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​​🇺🇦 Одноденні тури по Україні . 🔰 Екскурсія Олександрія та комплекс в с. Буки 📆 25 серпня 💰 425 грн . 🔰 Козелець-Батурин 📆 25 серпня 💰 495 грн . 🔰 Екскурсія Трипілля-каньйон Буки 📆 25 серпня 💰 635 грн . 🔰 Сорочинський ярмарок 📆 23 серпня 💰 650 грн . 🔰 Шляхетна спадщина Вінниччини (тур замками Вінничини) 📅 25 серпня 💰 870 грн . 💥 Ціна вказана на одну людину. Виїзд комфортабельним автобусом з Києва. Дізнайся у нас всі деталі👇🏻 Турагентство Travel Expert ☎️ +380939969233 (вайбер, телеграм) ☎️ +380980207209 ☎️ +380665389080 travelexpert #украина #деньнезалежності #ботанічнийсадdariatraveldiary smarttours #раннеебронирование lifehacks travelhacks travel #горящиетуры #киев #боярка #вишневое #крюковщина #бесплатнокиев #раннеебронирование #отдых #семья #море #пляж boyarka_online kiev

Qantas & Cathay Pacific to New Delhi, India (& Other Cities) from $587 Return! travel cheapflights travelhacks india qantasairways cathaypacific aussietravellers travelcheap solotravel

Here are my first impressions as a remote worker and woman entrepreneur in Johannesburg, South Africa. I discuss how to get set up, safety in the city, wifi speeds, and morning routines. I love it here and can’t wait to share more videos with you about SA. Let me know what questions you have and I’ll try to make a video response. ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ nomadliving remoteliving digitalnomad workfromanywhere travemoreworryless femalefounders liveabroad liveyourbestlife remotework livewhereyoulove coworking locationindependent wanderlust slowtravel traveltip remotecollective productivitytips officeoftheday iwanttobehere coliving freedom travelhacks travelinspiration remoteworking remoteworker workremotely workremote wework futureofwork morningroutine

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HelpFul Videos Every Day😱😍 Tag Your Friends😍 Follow ⏩ @tips.60s🇸🇪 ⏪ Follow ⏩ @tips.60s🇸🇪 ⏪ Follow ⏩ @tips.60s🇸🇪 ⏪ . . . All Credit: @5.min.crafts # diyproject diyhomedecor hacks diydecor diycrafts diys beautyhacks diyideas diyfashion diyblogger diy craft crafty crafting craftsmanship diyhome crafttime diycraft diyvideos diyjewelry diyslime diygifts easydiy diyer momhacks diybeauty diymom travelhacks ikeahacks

The Man behind the Bottle. . Thank you to @waterwelltravel for asking me to takeover their page this week. . Hope you've enjoyed my outdoor cooking and adventures. . Can't recommend the travel filter water bottle highly enough. Great in the outdoors, as a sports bottle and most importantly at cutting the use of single use plastic bottles. . See you around. . @fellfoodie . 📸 @petecrossland . trade3kfor1

Travel hacks... use the @biomestores skincare starter kit to hold your travel essentials in reusable containers! • • balancedbybriepresets balancedbybrie

Essential Oils and blends for travelling - insect repellent : Purification, lavender - Aroma Ease for motion sickness - Tranquil for rest - Helichrysum for cuts and wounds - Panaway for muscle and joint aches - Tension relief for travel stress and headaches - Thieves spray for sanitising surfaces essentialoils EO blends essentialoilblends youngliving younglivingessentialoils travel travelhacks

