Kinda going with a 'I stole my boyfriend's clothes' style today which is partially true 😂 The hat is his because I think it's super cute but I love this vintage jumper! I have had it for about 5 years, bought from the mens section in a thrift shop in London. I love styling it with a pair of black jeans, chunky belt and trainers 🌍 (Thanks to @poolpartymassacre for providing my boyfriend with cool merch that I can steal) secondhand secondhandfashion prelovedpretties thrifty thriftyliving bargain sustainablefashion choosereused asseenonsomeoneelse preloved vintage secondhandstyle thriftshop sustainable sustainablestyle reuse recycle slowfashion thriftinglife 80s 80sstyle horror outfitoftheday ooftd thursdaystyle notbuyingnew

🌿 sharing my first recipes this weekend! Stay tuned🌿

My invention to give my BristlenosePleco noses some cover to feed on algae flakes without the vebustus cichlids harassing them too much 🤣 Don't worry! The glass edges have been sanded down . . . ancistrus Aquarium Fishtank aquaone tropicalfish freshwaterfish africancichlids MalawiCichlids NimbochromisVenustus fishbreeding beer beerbottle glass recycle reuse

“Secondo una tradizione che inizia nel XXII secolo, il giallo è sinonimo di falsità, di inganno e di menzogna, poiché è sentito come una degenerazione delle qualità luminose e morali dell’oro. Nelle raffigurazioni medievali i traditori, i musulmani e gli ebrei indossano spesso qualcosa di giallo. Una clausola obbligata per Giuda, richiesta dai committenti dell’arte e riconosciuta senza pensarci troppo dalle masse analfabete che frequentano le chiese: se è giallo, è Giuda.” ( Cromorama - R. Falcinelli) . Ai bambini è un colore che piace molto, forse perché trasmette gioia! . . . riusononconfuso ideeregalo giallo yellow ecoffeecup coffeecups coffeetime teatime ecofriendly plasticfree reuse bamboofiber #

Getting the next size up for L out of the loft is just a lovely trip down memory lane. . . . handmedowns reuse feelslikeyesterday

Last week to bring a bag of your pre-loved clothes into @privvyfashion to donate to local Vinnies. You will receive a $15 voucher to shop some new loves in-store! ✨⁠ ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠•⁠ •⁠ ⁠•⁠ •⁠ •⁠ secondhand fashion style preowned luxuryforless donate charity opshop givingback ethicalfashion shoptillyoudrop reuse ecofashion buylocal supportlocal

The team is working around the clock this morning to clean up Teshie beach. Our aim is to make this beaches clean and beautiful by recycling ProjectTeshie. @gripe_official @voltic_gh recycle recover cleanbeach cleanenvironment cleanbeachghana cleanenvironment cleanghana reuse reduceplasticwaste endplasticpollution accraghana yearofreturn homowo2019 borladaakye borla

🇵🇹 A CoolPack é uma marca internacional, com material escolar arrojado, padrões vibrantes e designs exclusivos que acompanham sempre as tendências. O Regresso às Aulas é mesmo ao virar da esquina! E nós, já estamos preparados! . 🇬🇧 CoolPack is an international brand with bold school supplies, vibrant patterns and unique designs that always keep up with the trends. The Back to School is just around the corner! And we are ready! . IdeiasSaudveis nomad zerowaste zerowasteliving lixozero lixozeroportugal minimalismo gogreen begreen eco sustentavel sustainable ecologico minimalism ecofriendly reuse reutilizar zerowasteportugal estilodevidaminimalista green coolpack backtoschool

About us! Repost @mindilmarket • • • • • • Afroblonde. A desire to create useful, fashionable and highly wearable products using otherwise potentially discardable waste brought Afroblonde’s co-founder & designer Ricardo, to develop this Recycled Truck Tarp Collection. The range is both ecologically and environmentally friendly being recycled from heavy duty canvases used by Australia’s legendary road trains. Each individual piece of canvas is unique therefore giving each item its own characteristics and design. The ranges available cover headwear, footwear, bags, belts and wallets and are incredibly comfortable, durable, functional and of course fashionable with an eco edge. You can also find them here: 👈 afroblonde canvas recycledcanvas recycle reuse eco ecowear useagain ecofashion canvaswear canvasbag supportsmall supportsmallbusiness supportlocal mindilmarkets mindilbeachmarkets darwinnt spotlightonmindil mindilmarketstall feature sunsetmarket featuredstall

