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ainannu weh kau tag dewi remaja yang sekejap jadi je tu aku lupa lak nama dia,ni haa berkesan untuk lutut dia


Quit making girls overthinking their fucking knees matter that much that'll make a guy run like that. Little to no people care about it unless you're bleeding or something.


А можно узнать что она там добавила?


There's a reason her knees are dark


از پیج ما دیدن کنید 🌹


islam_is_the_heaven حساب ديني يحتوي على معلومات دينية ومواعظ مفيدة لكم ولي في الدنيا والآخرة 😊💗


guy: damn this girl is cute *looks at her knees* guy: fuck she got dark knees now she ain't cute anymore


I don't get why people always feel bad for being human.


Literally never heard and man say, "she's cute and all but her knees are too dark." GTFOH


Imagine avoiding a girl cuz her knees are dark 🤡🤡🤡


I realy like that 🔥❤ 🙏 follow us DIY_remedies00


when i see dark knees 🙄🙄🙄 i just run into grass


Lmao who does that tho.


I get the idea of trying to give ppl "diy" ideas but deff shouldn't of had some guy attracted to her then seen her knees and ran..noone does thst... nor is it okay to do that...if a man or women for that matter is bothered by discoloration of your skin parts then they can suck a dick. U should of made a video of a women who works hard everyday cleaning on her knees or yoga or sumshit and her rubbing her knees upset herself about the appearance of them. Not some dude running into a vacant field because her knees r dark lmfoa not to mention the bath bomb colors are diffrent andddd if u put turmeric on ur knees itll stain them. How about a palmer bleaching cream or some kind of oil or cream or wash that helps insted of this shit


Its so great that women dont have to conform to beauty standards anymore... oh wait


No ones gonna not talk to u because u have dark knees


No ones gonna not talk to u because u have dark knees


Hey guys uh don’t freak out about your body??? Literally nobody cares if your knees are darker??? Everyone’s body is perfect bruh don’t be putting weird things on your knees to satisfy other people bruh


the dang music tho ffffd


He fucking hid in them bushes i can't


can we talk about how sexist this is??!?!?!!!?


Mir is jo schon echt fü in Sinn kemmen Wos on mir nit passt, oba zu dunkle Knia ? Irgendwo fallts gach echt 😨 meliilovesmosi