​​🇺🇦 Ще лишились місця в турах на День Незалежності! . 💙 Тур Файні Карпати 📆 23.08 - 27.08 💰 Вартість - 2400 грн. . 💙 Тур Ужгородське дефіле (з виїздом в Словаччину) 📆 23.08 - 26.08 💰 Вартість - 2995 грн. . 💙 Тур Королівський Кам'янець 📆 24.08 - 26.08 💰 Вартість - 3600 грн. . 💥 У вартості: трансфер, проживання у готелі, харчування, екскурсії, супровід професійного гіда-екскурсовода. 💥 Ціна вказана на одну людину. Виїзд комфортабельним автобусом з Києва Дізнайся у нас всі деталі👇 Турагентство Travel Expert ☎️ +380939969233 (вайбер, телеграм) ☎️ +380980207209 ☎️ +380665389080 travelexpert #украина #деньнезалежності #ботанічнийсадdariatraveldiary smarttours #раннеебронирование lifehacks travelhacks travel #горящиетуры #киев #боярка #вишневое #крюковщина #бесплатнокиев #раннеебронирование #отдых #семья #море #пляж boyarka_online kiev

Weekly TravelTip⠀ When you are ready to book your trip have ready a valid passport, loyalty cards and a credit card. More tips on what you need to know when booking a trip can be found on the blog (link in my profile under Travel Tips TAB).⠀ -⠀ -⠀ TravelPlanning TravelPlanningMadeEasy PlanningTravel PlanningToTravel TravelPlanner TravelPlanningGuide PlanningaTrip planningtravel freetravelplanning planningtotravel travelplanningtips TravelTips Travelhacks TravelTipsandTricks TravelTipster TipsForTravel traveltips101 familytraveltips triptips toptriptips tipsfortrips tips4trips TravelBlog TravelBlogger TravelTipsBlogger TravelPlanningBlogger TravelTips4Trip

“The journey begins where the rhythm of the heart exposes itself to the wind of fear", Fabrizio Resca.⠀ ⠀ Many of us travel to go to a place where we can 📵switch off from the frenzy of everyday life ... Then there are the adventurers who ⚡️recharge their batteries with adrenaline⚡️⠀ ⠀ 📣📣ADVENTURERS! What was the most reckless trip you did? Tell it in the comments!⠀ .⠀ PremiumCollection valigeriaroncato moveyourdream RoncatoExperience travelgram traveldiaries luggage travelblogger travelandwork travelhacks instatravel summertrip summer2019

ad You may have seen on my Instagram stories at the start of summer I showed you what essentials I keep in the boot of my car during the summer months. A first aid kit, water, snacks, change of clothes, towels (because we just don't know where we will end up during the day!) but now I've also added @bite_away_original to the list. It is a chemical-free travel sized essential that helps to provide fast and effective relief from the pain, itching and swelling caused by insect bites and stings. One pen can be used by the whole family, even pregnant women. If only I had known about biteaway a few weeks ago 🤦🏼‍♀️. Note to self, don't trim hedges without this nearby! travelhacks

We're Yogyakarta bound! Dive into the island filled with culture and art as our Travel Diaries hosts learn various crafts from the locals 🎭 ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Catch DIVATravelDiaries, Monday, 26 August, 6.30PM | 5.30PM JKT-TH on DIVA! ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ wanderlust instatravel travelgram adventure explore vacation holiday lifestyle instaworthy TravelTips TravelHacks WonderfulIndonesia

➕ 𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔊𝔯𝔞𝔱𝔢𝔣𝔲𝔩 ➕ For having you as my best friend ♥ sister ————————————————————————— travel travelphotography travelblogger photographer travelbook wanderlust pharaoh photography photooftheday traveler travelholic china guangzhou traveling asia world places placestovisit visit travelbloggers egyptian blogger travelblog wanderer culture creative creativetravel travelhacks culturetravel

TRICK : the ‘excursionist perk’ • united airlines has what’s called the ‘excursionist perk, which allows you to have one additional free one-way flight on a round trip award flight. • for example : we flew maxx’s grandparents to hawaii for a work trip to help watch maxx. round trip flight per person on united miles was 45k if you flew MSP-OGG. we wanted to throw in an additional island on the trip, so the round-trip ticket was booked into kauai & out of maui. the inter-island flight from kauai to maui was completely free because of the excursionist perk! • another example is an upcoming award trip to europe. we are flying into denmark, taking our free perk flight to paris, & then flying out of nice, france on the way home. • the excursionist perk can be a bit difficult to understand, but if you start small, you’ll eventually figure it out & be able to go from inter-island hopping in hawaii to country hopping across europe saving you tens of thousands of miles!