Minecraft-svärd! Jag skrev i förra inlägget att gris-piñatan var det jobbigaste men roligaste kalaspysslet. Svärdet var lika jobbigt, dock inte alls lika kul att göra. Mätte noga och ritade en massa rutor på fram och baksidan av en stor, kvadratisk tunn kartong. Mitten består av tjockare kartong jag skar till när jag klippt ut formen. Allt limmades ihop och målades. Råkade ha grön och svart tejp så förstärkte kanterna med det. Skulle dock rekommendera att beställa ett svärd på nätet för 249 kr istället, förmodligen mycket mer kostnadseffektivt i förhållande till tidsåtgång 😉. Men att sonen verkligen sken upp och sa ”Wow, vad fin!”, när han såg den vägde nog ändå upp för en massa timmars slit 😊!

Environmental issues are deeply important to @vanessabarragão_work especially when it comes to textiles. As one of the most polluting industries in the world, the textile industry has a long, long way to go before it can be truly described as sustainable. Intensive farming of plants like cotton requires pesticides and erodes topsoil, treating and dyeing fibres sends harmful chemicals into the soil and waterways, and processing fibres into textiles uses huge amounts of energy - not to mention the disposable waste produced as a result. As a textile artist, Vanessa is concerned not to contribute to the production of industrial waste and pollution. Instead, she believes in “upcycling” - reusing and recycling already existing materials to create brand-new, reimagined pieces. She reclaims off-cuts and “waste” materials from local factories instead of purchasing new fibres and fabrics. Rather than let heavy machinery do the work, she makes her tapestries by hand, using age-old techniques like latch hook, felt, knitting, macrame, and crochet... To read on visit the selvedgeblog Read next: Sue Prichard's article Dodging and Weaving in the Vivid issue 11. Subscribe to Selvedge online for more. textiles tapestry weave sustainabletextiles reuse recycle felt knit crochet macrame handmade

Pouvoir germinatif. chaman broderie reuse graine orme

The Office ✨ Loft Medium Petite blouse $24 • Loft nwt sz 8 petite skirt $28 • pourlavictoire black leather slingback wedges sz 9.5 $50 • prices include shipping dmtopurchase

Som nævnt er der flere nye reollejere i denne uge (og flere på vej) ☺️ på reol 36 finder du de fineste farver og nuancer 💚 kig ind - vi har åbent 10-17.30 i dag! OBS vi mangler drengereoler lige nu 😬 så har du drengetøj i gemmeren derhjemme, så book en reol og få solgt ud 🤗 genbrugsguld genbrug secondhand forkids reuse rhus aarhus visitaarhus visitaarhus_instawalk 🍀♻️💚

Som nævnt er der flere nye reollejere i denne uge (og flere på vej) ☺️ på reol 36 finder du de fineste farver og nuancer 💚 kig ind - vi har åbent 10-17.30 i dag! OBS vi mangler drengereoler lige nu 😬 så har du drengetøj i gemmeren derhjemme, så book en reol og få solgt ud 🤗 genbrugsguld genbrug secondhand forkids reuse rhus aarhus visitaarhus visitaarhus_instawalk 🍀♻️💚

​​We’re excited to announce the arrival of the these beautiful, certified organic, handmade (here in Sydney) beeswax wraps. ​​ . ​​Wrap. Stay fresh. Reuse. Reuse. Reuse. ​​ ​​. Pretty designs. Pretty gifts. Pretty useful. Make a beeline for yours this weekend. ​​ . . . . . . notforprofit zerowaste farmerdirect communitycoop memberownedandrun communityfocused sprayfree organic biodynamic sustainability wastefree newtown bulkshopping zerowasteliving sustainable plantpower ecofriendly enmore alfalfahouse waronwasteau reuse recycle beeswaxwraps enmore bulkshop reducereuserecycle packagefree reducewaste vegan organicfood

