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London Town houses at their very finest ... lush greenery, you’d never realise you were in such a huge and bustling city! 💚✨ . Wrought iron fences, railings and gates are shown off perfectly with the back drop of white and lush green planting. 🌳🌿 . We are proud to sell a unique collection of 19th century inspired cast iron railings and gates. Using traditional foundry techniques, the patterns faithfully replicate those found in an original Victorian cast iron gate and railing catalogue of 1897. . . . . . . . . . . 📸 : @pinterest castironrailings castirongate victorianhouse victorianhouses victorianhome victorianhouses victorianterrace victorianarchitecture victorianstyle edwardianhouse georgianhouse periodhome periodproperty periodhouses renovation victorianrenovation victorianhouserenovation renovationproject restoration architecture 19thcentury housetohome buildingrenovation oldhouselove oldhouse highceilings originalfeatures interiordesign interiordecorating thevictorianemporium

Good morning sunshine!!!! . The rain has revived a few hollyhocks - thank you coming rain, it has been such a lovely stay, the garden is singing, I haven't had to water anything for nigh on two weeks and everywhere is green. Thank you rain. . Thank you cloud for keeping us covered, for staying with us for so long and protecting us from those harsh sunny rays. . Let us part as friends, on amicable terms, knowing that you will be back but not for a jolly long time please. It's been fun: the snuggling by the aga, the cosy jumpers, the joy of children trapped inside during the summer holidays, the den building, the tears over another lost game of Dobble (my daughter)... Connect 4 (my son)... Monopoly (me)... any boardgames (my husband) but off you pop now, do you need anything for the journey? Have you got everything? I'll go and check (I always do a thorough check after less 'wanted' guests: don't give them the opportunity to return), everything packed? Well safe journey, now bugger off and let us revel in this glorious sunshine for the rest of the holidays. . Yippeeeeeeeee! . Hello sunshine my old friend, come in, warm yourself (and us), can I get you a drink? Water (there's plenty of that...), tea or champagne?! Champagne for my favourite guest, champagne for everyone! Sunshine and Champagne forever! Hurrah! . Happy Thank goodnessThursday. X . . . . summergarden oldcottage facadelovers thatch idyllic thatchcottage countryliving myenglishhome oldhousecharm oldhouselove appletree cottagestyle cottagesofinstagram cottages cottagelife cottagecharm mycountryhome countrystyle countrycottages countrygardens charminghomes cottagewindow sunshine summermorning countrylife englishcottage englishcountrygarden englishlife gardenlife lovewhereyoulive

[werbung / verlinkung / unbezahlt] KITCHENIDEA Ich wollte euch das Konzept meiner Küche mal zeigen: es ist quasi "vorne hui hinten Pfui" 😂😂😂 - will sagen, Küchenmaschinen und sonstiges Gedöns landen im Nebenraum 😜 ich mags nichts, wenn so viel rumsteht. Allerdings wird's vorne auch nicht so geschleckt bleiben. Hier ziehen noch Lampen, Bilder, Küchensofa ein... irgendwann... • Übrigens: selten hat etwas die Gemüter in dem Direktnachrichten hier so bewegt wie das Thema Kunstoffenster. 98 Prozent von euch finden die echt nicht "hot" 😜 ich hin ganz bei euch. • 🇬🇧 a pic showing my kitchen idea: one room for all the beauty and one for all the mess like kitchen machines and so on. I'm looking forward to being Lamps and pictures in this room. Soon. Hopefully. 💕 • • • workinprogressoldhouseloverenovationatminesolebichpocketofmyhomepattern patternplay colorfulinterior interiordesign interiorblogger solebich atmine kitchendesign workinprogress mosaicdelsur cementtilesinteriorblogger instainteriorsvintagehome vintagefurniture futurenordichome vtwonen boligdrm boligpluss boliglivaddeutschlandfritzhansenyesfritzhansen

De Mussenstraat in Leuven. Voorheen een kleine arbeiderswijk, nu Vlaams erfgoed. . The ‘Mussenstreet’ in Leuven. Former workers houses, today Flemish heritage. . . . mussenstraatleuven leuvencity cityleuven seeninleuven somewhereinleuven spottedinleuven leuven colorful colorfull colourinlife oldhouse oldhouselove charm charming charminghomes nostalgie nostalgia vintage vintagelover vintagelovers vintagestuff ilovevintage 50s 1950s 60s 1960s 70s 1970s smartphonephotography iphonephoto

Good morning! The Plasterer starts today 🥳 Bring on the dust!!! Who needs a beach? 🤔😂 ThursdayThoughts

I met a lovely lady called Makeena who’s home represents true farmhouse style. These are our ticking seat covers and they look really cute in her newly renovated kitchen - do go check her out!