🕸Spider Web Counting🕸 . The humble whiteboard and pen keeps us occupied on the road (or on the train tracks in this case!). . This game encourages counting in order and can be adapted to focus on counting to ten, counting backwards, counting in 2s, or even for spelling. It took less than a minute for me to set up and EJ loved the challenge 😁 . . . . . pahmwhiteboardgames pahmmaths pahmpreschooler pahmschoolready earlyyears eyfs earlymaths number counting parenting travelhacks travellingwithchildren travellingwithkids traintravel travelbytrain whiteboard

OMG😱Its Tips For Girls😚😍 Tag Your Friends😍 Follow ⏩ ⏪ Follow ⏩ ⏪ Follow ⏩ ⏪ . . . All Credit: @troomtroom # diyproject diyhomedecor hacks diydecor diycrafts diys beautyhacks diyideas diyfashion diyblogger diy craft crafty crafting craftsmanship diyhome crafttime diycraft diyvideos diyjewelry diyslime diygifts easydiy diyer momhacks diybeauty diymom travelhacks ikeahacks

Ever wondered how to get to Maldives and where to go next from Airport? . . Here are some tips that will help you when arriving to Maldives. Tag someone who will find this information useful. . . maldivesisland tips traveltips maldivestips maldives maldivesresorts maldivesphotography guesthousemaldives maldivesluxury maldivian maldivesmania cocoonmaldives VisitMaldives sunnysideoflife travelhacks howto ilovemaldives transmaldivianairways maafushi

You don't need validation from a man , a woman or a mirror. You're perfect and enough. All the men who are supporting the women in your life unconditionally, thank you! We may not tell you everyday how much you mean to us but you understanding and loving us just the way we are without wanting us to change or mend gives us the strength to do more and the desire to love you more. Thank you for being beautiful guiding lights. riverside rocky hill hillstation traveller travelstories travel travelhappy travelhacks travelholic travelholics goodday wednesdaymotivation wednesday travelstagram travelling positivevibes potd

Doesn’t get much better than that 🤤🌅 If you want to see Sydney we’ve got deals going Cairns —> Syd in motorhomes for $1/day, $200 fuel included! 🚐🚐 Book now at aussie australia beautifulaustralia visitaustralia travelaustralia backpacking backpackingaustralia insidertravel travelhacks cheaptravel

TIP : going through security during the nursing stage. • maxx got his 1st set of wings when he was 3 months old : his very 1st flight was just him & momma, so we made sure to do our homework & prepare in order to minimize the chances of stressful surprises. since we were strictly nursing, we had to tote around breastmilk & alll the pumping materials, so packing was a whole new experience. what i’ve found to be easiest is to carry along a small cooler bag completely separate from everything else. freeze the milk if possible, but know that it does NOT have to be frozen to pass security & there is NO limit to the amount of breastmilk you can bring w/you! freezing it simply means they typically won’t take the time to test it so you get through security quicker. i keep the extra bottles in the cooler & fill those w/ice cubes to help keep the milk frozen/cold. then i just ask for new ice once i’m on the plane. when going through security, i let the closest agent see the cooler & i let them know it’s breastmilk. then i send it through the machine. letting the agent know isn’t required but i have found it helps to speed things up. the agent will typically grab the bag right away & take it over for inspection, then you can be on your way! • also : you do not have to have your child w/you in order to have ‘no limit’ to how much milk you can carry w/you. i have gone on a few work trips w/out maxx & have brought back all the milk i pumped in liquid form w/zero issues!