Clarity on circularity w/ @tickover_ 🧵 Couldn't help but repost this one from Bryony as it does a great job of breaking down the key processes of circular fashion.. To read more, check out the explanation on her page! LearnMore . . . . Repost Regram CircularEconomy CircularFashion Reduce Reuse Recycle Embroidery FastFashion SlowFashion FashRev WhoMadeMyClothes Repair SustainableFashion EthicalFashion

🍋Two Days ago, on the 20th of August was National Lemonade Day! 🍾 Who of you sold lemonade on the streets when you were younger? 🥤 @berlin.cuisine⁠ ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ berlincuisine childhooddream kids beautiful nostalgia light lighting lightbulb nostalgic childhoodmemories popculture lemonade reuse reusing nextleveltaste berlinstyle drinkinginstyle eventdecoration eventstyling scenerie

SHARE. BORROW. CONNECT. 💚 SHARE SOCIETY is a platform that brings neighbours together. Users can share and borrow just about everything using SHAREZ. 🚲 🔧⛸🎿🎣🚙 SHAREZ is the internal currency used by members of SHARE SOCIETY for borrowing items. 💚 There are five sharing categories: Products, Services, Properties, Car Rentals and Rides. So, in practical terms, you can share a bike, ‘borrow’ a beauty facial and share a ride home from work! What about ‘borrowing’ a property in Cornwall for the weekend? Available to download now from App Store! Link in Bio. . . . . . . . sharingeconomy economy society sustainable recycling tools sharesociety community sharing reuse save smart technology tech new cool hipster movement application sustainableliving community renting savemoney app sharingiscaring onetowatch savemoneylivebetter neighbors neighbours

Compassionately supporting each other and the planet on this spiralling path of transformation is vital for our happiness and survival. Not just when considering the bigger picture but in very small ways. In very ordinary ways. Maybe with an intention every day to cooperate with others with an open heart and an open mind. Sensitive to others suffering. Wishing others well. Maybe with a sensitivity to the needs of the planet and a sustained awareness of the minor decisions we make every day when discarding and replacing; travelling and entertaining. Our footprint on the earth. Maybe if possible considering consuming more earth sensitive foods. With the words of Big Thunder (Bedagi) Wabanaki, Algonquin in mind: The Great Spirit is in all things. He is in the air we breathe. The Great Spirit is our Father, but the Earth is our Mother. She nourishes us. That which we put into the ground she returns to us.” Live consciously well ☀️ compassion intention contemplation mindfulness mindfullife mindfulawareness mindfuleating savetheearth saveourplanet environment nature climatechange sustainability ecofriendly earth gogreen zerowaste recycle pollution plasticfree eco love plastic water globalwarming art waste reuse conservation vegan

Even burnt lunch can become beautiful art... Such rich colors in these sunflower seeds! We tested our hypothesis and it doesn't work with raw or perfectly toasted seeds.. . Only "waste" can make these hues!!! Thanks Ember for teaching me to appreciate my mistakes:) nosuchthingaswaste @formidableveg @iamoutside natureplay zerowaste reuse recycle kidsactivities littlescientist primaryschool primaryeducation primaryteacher ecoart naturalart sunflower seeds artmaking scienceoutreach ecology urbanecology compost painting learning natureart foodcoop permaculture @sydney_science @bmfoodcoop @alfalfahousesyd @zerowasteinspo @zero.waste.collective

We all want to be more sustainable. Our Facebook fans gave us some great ideas for using our empties, and we've covered these and our journey to a more sustainable Cult51. Are you with us? Head to our blog. sustainable sustainablebeauty igskincare recycling empties reuse

Our sugarcane fibre and bamboo toilet paper blend has been sustainably produced offers a high quality & environmentally friendly alternative to toilet paper that is comprised of virgin pulp. Our pack of 4 Greencane toilet paper rolls are 2ply are packaged in a plant-based & compostable cellophane wrapper. They are also NOT individually wrapped. It is:⠀ .⠀ • A pack 4 rolls. 300 sheets per roll (2ply)⠀ • High quality and sustainably produced toilet paper with minimal packaging⠀ • Made primarily from recycled sugarcane and fast-renewable bamboo, to save trees⠀ • Free from plastics, inks, perfumes, GMOs and BPA, septic safe and biodegradable⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ PlasticFreeJuly PFJ plasticfreejuly2019 plasticfree noplastic zerowaste wastefree singlueuseplastic lowwaste sustainable ecofriendly beatplasticpollution paperbag sustainabilitymatters sustainableliving sustainablelifestyle sustainablefuture wastemanagement wastenothing recycling reuse naturalresources closetheloop