ДОМ С БАЛКОНОМ . Это единственный сохранившийся на сегодня пример литых чугунных балконов с навесом и опорными столбами, в прошлом украшавших торговые заведения по всей Крестовой. Массовое их уничтожение началось в 1920-ых годах под предлогом сбора металлолома. . Имение на этом участке города появилось в начале 19 века, когда купец Крашенинников Егор Васильевич выстроил здесь каменный двухэтажный дом. Через 90 лет новый владелец дома купец Жуков Фёдор Михайлович расширил имение, надстроив этот дом ещё одним этажом, присоединив к нему соседние дома и добавив каменные дворовые службы. Именно тогда были поставлены на столбах два узорчатых балкона из чугуна. . Последней владелицей обширного имения была купчиха 1-ой гильдии Жукова Вера Фёдоровна. В этом доме она открыла популярную гостиницу "Центральная" с номерами, в которых впервые в городе появились ванные комнаты. . . 🏚️Дом Жуковой (начало 19 века). ⛔Объект КН местного значения, памятник архитектуры. 🚶🏿Рыбинск, ул. Крестовая, 50 / ул. Ломоносова, 4. 📷@vrybinske, 2019-08-17 👉vrybinske_старый_город 👉vrybinske_улица_крестовая . . #рыбинск #старыйгород #культурноенаследие #памятникархитектуры r_u_s_s_i_a rus_places russia_pics russiandiary russian_traveler russiaonline russian_kind awesome_russia zolotoe_koltso russia_fotolovers russia_ww po_strane photorussia loves_united_russia russia_ww po_strane rus_places oldrfv oldhouselove oldarchitecture architecturelovers architecture_hunter oldarchitecture . .

Jeg kørte forbi mit barndoms kvarter forleden, men glemte at poste det her dejlige hus. Jeg gruer for at når det (som er helt som dengang) engang bliver solgt, forsvinder træerne, og det bliver til endnu et hvidpudset helvede. I det hele taget, var det beskæmmende at se, hvor få træer og beplantning der er tilbage i området i forhold til i min barndom. Men faktisk var mit barndomshjem en af de få, hvor der dog var noget tilbage. Hvorfor vil folk bo i en "ørken" når de har masser af muligheder, der ikke behover kræve noget særligt. Jeg husker med glæde de mange træer i vores have. Når man gik ind var der en hel tunnel over havegangen lige i starten. Jeg tror ikke jeg vil køre forbi igen... 😢 P. S. Ville gerne have fjernet den grimme bil, men det kan man jo ikke lige . have, pipkvarteret, hellerup, barndommensgader, trer, planttrer, grntergodtforsjælen, villakvarter, tnkpånaturen, barndomsminder, elskergamlehuse, loveoldhouses, oldhouselove, gammeltoghyggeligt, intetmværehyggeligtmere

1930’s Tudor in Philadelphia, PA. Ok, yes this time. Capsule house has an amazing green and black tile bathroom with Jadeite fixtures. Yes, normally I would drool and pant over this...BUT look at that staircase in pics 2-4!!!! Woodworkers, am I wrong in seeing butterfly joints pulling this thing together? Is this just decorative or more? Is this a normal as I’ve never seen this used in that way. Looking forward to your responses ❤️

Time Capsule Week continues with this untouched 1950’s Ranch in Richland Hills, TX. Blessed with three original bathrooms this one is a stunner. Running the gamete of color combos we have a yellow/black one this incredible, green on green, which is lovely, and the grey/burgundy, which as I’ve said before is my least favorite vintage tile combo. Oh and the rest of the house is amazing as well, all for $350K 🤯