Tick this off your bucket list and visit New Zealand in a camper van with Imoova 🚐 Head to our website and check out all of our great NZ deals today ⭐️ Photo: @exploringnewzealand newzealand mtcooknationalpark cheaptravel travelhacks insidertravel backpacking travelblogger

OMG😱Its Tips For Girls😚😍 Tag Your Friends😍 Follow ⏩ ⏪ Follow ⏩ ⏪ Follow ⏩ ⏪ . . . All Credit: @5.min.crafts # diyproject diyhomedecor hacks diydecor diycrafts diys beautyhacks diyideas diyfashion diyblogger diy craft crafty crafting craftsmanship diyhome crafttime diycraft diyvideos diyjewelry diyslime diygifts easydiy diyer momhacks diybeauty diymom travelhacks ikeahacks

Officially ended our last trip of the Summer. I had so many people worried about me traveling at 36 weeks but i know my body and had no doubt that this baby would not come early (of course you should always advise with your medical team) K accomplished 2 countries and an official visit to the West Coast. I tried to take as much advantage of her traveling free as I could! For me traveling with a toddler can be easy if you make it. My advice to Moms traveling with small children is to take advantage of all the perks: ✈️I make sure to gate check the stroller always ✈️I always check in at gate and get priority boarding to ensure a rush free experience when getting on the plane. ✈️If possible I ask for seats to be switched so we can have a row to ourself ✈️Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance though most are more than willing to help when they see a Mom traveling with littles ✈️When traveling Southwest, I keep K sitting in the seat while everyone is boarding to hold out on the middle seat as long as possible 🤫 ✈️Always remember you can travel with liquids for a child, if they try to confiscate your water bottle tell them it’s for baby 😬 ✈️Try to schedule travel around nap time or bedtime to ensure some sleeping on the flight ✈️Pack lots of snacks and don’t forget the tablet or other activities that interest your child. Moms drop any other hacks below, save a mama! Traveling Twoundertwo travelingwithChildren Momhacks Travelhacks Traveladvice Mom Daughter maternity Boohoo Travelisthenewclub Travelingwithatoddler Toddlertravel Frequentflier

Plastics! Hugely environmentally damaging and so hard to avoid when travelling! Avoiding or reducing plastic use should ALWAYS be step 1. But what about unavoidable plastics? When travelling in countries with little or no recycling or official landfills, I keep all this plastic with me and donate it to upcycling projects. How? By making an 'EcoBrick'! I pack my washed and dried plastics tightly into a bottle which I can easily carry in my luggage, at the same time I am making a durable building material. EcoBricks are being used in many building projects across the globe. Doing this ensures plastic stay out of the environment and keeps me aware of my plastic usage. So far it's been 5 weeks and this is my plastic usage! towardszerowaste saynotoplastic ecobrick sustainabletravel travelhacks reducereuserecycle reduceplasticwaste ecobricks plasticupcycling

When you’ve never missed a flight and have no intention of starting today! This is how Kennedy gets through security 😂😂😂. Have you ever missed a flight? What was the situation? thetravelingchild

Portugal: Sintra is a short train ride from Lisbon and definitely worth a day trip. The site closest to the Sintra train station is the Palacio Nacional (National Palace) and was a favorite residence of the Portuguese royalty from the 15th through 19th centuries. The style is a unique mix of medieval, gothic and Arabic architecture. 🏰🇵🇹 Sintra Portugal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ FourStarLife

We got lucky and scored a pretty sweet repositioning deal which enabled us to drive this luxurious campervan through New South Wales and South Australia for FREE! If you are interested in these kind of deals, please let us know! We might just share some handy travelhacks with the decent folks of instagram ;) Found many beautiful camp spots along the way - this was one of them! . - July 2018 - . . . . . eat_this_world vanlife australia nswparks travel backpackerlife sunsetmood australiagram_nsw

In celebration of OFFICIALLY locking down our 2nd PROJECT GETAWAY TRIP CLIENTS!!!! A post from El’ Mexico 🇲🇽 .... Yes, The Mexico. If you are interested in TRAVELING INTERNATIONALLY Definitely ask me about the “Mexico Recap Video” 🤫🤫🤫 AMGMakeItHappen ProjectGetawayTrip Mexico chichenitza mayanruins