Repost @itstheiproject • • • • • • Your free go-to guide to what’s happening in the Amazon rainforest right now, why, and what YOU can do about it. Mainstream media isn’t talking about this, but we can. Share this resource to spread the word and mobilize others for the health of our planet and its countless inhabitants. 🌎 ecofriendly sustainability gogreen green nature climatechange earth climatechange takeaction globalwarming savetheplanet cleanouroceans saveearth renew reduce reuse recycle greenhousegases saveearth vegan pollution crueltyfree bamboo plasticfree gogreenkerala reducereuserecycle kerala india tiktok malayalam

One of the best ways to save your favourite linen pants? Have your grandma patch them up for you! Next year I get, in going to have to learn to sew back together myself 😜 . . . ethicallife ethicalliving ethicalfashion sustainablefashion sustainableliving sustainability sustainable zerowaste zerowasteliving plasticfreeliving recycle reuse reducereuserecycle linen slowliving slowfashion

Why sit for hours to make braids and later trash the attachment when you can get this braided wig at a very affordable Price @queenite_collections got you covered 💃 💃 💃 . Longlasting# Reuse# braidedwig braidstyles affordable

A felújított gépek "csúnyák"... Erre a válaszunk a HP Elite X2-es, felújított tablet notebookunk. Elég menõ. furbify kolarovo komarno guta mik recycle reuse csallokoz

Back to school supplies! These pencil cases are lined with upcycled vinyl from the advertising posters I reuse. It makes them resistant and easy to wipe clean.

Hi Darlings! Kalo kamu lebih suka traveling sendirian atau grup nih? Belum jadi traveler yang kece ah kalo belum jadi ikutin tips EcoTraveler ini. Karena traveler keren itu ya ramah banget sama lingkungan. Kadang saking ramahnya sama lingkungan dia gak berani buat macam-macam yang ngerugiin lingkungan Nah, EcoTraveler itu apa sih menurut temen-temen SiapDarling? Komen yuk! TipsDarling Aksidarling DarlingSquad Darling pedulilingkungan zerowaste reduce reuse cintalingkungan

À l’occasion de l’événement « Récup’ moi si tu peux » organisé par @creative_vintage , j’ai décidé d’aller faire un tour à @emmausmundo pour dénicher des vieux bijoux et boutons de manchettes et les transformer! Alors rendez vous à @la_grenze le 7&8 septembre pour voir le résultat!✨🐚 jewelry emmaus secondhand upcycling nacre motherofpearl artisanat recycling bijoux recycle reuse vintage turquoise

|Werbung|⠀ •⠀ >> Ihr kennt das sicher:Aufreißen, Auspacken, Wegschmeißen!⠀ •⠀ Genau das wollte ich nicht mehr! Für 5 Minuten schön aussehen, bergeweise Papiermüll zu produzieren. Und so sind die ersten Beutel entstanden. Man kann sie zu so vielen Gelegenheiten wieder verwenden, man kann sie weitergeben oder auch bei sich behalten. Die meisten Beutel werden sowienso von den Kindern als Spielbeutel erobert.⠀ •⠀ Und das beste ist, man kann die Beutel wenden und hat immer 2 Muster in einem.⠀ •⠀ Welcher Anlass zum Schenken steht bei Euch als nächstes vor der Tür?⠀ •⠀ Ich freue mich auf Deinen Besuch bei @beutelwerk 💕 ⠀ •⠀ - Follow: @handmadeshops_ & entdecke die Vielfalt der Handarbeit 😘💕 -⠀ •⠀ handmadeshops_verbindet nachhaltigschenken handgemacht handmade verpackungsliebe schnerschenken freudeschenken müllvermeidung wiederundwieder reuse wirsindviele zerowaste zerowasteschenken gründenkenundleben kindergeburtstag geburtstag mitgebsel geschenkbeutel tüten birthday geschenke gastgeschenke inspiration_schenken blogger_de packaginglove diychallenge stoffstattpapier lesswaste greenlife verpackenmitliebe