Several times I’ve posted about vintage bathroom fixtures on this page trying to link up buyers and sellers of these rare gems. Most often it was random listings on craigslist, however in this case it is one of our own who is selling. @historichomerow is responsible for renovating five dilapidated houses in historic Orange, CA the right way. I highly recommend following them if you don’t already. Anyway they have a complete Jadeite set of bath fixtures to sell. Look at how amazing! They are hoping to sell as a set, but would be open to selling the sink and tub minus the toilet. Trust me I’ve already tried to buy, but I don’t need the Tub 😢. The price for the whole set is $950, which is a steal in the Southern California region (the set I was looking at was close to $1,400 and not in this good of condition). They are located in City of Orange if you are interested. You can DM myself or them for inquiries. Someone buy these and make your bathroom shine🌟✨💚

🎶 When a man loves a window 🎶 singwithme renovation oldhouselove

Mapping out the new stuff for the guest bathroom renovation bluetapeforthewin Demo starts in less than 2 weeks!! bathroomrenovation thisoldhouse ouroldhouse oldhouselove

螺旋階段 spiral staircase ・ こんにちは😊 ・ 何週間振りに朝エアコンを止めましたが、30分ももたずスイッチON❗😂 ・ 残暑はまだまだこれからざんしょ😆 ・ 螺旋階段どれが正解なの〜 誰かおせーて❗😂 ・ 午後からもガンバ❗😊👌 ・ Location〜Kyoto prefecture 撮影日〜 2019.6 ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・・ #写真を撮るのが好きな人と繋がりたい #あなたの写真に恋してる #京都 #螺旋階段 #そうだ京都行こう ✨🎄✨✨🎄✨✨🎄✨✨🎄✨🎄✨ japanmagazine nipponpic explore_dof_ nature_special_member igerjp whim_life photographclub icu_japan jp_gallery IG_JAPAN ifyouleave rsa_social tv_pointofview team_jp cooljapan icu_japan whim_life jp_gallery tokyocameraclub rsa_social tv_pointofview reco_ig oldhouselove #建物好き cooljapan

When their home was completed in December 1869, Webley Jackson Edwards and Deborah Mercereau Edwards were married 25 years. Having moved just down the street, the Edwardses now had plenty of room for themselves, their daughters Ella and Lucretia, and Katie Kenna, an Irish-born domestic worker. Webley was born in New Jersey in 1816 and came with his brother John to Staten Island when he was 19. They lived in what is now known as the Guyon Store & Tavern where Webley worked as a tailor. When Deborah's father died, she inherited a one-sixth share of his farm, which the couple eventually parlayed into a prosperous real estate portfolio. Webley was able to hang up his tape measure and served as justice of the peace, county treasurer and church vestryman. On Thursday, February 28, 1878, Deborah hosted the wedding of Ella to Willis Barton, who was also from Staten Island. The home has been part of Historic Richmond Town since the 1950s. The attraction includes restored structures from one of the island's earliest settlements as well as a museum. My latest story features Ella's wedding invitation.

More treasures we found today! A pre-1960 Coke bottle cap, a fragment of a small plate, original 1910 cut nails, and a 1936 Oneida silver-plated iced tea spoon. We also found some muscadine grapes growing in the side yard! traysure oldhouselove ifwallscouldtalk

𝓝𝓮𝓼𝓽 I'm plotting some changes to our bathroom. The pedestal sink from the 90's has to go! We have an old 1900's farmhouse with a slash of Queen Anne detailing. Which sink option would fit the best?

Fantastic and whimsical “Rural Gothic Style” cottage, c.1861 by Samuel Sloan. E= wash house, F= wood house or pump room. floorplansofthepast cuckoo4floorplans gothiccottage gothicrevival carpentergothic americangothic archi_ologie architecture oldhouselove

Is it obvious that I’m having a bout of house envy? Don’t get me wrong, I love my apartment, but I do dream of owning property — of having a backyard or even a patch to grow a little garden. Of a larger studio space and enough room to accommodate my ever overflowing collection of books. I don’t need something as big as this lovely French provincial, just a little something something. 🏠 ... ☁️👩🏻‍🦱☁️ {that’s supposed to be me with my head in the clouds} ? . . . . . houseisahome littlehouses houseofillustration houseillustration naturalenvironments architecturalillustration fullillustration artistsofinstagram worldofartists femaleillustrators womenwhodraw natureinspired magermade littleillustration inmystudio doitfortheprocess houses_ofthe_world facadelovers architecturelovers oldhouselove housedrawing colorinspiration artforyourhome whimsyillos massachusettsartist archidaily vectordaily illustrationparade livecreatively colorfullife