It’s no secret that Weston and I love to travel!  We have taken one big trip every year since we got married and we always have so much fun.  Seven big trips together (including our honeymoon) and counting, so I made a list of our 7 favorite travel hacks!  I wouldn’t consider myself a travel expert; however, I would say that we have plenty of travel experience to warrant a blog post with some of our favorite travel hacks.  Click the link in my profile to read them. Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you with your next vacation! 📸: @vivianngphoto

Going on a road trip and looking for an affordable place to stay? Consider camping! Hear us out: Not only is camping affordable, there are 61 national parks across the country and private camping sites are also available. Camp sites at national parks are often free or available at a very reasonable price. There are also a ton of activities you can do like hiking, horseback riding and rafting. Have you ever gone camping before? . . . . . weekendwarriors comeoutandplay hike hikingadventures trails hikingfun mountainlife camping westvirginia travelwithus walkwithlocals travelblogger hikingfun goforahike scenicview nationalparks nps hikingadventures campinglife saturdayfun outdoorlife travelwithus sundayfunday virginiaisforhikers roadtrip drive newriver newrivergorge traillife traveltiptuesdays traveltips travelhacks tentlife

☀️It’s Travel Hack Tuesday!☀️ “Travel Hacking” is the term often used for redeeming airline miles and hotel points for free travel. I am often asked “What is your favorite destination to travel hack?” **** If you’ve followed me for awhile, you probably already know my answer — Hawaii! This year’s Hawaii trip for our family of 4 will be my 11th since 1996. It’s our 4th trip in the last 7 years (My hacking hobby became more intense starting in 2012). Of those trips, all included some level of hacking. Most were 80%-100% paid for through points and miles. **** So here are my favorite loyalty programs for these trips: 🔶 Hotel resorts: ▪️Hyatt - 3 times ▪️Hilton - 6 times ▪️Marriott - 2 times . 🔶 Airlines: ▪️American ▪️United ▪️Southwest (this year) *We’ve also flown on airlines that no longer exist! Lol **** Reasons why I have used these frequentflier and hotel loyalty programs: 1. I was already earning SOME (not many) points & miles through business travel with these programs. 2. They frequently offer GREAT sign-up bonuses with their credit cards. Marc and I sign up for cards separately. Some airlines even offer more than one card to get multiple bonuses. 3. With the exception of Hilton, these programs are partners of Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program. Ultimate Rewards are earned through various Chase credit cards. Points/miles can be transferred 1:1 to all of the programs I’ve listed. 4. They are well-known brands in the travel industry. We’ve had good experiences with them all! **** The value of each Hawaii trip is around $6,500-$8,000. We either stay on Oahu, The Island of Hawaii (the Big Island), or Maui. **** Note: We never carry over a credit card balance to the next month AND we never spend money just to get points. We DO route recurring expenses such as cell phone, streaming and internet bills through our cards. We also save ahead for major purchases but use a card for the actual transactions. **** We don’t have debt. We build our wealth through saving and investing. We build our vacation “fund” through travel hacking.😉 ⭐️We’ve earned and used $60k in free travel since 2012 (and counting)⭐️ Let me know if you have any questions!😊

Plant-based restaurants been popping up at record rates all over the globe, offering more vegan friendly choices than ever before 🌱🥦🥗 Here is a list of the top 13 countries that are vegan and vegetarian friendly, some of which might surprise you! 🔗 Link in bio!

Do you have a go-to suitcase for your travels? AD Meet our family’s newest travel companion, Chester. I love how stylish and functional the @chestertravels Minima suitcase is. 😍 Small enough to be a carry-on (yay for no checked bag fees!) yet has a roomy interior with multiple zippered compartments to keep everything organized. We are already planning our trips for next year, and I can’t wait to take Chester with us! Full review on blog.

