 Want to know what else you can use this rose-like oil for? Check out Dr Axe article below for 14 uses for Geranium: https://draxe.com/10-geranium-oils-benefits-healthy-skin-much/ Would you like to have Geranium in your collection? Get 25% off when you sign up. Simply visit my site http://www.mydoterra.com/filooilmum Then click: "Join & Save" and follow the prompts. DM me once done so I can give you access to our exclusive community: Path To Wellness and meet like-minded people who are into using and learning more about essential oils. Do you work or own a hair salon or spa? DM to find out more by stocking natural products and earn more in your current or new business. . . . hairmask diy dryhair conditioner dandruff hairspa joinme pretty care metime hairtime discover uncover educate roselike mumswhodiy joinme recruiting perthspa manilaspa cebuspa

Tea anyone? Does everyone else have a favourite mug? . . . . . diy homemade handmade mumswhocraft crafting mumswhodiy diymum diymom diygift handmadegifts madewithlove love cute

This has to be hands down, my hardest DIY project to date. Not because of it's complexity, but because of my inexperience and lack of proper tools. This is when you realize how easy the youtube tutorials make everything look versus the harsh reality 😁 I picked up this chunk of a tree trunk from a community garden near coffs harbour. They had quite a few and said we could pick up as many as we liked. We settled on two and gave a small donation for the garden 😊 Coming back to my ambitious plan. I decided to make them into little tables. For that I washed them with a mixture of water and bleach, to kill any bugs or germs. Then l let them air dry for a day or two. Started with the first trunk. I had to remove the harsh exterior coating since it was extremely rugged and it was probably a diseased dead tree. The only tools I had were a screw driver and a hammer. I would wedge the screw driver and tap it with a hammer till the exterior came off. That took a lot of time and my hard-saved energy 😁 Also a tip to anyone who wants to attempt this, please wear a mask. The tiny wood chips flying around gave me the worst sinus attack of my life! And I don't even suffer from sinusitus 🤨 But once that was over, the rest was pretty easy I didn't want to paint on the wood, so I just got some wood stain in dark oak shade from @bunnings. Used a rag to apply it over. And sprayed it with varnish for a finishing touch 😊 I simply love how it turned out. It is not just the hardest, but my most loved DIY! You can put a glass on top to use it as a side table, attach wheels at the bottom to make it easy to move around and even stain it in a lighter shade. The options are endless 😊 Oh and about the second trunk, I left it raw 😁 Didn't have the stamina to endure the pain again 😄 Check out my stories to see how I have styled that piece and also some behind the scene of this project 😍 thediydecorator myhomevibe makeoveronabudget treestump woodworking thepoorsophisticate sydneyblogger myhobbies mumswhodiy woodworking woodstain sidetable myeclecticmix pakistaniblogger homedecor homeblogger cornerstyling indoorplants lovemygreens fairylights mydesiswag

>>>SWIPE TO SEE BEFORE PICS>>> When you’re not DIY people at all but you totally nail this table make over! . Not going to lie, we may have had a disagreement (or two) along the way, but I can’t thank my amazing partner enough for jumping on the bandwagon and doing this for me! . This 3m table was a sight for sore eyes before we decided to give it a lick of limewash! Best.Decision.Ever Totally in love!! . . . tablemakeover dining diningroom diningtable limewash whitewash newlook homeinpso freshpaint industrialtohamptons hamptonsinspired diy project mrshinchmademedoit imahincher aussiehinchers cleaningmychaos hincharmy hincharmyaustralia perthbuild hinched mumswhodiy mumswhoclean perthmums cleaningmumsaustralia cleaningmums