To finish off the week and the bedroom revamps, here are some dressing tables I have revamped in recent times. Each one completely different from the next. These really show off the individual tastes each person has in their home. There really is nothing better than having a beautiful dressing table to get ready at for a night out 😉❤. DM for commission enquiries and quotes. fliprunwayawards19 dressingtable reusereducerecycle

Til og med jeg får lyst til å leke med dukker når dukkevogna er så fin🌸 Gjett hva? Den er testet og godkjent av barn før oss, for denne er kjøpt brukt♻️ Dukketeppet strikket jeg av restegarn🌿 Det er en enkel oppskrift fra @picklesoslo 💛 Hva er det fineste du har kjøpt brukt? reuse . . . . . vintage usedtoy gjenbruk dukkevogn stroller restegarn sikksakkteppe pickles vognteppe play kids pink doll reduse brekraftig sustainablefashionblogger adressa trdby

Summer Nights 💕 Wildfox Sweatshirt sz S / $30 • Free People Distressed Cargo Crop Pants sz 0 / $30 • Converse sz 6 which is a women’s 9 / $30 • dmtopurchase • prices include shipping

🌟In stock 🌟Cloth sanitary pads more stock will be added in the next few days but still have some 8-10” pads available 🌟Reusable Makeup pads 🌟Beeswax wraps 🌟Custom made pads available from sizes 6-16” and different flows to choose from 🌟Custom made paper towels (unpaper towels) unpapertowels kitchentowels csp clothpadshop makeupwipes makeuprevolution makeupremoverwipes clothpadrevolution handmade handmadeitems beeswaxwraps beeswax englishbeeswax cotton bamboo jojobaoil madetoorder readymade reuse ecofriendly choosetoreuse

👋 - what will the next set of toys be 😊😊 reuse toys funfunfun

Tomaaa!!! Mira lo que tengo para ti este finde!!! 💪💪 . Estamos preparando la vueltaalcole más saludable y molona 👶🏻 Y SOLO hasta el domingo (o fin de existencias) te REGALAMOS un Porta snacks o Porta bocatas eco de @rolleat_ con tu pedido superior a 50€ 🙌🙌 . No dirás que no mola!!! . Te va a venir genial para evitar papeles de usar y tirar cada día para envolver la merienda de los peques 💚 . Y así de paso, le hacemos un favor al planeta que falta le hace 🌍 . Son chulísimos!!! Antimanchas, impermeables y no pesan nada 😜 . Y si te das prisa, te los llevas 😘 . Corre a la web!!! 👉 mynaturalbabybox vueltaalcole regalobebe primerdiadecole merienda reuse bio

Novo stock de meninas de alfazema para @burel.factory disponível nas suas lojas muito em breve 🙌😊 . . . lavender dolls burelfactory burel reuse stockists collaboration retailers handmade decor scented afulanabeltranasicrana igerslisboa igersportugal

Let’s join the charge and stop water pollution!

My home is where the sea is.🌍 I just can reload myself there, listening to a song what sea plays for me🌊🎼 With my love behind the camera🧡 📸 @georgmaeste • • • • • • • environment nature climatechange dreadlocks green ecofriendly earth beach gogreen savetheplanet zerowaste recycle pollution plasticfree eco love plastic ocean naturephotography stopfuckingtheplanet globalwarming art waste photography reuse partialdreads journey cleansea sustainableliving happiehippy

Who knew @schulzorganicdairy yoghurt could have a second life as a beautiful flower pot? 🌷🌸🥳 . reuse and upcycle before the bin, always ✨🌷

Repost with @get_repost ・・・ These bottles would be much better than regular plastic bottles😍 Double tap if you would use these bottles🙌💚 PS: Follow @playersbeyond and register now to get free access to our upcoming game app PlastInc. (iOS)! Have fun and help us to save the world. We will donate 10% to environmental projects. 🌎 Link in Bio. 🔗 ... Repost: @hempactivist ... plasticfree reuse reduce recycle plasticpollution zerowaste noplastic nowaste lessplastic plasticwaste plasticfree passonplastic nomoreplastic noplanetb fridaysforfuture cleanoceans savetheocean refuseplastic plasticbags plastikfrei ditchplastic