💡💡 TravelTipTuesday 💡💡 ✅ Keep your all your meds organized with this genius hack. readyforanything minipharmacy . :🎒👙👕🧦👖🏝️🧳 YoureWelcome AYNgetaways AllYouNeedToGetAway TravelWithMe 🛫 🧳 🌴 👙 🕶️ ☀️ ⛴️ ✈️

Here's another delivery with a view from BabyQuip QP Lisa Holmes in Truro, MA on Cape Cod! This family was able to pack light and have everything they need delivered right to their rental home. Make sure your next trip is stress-free and rent gear from BabyQuip! . . . babyquip babyequipmentrental babygearrental travelingwithkids travelwithfamily travelwithbaby familytravels babystroller babycrib babytoys stressfreetravel travelplanning rentbabygear rentbabyequipment vacation babytoys toddlertoys childrensroom kidsstuff travelingwithbaby traveltip travelhacks travelideas familyfuntime funfamily getoutsideandplay littleones funtimes babydelivery

Sunny Days + Clear Water = My Kind of Vacation @travel_a_little_luxe📍 Tahiti

Porto - Portugal 🇵🇹 🇵🇹 🛫 TAP have a very smooth route to get their premium passengers checked in. My flight originated from Marco Polo Airport (Venice) to Newark Airport, New Jersey (some people think it's New York lol) Not all airlines offer the ability to book a free stopover. This is the reason that I like flying with TAP Air. On my way to Newark I stopped over Lisbon and Porto ( btw, my favorite place was Porto) Since, I used my Amex Platinum points. (400k points) I didn't have to pay anything. Check in is right inside the door of departures, you are fast tracked through security and up to one of the best premium class lounges I have seen, its outstanding. Everything you might need, from food, drinks even getting your trousers pressed, it's all available. Boarding is quick with their priority boarding gate. On board service is very attentive, drinks are served as soon as you have taken off, followed by three course meal, with two choices of main course. Excellent quality food by airline standards. So make sure to use my referral link to get a fat bonus 💳 If you like the Amex Gold rose credit card special edition here's the link: 💳 air pointsandmiles travelhacker travelhacks tap tapair portugal porto portoportugal travelhustler travelblogger igtravel fly flying amex amexgoldcard inkahustler l ejecutivo airline travelgram food yummy nata tapairportugal staralliance nata building architecture amarillo

"Why didn't I think of that?" LOL😉 letzescapetravel traveltiptuesday travelhacks traveler vacationmodeon😎

off to ireland tomorrow morning and i’m running around today like a chicken with its head cut off 🤪🤪 i haven’t even packed yet. but priorities—i don’t want to get off a 12 hour flight feeling like dog 💩. dehydration, jet lag, and energy loss typically hit me pretty HARD when i travel. one of the things that i do to help with this these is get an IV drip or an injection packed with all the vitamins and goodies for immune support. . today i went to and got the “kick butt travel shot” with added engystol. if you haven’t heard of it before, engystol is a homeopathic antiviral that will help protect my immune system! the kick butt injection also has high doses of all the B vitamins and Extra Strength B12 for energy, endurance, and stamina. if i wasn’t short on time today, i would have treated myself to an IV drip, but something is always better than nothing, and i’ll do it when i get back. hope your day is going well! kalejunkie

Why carry 2 when 1 will do? Hassle-free finally! innovation 2in1 runwayheels empoweringwomen businesstravel travelhacks

mahalo ☀️🌊 You don’t have to leave the country to see some amazing waterfalls.Hawaii is waiting for you jonesforacruise .jonesforavacation wanderlust wanderlusters hawaii oahu waterfalls .bigisland vacationmode vacationstyle travelagent travelhacks travelbae islandlife traveljunkie

If your planning a last minute trip, we've got 12 packing hacks that everyone should try to not only make their packing less stressful, but their traveling as well. Link in bio. Picture by: Jetsetter travel asuitcasenameddesire letsgo travelhacks summervacation summertravel packyourbags luggage getlost honeymoons destinationweddings iwanttogothere takemewithyou lookatthatview😍 cruises solotravel bucketlist crossitoff winesnobs foodies internationalcuisine girlsweekendaway airplanes hostels getexcited