Sharing on the blog today, the feature wall of our home😍 This wall is the focal point of our home. Probably because there is a TV in front of it 😁 Nonetheless, I wanted to do something pretty special with it. I wanted to incorporate my love for books in this part of the house so I searched for ideas on pinterest. And came across this one that I really really liked. So before I start on the how-to details, I will mention here that this book wall-paper in removable. Most of the cosmetic lifts that I do around the house aren't usually permanent. I am not a long term commitment sort of person 😁 Anyways, coming to the how-to-do part. I first made my own wallpaper adhesive. For that I used: 3 tbsp cornflour, mixed with a 1/4 cup of tap water. Separately, I boiled 3 and 1/2 cups of water in a saucepan. Once the water comes to a boil, add in the corn flour mixture slowly while whisking. Keep whisking and your corn soup ermmmm... wall paper adhesive is ready 😁 Now get an old book and rip out the pages gently. I used a cutter to cut out the pages. Ripping ruined the paper. Now apply your adhesive with a paint brush on your wall then place the paper on it. You could do it in a straight line, or just go at it randomly like I did 😊 Keep going till you are done and voila! You have got yourself a feature wall 😁 Now to the removing part. Whenever you want to remove the pages, just take a damp sponge and place it over the page. Once it's wet, it will come off easily. I tried doing it at one corner and it easily came off 😊 The wall can be done in many different ways. You can use music sheets for a music lovers room, zentangle art sheets printed off the internet, story book pages for a nursery or comic books for a teenager. The options are endless 😊 Let me know what you think of this project and head over to my stories for a close up of the wall and also the funny story behind it 😍 wallpapers walldecor indoorplants thediydecorator myhomevibe myeclecticmix thepoorsophisticate mumswhodiy mydecordrama crashbangcolour pakistaniblogger interiordecor sydneyblogger livingroomdecor mumswhodiy homestories pakistanihomedecor homeblogger colorlover

We had our last potato hunt for the season! Yayyy 😁 This year we grew our own potatoes from potato seed. Now don't go in thinking, "Since when did potatoes have seeds?" 😁 These are small bulbs of potatoes that are planted in soil and they produce potatoes. They take up less space then you would think. We grew ours in the pot you see in the video. We also had a batch grown in a jute sack! So you just plant the potato seeds in soil and place the pot in a well lit sunny area. Water it regularly and you will see the plant grow. Since potatoes are a root vegetable, the main action will be happening underground 😁 It takes about 8-10 weeks for the the whole process. A plant will grow out of your soil, it might even flower. And when that plant starts dying, that's when your potatoes are ready to harvest 😁 Kind of a cool thing for a plant killer like me 😂 I take no credit for these potatoes or any other living greens in our home. Hammad, my husband, is the green thumb. He loves eating healthy and he is transferring his love for fresh food in the kids as well. Gardening is quite a fun activity that involves the kids to care for plants and learn their importance. Give it a go, if you want. We got our potato seeds from @bunnings . They will give you basic instructions as well 😍 Happy gardening! homegrown organic grownwithlove potatoes happykids plantsofinstagram plantlover naturelove thepoorsophisticate sydneyblogger eathealthy homehacks garden kitcheninspo kitchengarden backyardtalks kidsofinstagram gardeningforkids melbourneblogger freshfood fortheloveofplants greenthumb pakistanibloggers mumswhodiy growyourown potatoe organicpotatoes instablogger sydneysider

Sharing a very easy DIY today. I saw a similar rock at a home store for $33 😱 I liked the design, the concept but no way could I justify paying 33 bucks for 3 rocks stuck together 🙄 Hammad was with me that day and even he liked the rocks but not the price tag. We talked about how pretty but unjustifiably expensive it was and walked away. Then the little wheels in brain started turning and I said to him, "wait, let me take a picture". I snapped a picture and was pretty sure I could do it on my own 😁 I found the ricks in my front yard and stacked them to see if they fit. Shortlisted these 3 after a couple of trials. Used super glue to stick them and then got to work with a pencil to write the words Once I was satisfied, I went over it with white paint. It took a couple of coats for the white to stand out. And that was it. Sprayed it with varnish spray that I had at home for some sheen. It's available at @bunnings and is a breeze to use There you have it, my own customized rocks that I hardly spent a dollar on 😁😁 I love the feeling when I create my own stuff. It's not about the money. It's the satisfaction of conceiving an idea and implementing it. I have my door stop now that I can proudly show off 😍 Check my stories to see the store version 😊😊 thediydecorator rockart stonepainting sydneyblogger myeclecticmix myhomedesign diyhomedecor diymum melbourneblogger myhomedecor makeyourown littleprojects pakistanibloggers decorateonabudget thepoorsophisticate livelovelaugh carvedinstone mumswhodiy aspiretocreatecrafts artonabudget instablogger happyhome