1. Switch paper towels and makeup wipes for cloth alternatives 2. Buy loose veggies instead of packaged 3. Bring your own containers and water bottles 4. Use bar soaps, shampoos and conditioners 5. Limit the amount of meat you eat - - - - - zerowastesustainablelivingecofriendlyorganicsustainabilitypackagefreechoosetoreusereducereuserecyclezerowastesolutionszerowastelivingwastefreewastefreeliving

Hello everyone, I'm starting this page to spread more and more awareness about the environmental and wildlife hazards our planet is facing. I will be looking at every aspect of environmental and wildlife hazards our beautiful world is facing. IT IS CERTAIN IF WE DONT DO ANYTHING WE WILK PERISH ALONG WITH IT. Please help me in the quest of saving this beautiful world we live in. I'll be posting everything and anything to spread the awareness. Please follow my page for the updates. P.S. : I'm not an environmentalist, I'm just concerned about the fate of this planet and our future. environment nature climatechange sustainability green ecofriendly earth sustainable gogreen savetheplanet zerowaste recycle pollution plasticfree eco love plastic water naturephotography worldenvironmentday globalwarming art waste photography reuse conservation life vegan sustainableliving saveearth

Come ho convinto tutta la famiglia a prendersi una borraccia (sì poi mia mamma si ricorda di usarla la metà delle volte ma imparerà): portando la mia ovunque - e facendo vedere che in effetti è utile - e rompendo un po' le scatole. Da sinistra: mater, io, pater (che è un regalo, no spoiler), anche se nella realtà le tre borracce non saranno mai nella stessa casa, era per dimostrare che con l'esempio qualcosa si fa. A queste si aggiungono -ragazzo, che ormai la porta dappertutto -2 migliori amiche super entusiaste -cugina zero waster O io rompo davvero tanto le scatole, oppure... zerowaste lesswaste reuse reusable zerodechet sustainable lowimpact zerowastelifestyle sustainableliving goinggreen waterbottle chillysbottles 24bottles supersparrow startwithabottle

Trying to get your eco on? 🤓 . We are opening our first experience store at 1A Brighton Road, Foxrock Village on Monday Aug 26th 🌎 . If you want the full reuzi experience, come by and ask us all your minimal living questions and interact with our products before deciding to bring them home 🏡 . We will be announcing our workshops & talks calendar soon so stay tuned! ✨ . Nothing beats checking out all your favourite sustainable goodies in person and a good ol’ chat so come over! 🌱 . •• follow us •• . reuzi reuzirevolution reuzirecommends sustainability sustainableliving choosewisely reusereducerecycle reuse saynotoplastic saynotosingleuseplastic nomoresingleuseplastic plasticfree sustainablelivingmadesimple reducecarbonfootprint leadtheway gogreen ecofriendly fallinlovewithsustainability sustainablelivingmadesimple reuzistore minimalwastestore foxrock foxrockvillage dublin dublin18 southdublin irishbusiness

This second Isabel Hospice charity shop in Welwyn Garden City is packed with mainly high street/online garments, lesser-known and international brands such as Boohoo, Viz-a-Viz, Panorama, Parigi, Wishbone and Nümph. They have a good shoe selection too! @isabelhospice secondbestwardrobe secondhandclothes secondhandclothing secondhandstyle secondhandfashion secondhandfirst shopethical ethicalshopping sustainablefashion slowfashion preloved charity charityshop charityshops charityshopping charityshopfind charityshopfinds charityshopfashion dressforless reuse reuserevolution thrifting lookgooddogood guiltfreeshopping circulareconomy circularfashion environmentallyfriendly environmentallyconcious consciousconsumer consciousshopper 41 Fretherne Rd, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6NS

ガラス ダイニングテーブル入荷しました! size:幅900mm 奥800mm 高735mm #りゆーす価格 #現金特価 7,800円(税抜) 在庫は5台ございます。 #りゆーす#山梨県#甲府市#中小河原#家具#ガラス#テーブル#ガラステーブル#ガラス天板#暮らし#空間#オフィス#オフィス家具#ブランド家具reuse#リユース