Does anyone have any fun plans for Labor Day Weekend? Traveling can be so expensive and time-consuming sometimes, but here’s a hack to help you save some time & money! DFW Airport is now offering PrePaid parking, and it is up to 50% cheaper than just pulling up and parking. They’re also having a special deal for Labor Day! Book your parking on August 29th for at least 48 hours and get a rate of $9.99/day! This deal runs until September 30th, and all you need to do is make sure to book your parking at least an hour before you plan to get there. // I love the convenience of having my car waiting for me so I can leave as soon as I get my bag 🙌🏻 Click the link in my bio to book your parking! @DFWAirport PrePaidParking DFWPrePaidParking travelhacks

Malta is a country I only really started hearing about a couple years ago and didn’t know much about it. It wasn’t even really on my list, it only happened that flights were super cheap. I am so glad I did visit though. Malta is so different to ever other European country I’ve been to so far. It’s odd as the offical language is English and it’s very much a combination of England and a Mediterranean country. It’s by far the smallest country I’ve been to, with the length of the island being shorter than the Central Coast alone. . . . . . . . . . . . . backpacking travel beautifuldestinations traveler travelling europe backpacker europetraveler europetravelling gapyear travelblog travelblogger solotravel europe_pics europetravel backpackerworld backpackerlife backpackers travelhacks instatravel instatraveller amazing_terra malta mediteranean

Hi everyone, Kaitlyn and Bo here. We created this Instagram to share all our life hacks, money saving deals and travel tips. I love saving money, but I also love having fun and enjoying life. We want to share with you all our hack and tips so you can save money, enjoy fun adventures, eat nutritious food, and create easy DIY projects just like we do! . . . . . travelhacks healthyeats adventure traveltips diyprojects

I am trying to travel light with less liquids..check out my latest find

“Ruins, for me, are the beginning” 🌋🛤 . Still deciding whether you should visit Pompeii? Check out our blog on it!! Link in Bio ✨ . . pompeii ruins culture romanempire vesuvius italy culturetrip naples amalfi amalficoast explore travelhacks

Peek-a-boo! I see you! It is no secret that one of my greatest passions scuba diving! Breathe, your breathe is the only sound you can hear. Slow breathing or quick breathing, you are forced to recognise the importance of breathe. Once you become comfortable with your breath, you soon realise the silence. There are no phones ringing, no friends, family or coworkers trying to get your attention, no tv or music... you are alone it’s the silence of your own thoughts and no one can disturb you. I find myself instantly at peace. Then Naturally as fishies swing about and coral walls drift in front of you the awe of beauty untouched takes hold.... Magical! * * * * * * alifeworthliving happytravelling globalliving howtotraveltheworld appreciatenature selfdiscover findyourpassion forahappymoment girlsthatwander sustainablehappiness a2zgloballiving findinghappy traveluntamed scubagirl underwaterbeauty swimmingwiththefishies travelon travelhacks offthegrid responsibletravel travelexperiences travelsmart underthesea

This Summer we got our first taste of the world famous Turkish Airlines lounge at Ataturk Airport thanks to credit card points... It might be our only visit as the new Istanbul airport will be fully operational sometimes after our visit next month! ************************************************ Bu yaz cok begenilen ve bahsedilen Turk Hava Yollarinin Lounge'ini tatma sansini yakaladik. Yeni Istanbul havaalaninin acilmasi nedeniyle belki de Ataturk havalimanini son ziyaretimizdi ama yine de iyi ki sansimiz oldu bu ozenle hazirlanmis, butun tatlarin ve zevklerin bulustugu Lounge'i ziyaret etmeyi! ' ' 'turkishairlines widenyourworld turkishairlineslounge istanbul Turkey turkiye travelcouple creditcardpoints points throwback tatil keyif getaway creditcard travelhacks thy ataturkinternationalairport travelblogger airport lounge travelcouple chase beautifulworld travelinteresante globetrotter traveldestinations bestvacations tatil