My road-side find series continues 😁 These dead sticks might have thought they were past their prime and had nothing more to offer. Well I sanded them a little and spray painted them bronze. The flowers and wooden butterfly stickers I got from a craft shop. Used a glue gun to stick them firmly. The sticks are put up on the wall using blue tac. Blue tac is a gum like material that I got from @kmartaus and it can be used to put up light weight material. So this is how they stay for the time being 😊 I might put something in the middle later on. But lets see. Head over to my stories to see how else these sticks can be used 😍 thediydecorator cornerdesign cornerstyling littlethingsmakemehappy thepoorsophisticate sydneyblogger mycreativeclutter sticks recycle reuse branches roadsidefinds melbourneblogger mumswhodiy smallprojects fortheloveofbranches homeinspo decorateonabudget homedecorideas pakistanibloggers myhomevibe homedecor mythriftedhome myeclecticmix inspiretocreate

Little upcycling project for Holly, she wanted a little desk for under her new bed and she spotted this at our local @barnardos_uk charity shop, it perfect can't wait to show you all the finished result charityshopfinds upcycling barginshopper mumswhodiy makeityourown

So I mentioned earlier we're decorating!!And I can already hear Jay going "again??" Honestly i think sometimes I rush into doing a room and because I have such little patience and I loose focus so quickly because my brain is wired up all different I end up not completely liking what I've chosen so to that end in going to get it right this time! What you are Looking at is my kitchen and hallway colours. The grey theme is a big thing down stairs and I like how easy it is to add to it and make it look so different so the wall paper is the top then the wall color and then the tile color which is called Bronx and I really like the American vibe! The blues are the hallway. It has no natural light in our hall and it's such a small space that I thought the light breezy blue would lighten it up against a stark white woodwork! Keep posted for our decorating work! It's on offically starting next month! Wahoo! Time to decorate💙💙💙 . . decorating makingahouseahome blue shadesofgrey kitchen hallway decor diy alwaysdecorating itneverends saddlermansion timetodecorate mumswhodiy diymama homedecor wallpaper paint downstairs allnew 2019vibes timetogetonwithit needsdoing beforetheendoftheyear⭐⭐ getready glowup houseglowup

Sharing a DIY pretty close to my heart today😊 It was our 10th anniversary a few days ago! (I can't believe it's been a decade) When I was newly married I would get in a frenzy thinking of presents I could buy my husband. It's soo not easy. He loves tech-stuff, but also does his own research before investing in something. I would say to him, what do you buy a guy who has everything, including the best wife 😁 But recently I came up with the idea of making presents for him 😍 I like to put in the time, love and effort. I don't think there can be a better gift. I made this canvas and cup for our 7th anniversary. The canvas and acrylic paints I got from @kmartaus . Just think of a quote you want and get working. Didn't cost a lot and wasn't very hard to do. I am in no way an artist. So if I can do it, anyone can do it 😁 The cup is also a plain cup for a $1 from @kmartaus . I used sharpies to make an easy design. It can be sealed with a clear varnish spray. I didn't know about that then, so I just used a clear nail polish. We don't use this cup for tea or coffee purpose. It is more of a coin holder as we wanted it to last 😁 Give it a go. It makes for a good birthday, anniversary or even valentines present 😊😊 thediydecorator giftideas anniversarygift homehacks sydneyblogger valentines thepoorsophisticate instablogger myhappyhome thediymum australianblogger instadiy thecreativethinker mumswhodiy makingpresents makeyourown giftideas instaquotes lovequotes

Did you see my stories yesterday?? This is my fab sister and I after a day of stripping and sanding her big dining room table and chair seats. We’re both feeling like a hot mess in this pic, but we had so much fun hanging out together! Sometimes doing the “hard stuff” with someone else can just give you the extra boost you need to keep going with your big picture projects. But it’s so much more than that. Yesterday, my sis @leannehead, brought up the fact that in today’s society, we often neglect taking the time to just do stuff together that can be mundane, but it’s in these types of projects that we can sit and chat and catch up with each other in the busyness of life. Of course, we can do this over a cup of coffee or ☕️ tea, but there’s something about helping each other, accomplishing a task, feeling supported, building relationships, all of the things! I remember when our kids were younger, us sisters would have Monday’s at Grandma’s and we’d sit around my mum’s house while the kids played. If you know our family, pretty much NONE of us are any good at just sitting around. 😂 So our mornings evolved into helping mum craft new decor around her house or we’d take turns going to each other’s homes to declutter an office, paint a room or two, gardening, and doing some of these DIY home projects together. If this has inspired you, tag a bestie, or a sister or a mum and tell them you want to hang out together and finish some of those things around the house you’ve been putting off. Shout out to my other amazing sisters and mum @jacksontent @melindar0se @_trina.power_ @charmarama @leannehead . sistersquad diytogether womenwhodiy irestorestuff girlfriendsbelike bestiegoals mumswhodiy brisbanediy diybrisbane diyaustralia jainnercircle jenniferallwoodinnercircle