🌿AVAILABLE🌿 . Wooden Bowl Set . Two handy wooden bowls, both such unique flower shapes and in excellent condition. . Measures largest one approx 38cm diameter . $17 + postage or local pick up . Comment SOLD to purchase . . . . . . . . . perthisok homewares monkeypod kidscraft vintage showmeyourboho woodenart bohodecor bohohome vintagelovers secondhand preloved midcentrey interiors4all bohonursery wildandfree thrifter thrifted forsale itsdarling reloved thrift4sale vintageseller ecofashion reuse thenewbohemian bedroomdecor creativeempire learningthroughplay vintageblogger

At the Ngwenya mine the earth is heavy with iron ore. Our guide PJ told us about a few of the cultural uses of this red earth, such as glimmering pigment for face painting. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ ateliernl swaziland ngwenya mines art research earth landscape reuse experiment love happy dutchdesign thinklocaldigglobal sand .⠀ .⠀ photography @jessslipp

Mickey's in the house! Like, Disney Co. employee tee, c. 1980s, Mickey. 👌. . . .

Visita skriver om vårt miljöarbete och fördelarna med KRAV certifiering! Hela artikeln i stories! 😍🌵🍍✊ . Du vet väl att "En öl tack" hos oss alltid är ekologisk? 💚

Meeoww 😻 🖤✨ Alice + UO Dress sz 4 $32 • Cole Haan Nike Air Patent Block Heel Pumps sz 9 • $56 • prices include shipping dmtopurchase . . . . . .{ dress measures approximately 32” Shoulder to hem, bust 17” side to side under arms and waist side to side 15” }

Poly and Ester. It’s a fine line between friends and enemies. I really struggle with my relationship with polyester. I buy and sell (only) vintage and secondhand clothes, and polyester pops up a lot. It’s man made and contains plastic. I’ll tell you the conflict. On the one hand, buying secondhand cute polyester clothes means that we are keeping them out of landfill and waste and therefore prolonging the time before they rot into our planet. On the other hand, polyester, secondhand or not, won’t decompose for 100s of years due to its plastic content. Not so cute anymore. So therefore we shouldn’t buy it hands down. It’s hard , because we can’t be perfect, and we are all learning more the whole time. We just need to be open and aware as possible. For me the first argument wins because by buying anything secondhand / vintage you are stopping (already existing) polyester from becoming waste and oozing into the planet. The real issue is buying polyester and other plastic fabrics firsthand I.e. from the high street and all those big brands. And this is hands down a big No-no. This is where the real problems lie because it just keeps the fast fashion cycle of over-producing using manmade fabrics that hurt our planet. Ideally we would have no man-made fabrics but the fashion industry is one of the largest in the world after oil, and the big guys at the top only care about making the big $ and really don’t give a cr*p about how their actions affect our planet and fellow humans. The polyester argument is the real tricky one for me, and I know what I have written here will be divisive 💗💗 For those struggling with their friendship with Poly and Ester, @guppyfriend are a non-profit initiative that make bags that you put your polyester in in the washing machine to stop the plastic spreading into the water system. Check them out ! @stopmicrowaste is also a great account to follow. P.s. this vintage dress in the picture is made from silk ..!

Introducing the newest edition to Greendale Farm Shop, take a look at our new REFILL station! Now you can.. *REDUCE your use of single use plastic. *REUSE our glass jars, paper bags or your containers from home. *RECYCLE by bringing them back time and time again to REFILL. This is the latest edition to the farm shop in our long term aim be greener and kinder to our beloved environment and to minimise food wastage, reduce packaging going in to landfill and decrease carbon emissions! If you want to do your bit for the planet then you can use and refill at our DRIED GOODS STATION, DRIED SNACK STATION and our MILK STATION! Help us take steps today for a brighter tomorrow. zerowaste zerowasteliving greenerliving refillstation refillrevolution lesswaste reuse reduce refillingstation dontletdevongotowaste reducereuserecycle countrylifestyle sustainable zerowastelife reduceplastic greenliving countrysidelife reduceplasticwaste plasticfreeliving ecofreindly