"Why not? "Wednesday True blue beauty! 💙 Thanks for tagging archi_ologie Reposted from @doorwaysofchicago - 🔘WORKERS COTTAGE WEDNESDAY🔘 ⠀ •And the cottages make a comeback...I’ve missed them, have you? 🏠 ⠀ •N. Hudson Avenue in Old Town - regrann oldhouselove oldhousecharm houseportrait architecture cottage

When your favorite local bed & breakfast also happens to be one of the most luscious homes in town! This pink beauty is chock full of charming rooms and features such delicious breakfast fare--the White Lace Inn. 💖 My husband and I stayed here a couple of times before we bought our summer home here, and we recommend it most highly to all Door County visitors. A great place to be cosseted and cozy while you enjoy this gorgeous county.

Old houses. They just don’t make em this special anymore, am I right?

We have a mysterious exterior door at the base of the attic steps (so 14 feet or so up the side of the house) that has been covered over with siding. I guess there was an exterior stairwell at some point? You can only access it and the attic stairs through the second floor bathroom that was clearly (and poorly) added much later. It is a tight fit so it was difficult to get a good pic of it. I haven't puzzled out the original layout yet, but the bathroom and attic staircase are at the top of the servant stairs, so I think the area would have been for their use. I'm going to find somewhere else to use the doorknob since it still works properly. oldhouse oldhouselove victorianhouse renovation restoration olddoor abandoned originalfeatures

🔘WORKERS COTTAGE WEDNESDAY🔘⠀ There is nothing more charming than a little yellow cottage!

Help us win a makeover for our livingroom. Head over to @briannegjordan’s profile and like her living room contest entry. . . . Repost @briannegjordan ・・・ My favorite designers @chrislovesjulia are giving away an amazing opportunity to win a redesign of a space in a fan’s home in honor of hitting 300k+ followers. You can help me be considered by liking my post. Check out all the other cool rooms by going to cljtreatment! I’d be honored to have Chris and Julia grace our home to work through the crazy configuration of two fireplaces, 3 sets of doors including two that cut a room in half, limited lighting, and awkward seating set in a 1600’s Colonial. The upside is that we don’t have restrictions because we are not on the National Register. We’ve made efforts to preserve the integrity of the home while using this as a home for a modern family. I can only imagine the possibilities that the cljtreatment would bring to this space! I am also shamelessly including my sleeping soon-to-be-Kindergartener because these naps on our couch will no longer be a part of our routine in a few weeks and before we know it she will no longer fit on this couch 😥 Please come help the Jordan family grow up into a room that works for us. ❤️ Brianne, Brian, Amelia, and Cheyenne cljtreatment thisoldhouse oldhouselove foreverinprogress

The Tootle House built in 1890 in Saint Joseph, MO. oldhouselove archi_ologie loveofhouses saintjoseph missouri stjoe mansion

Swipe for progress. This one took me awhile!

Carolina Cottage: After 2 solid months of work (seriously these guys worked non-stop....2 neighbors stopped by tonight to point that out!), the wood work and painting is done!! Just need to finish the staining! 🎰 Still waiting to hear from foundation guy, @boschhomeus about my refrigerator, and the gate guy. moretocome

😍 Old houses, old hardware. 😍 realestate oldhouselove nextlifetime rehabaddict

Old Jefferson. Absolutely love this tree and it’s shade. The curved front door and those original windows aren’t bad either 🌳🌾🌳

LOST: The Frank Murphy Mansion, located at 22nd & St. Mary’s Avenue. I really love shingle style houses, so it’s a real shame we lost this one. This picture dates to 1917. ———————————————————————————— Source: Bostwick-Frohardt Collection, Durham Museum Archives. Identifier: BF1540-002.

When you visit your friend’s house at the coast and it is the cutest place ever!💕 Built in 1905 as Officers Quarters for Fort Stevens in Hammond, Oregon. oldhouselove archi_ologie curbed frontporch pinkdoor olddoor oldhouse iloveoldbuildings mytinyatlas cntraveler airbnb hellofrom fortstevens pnw hammondoregon oregoncoast oregonexplored oregonnw pnw pacificnw pnwlife pacificnorthwest