Continuing the kids room update today as well. I added a personal touch to this dresser from @ikea_australia . It was a simple white dresser (swipe to see the before) that I added a floral touch to. I have kept a floral theme for the girls' room. They are both quite girly and love everything magical and floral 😊 (They surely don't take after their mum 😁) The technique I used is called decoupage. Usually, napkins or rice paper is used for the process. But it is hard working with such thin material. The results totally blend into the wood though. My version isn't as well blended, but it works for me and the girls were stoked 😊 What you will need to do this is: - Patterned paper (Even gift wrappers work well) - Mod podge ( I used homemade mod podge by mixing 3 parts of glue to one part water) - A paint brush So I started with clean dry surface. Then used my paintbrush to liberally spread my mod podge over the required area. Next, I got my patterned paper (cut up to size) and pasted it over the glued area. I waited for a couple of minutes and then used the paint brush to go over the paper with the mod podge. I did 2 coats and waited in the middle for each coat to dry. Finally, I used spray-on varnish from @bunnings to seal it. And that's how easy it is 😊 The girls loved it, and we have a one-of-a kind drawer for the room 😊 How I keep it organized is a different story 😁 Head over to my insta stories to check out my drawer organizing hacks 😍 kidsroominspiration interiordesign roomdecor floraldecor girlsroomdecor decorateonabudget decorideas sydneyblogger ikeahacks fromdrabtofab diymum australianblogger thepoorsophisticate organizationaltips lifehacks mumswhodiy pakistanibloggers karachibloggers roominspo

We have a big girls bed... whaaaaat. This is one of the beds I got for free I stripped it down, wood filled and white washed it. Averys asked for the other one in pink but i don’t think she’s ready for a bigger bed just yet. Elara hasn’t seen this, she’s been asking for ages to put it up. Her rooms so awkward, her window is really low so it’s hard to put a bed in front, other wall is a radiator & bedroom door & other wall is her en-suite so we only have one ‘main’ wall really. Anyway I’m super happy with it, she just needs a light. It will be a lantern one thanks for your votes, and the wallpaper removing. Swan from @bm_stores steal at £3 Have a great Monday all. . . . . . . . . toddler growingup letthembelittle singlebed kidsdecor renovation whitewash diy fixerupper kidsideas swan dunelm ijusttakepics documentingitall mumswhodiy myhouse inspiration regram bmstores bargain bargainhunter deal diy doityourself girlswithtools ukhome ukdecor ukinterior housewise homestylist

Today we have papered the dining bit of the kitchen/diner! Normally I don't have such a busy tablecloth! Also have some prints to put up as well! diner lemurwallpaper housediy mumswhodiy allreadyforchristmas wallpaper diy joneslife

As promised 🙌 🍀 Here is the Diy! Make sure you follow me for more DIYs like this 😘🍃 I’ve created this for my sons room which is currently in progress! 😉 I’ve created these ‘X’ triangular shelf’s that I cannot wait to display ! These are fantastic for any room, and are great with any pop of colour! I used black, grey and white but you can use any colours to match any room! For this Diy, you will need: -Pine wood 64mm x 19mm (purchased from Bunnings) x 5 -Glue;compatible for gluing wood -Paint; colours of your choice (water based, or oil for a shinier finish we used water for a matte finish ) . -Screws -Saw/ drop saw -Screw driver Method: -Start by cutting your wood into 53cm, 40cm x 2 and 15cm piecees per unit. Once those are cut, using a drop saw my partner kindly cut the ends at a 30 degree angle . -Line up your pieces; x1 40cm on the bottom, the 50cm sitting on on the inner corner of the left bottom peice , then the 40cm piece sitting on the right outside corner of the bottom 40 cm piece. Place the 15 cm piece on the outer 50 cm piece making sure all lines up as per the picture. -once this all lines up, using a grey led, mark where each piece should sit. - screw the 15cm piece to the 50 cm piece as market, screwing into where the 40cm piece will late be glued. - Next, screw the bottom 40 cm piece to the 50 cm piece. - Finally, screw the 40 cm piece to the bottom 40 cm piece, then glue to top end to the 50cm piece creating the “x” shape! - Once this is all put together, tape the middle of x to secure the area that is glued. - Once dry, measuring 10cm from the outer bend, apply tape to create a straight line. - Paint upper end of the “X” in your desired colour. - Allow to dry (12 hrs) - Removed the tape, display and enjoy 🍀 diy weekends saturday sunday diyweekends mumlife diyprojects madewithlove diydecor toddlerroom mumsofinstagram mumswhodiy instagram mumbloggers mumblog scandinaviandesign moretocome cannotwait ilovediy weekendproject scandinavianstyle diyhomedecor diycrafts diys moretocome follow proud thankyou @bunnings

Let the Cubby House project begin! Gosh I almost needed a blimmen forklift to get it home. Totes worth it though. The Pinterest board has been created and I am up to my eyeballs in tips, tricks and ideas 😍 : : : : : KmartCubbyHouse KmartHack KidsCubbyHouse CubbyHouseIdeas PlayHouse SharedGift ChristmasGift DIY DIYproject MumsWhoDIY InstaMood InstaMum ig_motherhood IgDaily Igers InstaMom InstaGood InstaKids MyTinyTribe OurEveryDayMoments DocumentYourDays BeautyInTheChaos TheRodgerGirls

Big kid room for my big boy, and all nice & tidy for a change because mumma bear did that thing where your mum cleans out your room and now you can't find half your shit HINT - It's away where it should be 😉 mumlife cleanbedroom tweendecor tweenboybedroom homedecor kidsroominspo kidsroomsofinstagram mumswhodiy selfstyled elokbrandrep3

The boys were excited to wake up from their afternoon nap to their mud kitchen! Not that there’s any mud to play with, but plenty of stones. . . . . . mudkitchen outdoorplay sensoryplay outdoorkids outdoortoddlers playtime frugalmum mumswhodiy diy diymudkitchen rockcakes twins twinboys

This afternoon’s project while the boys slept, was this mud kitchen! Inspired by @the.bored.toddler, I got myself a Kmart storage bench and made my own. It was only $45 and I decorated it with old utensils I had in the “garage sale box” sitting in the shed. Happy with my effort, especially considering you’d pay $200+ on a proper mud kitchen, and the money came out of my leftover fuel allowance! . . . . . mudkitchen kmarthack homemade mumswhobudget mumswhodiy diy frugalmum frugal outdoorplay outdoorkids outdoortoddlers playtime kmart kmartmumsaustralia kmartmums debtfreecommunityaustralia debtfreecommunity

My inner goth has escaped🖤💀 And not just for Halloween. A little transformation on my kitchen this week! From shabby chic retro pastels to dark sugar skulls and I’m in love with the results mummybloggeruk homestyleblogger parentingquotes kitchenmakeover blackkitchen sugarskull gothicstyle homemakeover stepoutsidethebox somethingdifferent october halloween mummytummy mummymakeover mumswhodiy homestyle homedecor homedecoration homedecorlovers ukblogger homeblogger homestyleblogger slimmingworld slimmingworldfriendly

New hand wash mixing time! So easy, so quick, so delicious, very low tox and very low waste. Love my versatile @doterra essential oils, love my foaming pump from @aromabottles!

Time to crack on and get this woodwork finished, then I can wallpaper and get the new furniture built ready for the new carpet to be laid 🤗 • • ebsjourney diysos inspo whoneedsaman mumlife mumswhodiy nutrition fitness stopsmesnacking canseelightattheendofthetunnelnow

I threw this Lego table together this week. Not quite a restoration, but fun! Vintage Lego boards from the 80’s interchangeable with Velcro 😂 and Ikea rail with hanging pots. It even won me a cuddle👍🏼 legotable vintagelego playinglego paintedtable ikeahack mumswhodiy thethingsiwilldoforacuddle