When that afternoon light hits juuuust right ✨

Claremont Ave

🐪🐪 Shingle style in all its glory! 😍😍 Great capture from @chrisbdom ••••••• This single style house in Toledo Ohio was built in 1894 . It was occupied by Edward Witker of Witker Manufacturing and president of the St Charles Hotel Co. toledoohio oldwestend shinglestyle gambrelroof houseportrait archi_ologie oldhouselove houses_othe_world la_houses be_one_houses total_houses casasecasarios beautifulhouseoldandnew detalhes_em_foco chasing_facades thisplacematters 🔹🔹🔹🔹interiorthursdays tomorrow

Slide to see the stages of shousugiban on my cedar fence. I burned it, scraped off the char, and finished with penofin Brazilian rosewood oil, (clear) after some help from @preszlerwoodshop with some helpful advice! This fence should hopefully outlast me! Got all this done today along with moving the rock wall back into place. I’m beat! 👍👍

So, I just got word today that this bungalow will be FOR SALE soon! It’s such a cool house guys! I’ve been inside and it has a really neat layout, with a HUGE attic. It needs a bit of love... but it’s in pretty good shape. When the listing goes live I will post some photos in my stories. . . . craftsmanhome craftsmanbungalow bungalowlove cottagesandbungalows forsale deserve2preserve oldhouselove craftsmanstyle porch americanbungalow thisoldhouse

ilovethishouse archi_ologie mansardmonday oldhouselove oldhousecharm ipulledoverforthis country_features everythingeverything fiftyshades_of_history jj_urbex heart_imprint_vip renegade_rural trb_members1 rsa_rural rsa_ladies nothingisordinary theamericancollective snap_ish everything_imaginable_ fotocatchers your_life_etc just_unitedstates raw_usa midwest_captures shutterbug_collective

21h00 Un de mes moments préférés de la journée! Vous? Le calme 👏🏻📚😌!

🐪🐪 This one’s for sale!! 😱😱 Thanks to @memphisemily22 for tagging! •••••• A bright and beautiful painted lady! This Queen Anne Victorian is in Osceola, IA and is currently for sale for $225,000. Built in 1897 and listed on the national and state registers of historic places. Photos from listing, 222 West McLane Street. . . . archi_ologie deserve2preserve deservetopreserve oldhouses oldhouselove oldhousecharm @archi_ologie @fortheloveofoldhouses victorian architecture queenanne paintedladies prettyoldhouse preservation historichome historicpreservation househunters landmark historiclandmark vintagehome bhghome archilovers housesofinstagram housestalker victorianhouses exteriordesign curbappeal vintage antique historicalhomes paintedlady iowa

Wanna know my favorite thing about Limelight hydrangeas? (Besides the fact that they bloom all Summer and are great for cutting). They open to white, then turn lime green and then turn pink along the edges in the Fall. They are basically rockstars for two seasons! 💪🏼 I wrote a whole post about planting, cutting and drying them on the blog if you’re looking to add some color(s) to your garden!

🐪🐪 oh my!! Those arched windows! 😍 Drool! Thanks to @theamericanhome for tagging! •••••• A lil' bit of blue for your mid-week blues with this pre-fire Italianate in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood. Built between 1865 and 1868, this home predates the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 by about six years. But don't forget at this time Hyde Park was a suburb and had not yet been annexed into the city. Yet it's still hard to believe that when this house was first constructed (most likely by a carpenter btw) it was located on a much larger piece of land with a willow-lined stream running behind it. . . italianate househistory theamericanhome archi_ologie oldhouselove bluehouse 1860s chiarchitecture hydeparkchicago

Happy hump 🐪🐪 day old house lovers!! What do you love about this adorable home tagged by @anne__archie •••••• Now *that’s* a catslide. And in case you’ve never been to southern Indiana, Versailles is pronounced “Ver-sails” not “Ver-sigh.” historicarchitecture oldhouse indianaarchitecture hoosierarchitecture historicindianaarchitecture archi_ologie archilovers thisoldhouse oldhouselove architecturephotography deserve2preserve brickstory brickhouse architecturelovers catslide clippedgables thisplacematters versaillesindiana 🔹🔹🔹🔹interiorthursdays tomorrow!

When I saw this chair during our showing I immediately said I wanted it removed. Now that it has become a party staple I think we’ll keep it! This is the Wecolator, the ideal home elevator! Apparently it was the original and first stair elevator and had been manufactured since 1935. Were thinking ours was installed in the 60’s. It still works like a champ. oldhousetalk oldhouse dutchcolonial oldhouselove