A little bit of bathroom DIY I’m doing today. Siliconed the bathtub and vanity, going to bog a hole in the wall and then hopefully paint a feature wall in the bathroom too 💪🏻 diy mumswhodiy bathroomdiy bunnings bunningsmum doityourself homediy budgetdiy

I’m working on a custom order at the moment, trialling a new way to do the clock hand base plate and I’m 🤯 in a good way!! . . . diy clock clockface handmade custom wolf amazing upcycled cablereel art instaart instacreate igers geometric geo geometricwolf lockyervalley stayathomemum mumswhodiy handmadedecor handmadeclock

• { S N E A K P E A K } • Finishing touches on this beauty today 🤗 featherfinish has been used for the concrete numbers, @britishpaints teak stain for that rich golden colour and @monocel.timbercare satin varnish to seal and protect all from @bunnings • • • diy madeitmyself lockyervalley concreteclock concreteandteak industrialfarmhouse industrial farmhouse styleyourhome stayathomemum mumswhodiy womenwhodiy diyhomedecor clockmaker picoftheday rustic rustichome rusticdecor statementpiece largeclock handmadeinaustralia toowoomba ipswich instahomedecor ticktock time

We are well and truly in the pink, glittery, shimmery sparkly phase with Esme and there’s only so much of it I can stomach! Mums of daughters- when do they come out the other side?! 😂💕✨ Garland and wall plaque by the lovely @whatmabelmade . . . . . . . . . . myhousethismonth decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer Myinteriorstyletoday

Bit of DIY. Must say has been very rewarding and therapeutic mumswhodiy calming relaxing chuffed diningarea rustoleumchalkpaint colours

throwbackthursday to Eden’s nature inspired nursery. This space gives a subtle nod to woodland without being too ‘themey’ It makes me want to snuggle down for a nice little snooze! YAWN! . . . . . . . . Day 10 on myhousethismonth Nature inspired decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor nurseryinspo mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer Myinteriorstyletoday

Looking for room inspiration for your little people? Look no further! How awesome is this room set by @upcycledmill I love the paint technique. My kids love the ball pit and slide (obvs) You can visit this room set @granddesignslive sponsored by @anglianhome anglianhomeimprovements anglianhome homeimprovements sponsored decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer Myinteriorstyletoday

This room packs a real colour punch and never fails to lift my spirits and for me that epitomises what interiors should be; it’s not just about what they look like but also how they make you feel. In this room I can connect with my inner child and be just a little bit silly with my girls. . . . . . . . . myhousethismonth Day 2 colour pop colorlover playroom playroominspo decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer Myinteriorstyletoday

Today has been a great day as Monday’s go; the sun has been shining its glorious rays and Esme got her place at our first choice school. Life is good. I’ve started to learn lately the incredible power of optimism. When it rains, always look for the rainbow 🌈🌈🌈 . . . . . . . . Day16 on myhousethismonth rainbow rainbowlove decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer Myinteriorstyletoday

A few hours graft each night (plus help from a friend) and finally finished little misses room decorating, ready for her return home later daughter mumslife justgetonwithit mumstyle mumswhocandoanything mumswhodiy hopeshelikesit diy homemade homediy bedroomdecor homedecor nomoremagnolia pink purple campervan campervantheme

SO late to the party for today’s myhousethismonth but, well quite frankly it’s been another mental one but in the best possible way... being busy means things are moving in the right direction so lots to be thankful for. Anyways...pastels or brights? Evidently I love both but since Spring vibes are in the air and Easter is just around the corner I’m going to have to place a seasonal vote for pastel. 💗💛💜 decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer

LOOK UP 👀 Loving these scalloped additions in Heidi’s room. I really felt like it was missing something and they just finish the room off perfectly. Plus they add a bit of sunshine to her room and that’s just what we need right about now! 💛💛💛 . . . . . Day 20 on myhousethismonth decorforkids kidsroom kidsinterior kidsroominspo nurserydecor nurseryideas kidsdecor colourmyhome colourlovers mumswithcameras mumswhodiy diyblog diyblogger interiordesign insteriorstyling instastyle instinspo interiorinspo interiorsonabudget scandikids chambrebebe chambreenfant kinderkamer kinderzimmerdeko kinderzimmer wallpaperisnotjustforwalls nobodyputswallpaperinthecorner